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Sean Hurwitz,PIXO VR Founder and CEO: “Our mission is to make work safer, more enriching and career advancing for employees by making VR training possible for companies of all sizes”


We are now living in a digital world where rules are different – we can create any object by simply describing it, and travel between destinations instantly. Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of the digital world is that mistakes can be easily undone with the press of a button. All of these factors make virtual reality (VR) an incredibly useful tool for businesses. VR technologies give every business an opportunity to rethink the way they engage their employees. As a training tool, VR opens a different avenue for businesses to cost-effectively provide immersive, highly effective training that closes the skills gap.

Globally, there are various firms delivering excellent VR solutions for businesses, but PIXO VR stands out from the rest. PIXO offers a complete, end-to-end Virtual Reality training solution for enterprises. With the world’s largest off-the-shelf VR Training Content Library, the ability to create custom content for specific needs, and PIXO’s cloud-based platform, organizations can deploy, use, and scale VR content globally to thousands of trainees and devices.

In conversation with Sean Hurwitz, Founder and CEO of PIXO VR

Q. What was the motivation behind starting PIXO VR?

At first, we started in regular gaming in 2009, but then I saw an opportunity with XR to help enterprises solve financial and personnel issues by gamifying mundane tasks. Our goal was to reduce risk, make the workplace safer, and increase productivity to improve employee wellness. That is still our goal. But once VR became available, we saw the value of putting on a headset and being immersed in an interactive environment and what it would do for enterprise gamification. We knew then we needed a VR platform. Gamifying experiences for enterprises isn’t new; however, until now, nothing has been as effective as the VR experience. VR is a new era.

Q. Affordability has always been a problem for people to access AR and VR techs. How can you provide an affordable and immersive experience without compromising with the quality of the product?

We provide the world’s largest off-the-shelf VR Training Content Library that businesses can use that has quality content without the need to custom build training. We will also have a VR Marketplace to provide an affordable option to smaller businesses.

Q. A person who performs well in a simulated environment, sometimes fail in real-life scenarios. Can we erase that thin line between virtual reality and the real environment by creating a more realistic ecosystem?

VR environments are becoming so much more realistic that the likelihood of failure after going through virtual training has greatly diminished. In fact, study after study on VR training demonstrates the effectiveness of VR training, like a 43% reduction in workplace injuries and a 75% increase in learning retention. 82% of companies implementing AR/VR state that the benefits exceed expectations. We strive to make our environments as realistic as possible, and the feedback we’ve gotten has been just how realistic it is.

Q. Custom content creation can be expensive for AR and VR. As far as sustainability is concerned, what are the best practices for effective and engaging content creation?

The best practice for content creation is to take a real experience and create it as closely as possible in AR and VR; every little detail, down to picking things up and arm movements. We have a lot of experience in that, and employ it in the creation of off-the-shelf content or custom content.

Q. How do you market your services?

We have a multichannel approach to reaching our target customers. Less and less, we have to educate people on what VR is and more on how to implement it in a training program; the market has made that leap only in the last couple of years. We position ourselves as partners in training and helping to transform training with Virtual Reality because we do help guide our customers through adding VR to their training programs. At the end of the day, we believe in how our products help people to learn and better themselves, and so far, that messaging has resonated.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We will be launching the first Enterprise VR Marketplace, making AR and VR easily accessible and affordable to businesses of any size.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

We’ll be the dominant enterprise XR platform; the household name for businesses of any size to manage and deploy XR content.

Meet the leader behind the success of PIXO VR

Sean Hurwitz, Founder and CEO of PIXO VR is a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience building businesses through the smart use of technology and assembly of elite teams. Sean founded PIXO VR in 2009 based on his belief in the power of technology to unlock peoples’ potential. With PIXO VR, he has been helping companies transform their training programs through VR technology. Sean applies his belief to not only help customers grow, but his company and himself as well.

“Critical to the PIXO philosophy is our constant commitment to helping companies explore and transition to VR training. As technologists, designers, artists, and makers of all kinds, we believe there is always a better way and continually raise the bar on making employee training effective.”