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October Special Edition 2021

Poseidon – Leveraging world’s leading computer vision drowning detection technology for public pools


Swimming pools are usually places for fun and healthy exercise, but they can also be deadly.  Even with an observant life guard on duty, swimmers can still get into difficulties underwater or in parts of the pool beyond the lifeguard’s field of vision. Underwater cameras can see what is happening, but they can’t call attention to a swimmer in difficulty. By studying body movement patterns and connecting cameras to an artificial intelligence (AI) computer, swimming pools can be devised with an underwater pool safety system that reduces the risk of drowning.

Poseidon is a business unit within the international Maytronics Group. Internationally, Maytronics is one of the leading companies within the swimming pool business and has a big team who are dedicated to the drowning-prevention products. Poseidon was the first company to develop the first computer vision drowning detection system for public swimming pool.  The primary aim of this innovation is to prevent drowning, but the system also has other possible applications. As well as identifying problems, the computer can monitor swimming posture to identify differences in the techniques of swimmers as well as the progress and variations in individual swimmers over time, which can help swimmers pinpoint errors and improve their performance. Poseidon is a patented detection system that recognizes texture, volume, and movement and that integrates state-of-the-art technologies in computer vision and image processing.

Poseidon head office is based in Paris and subsidiaries and sales offices are located in USA, Scandinavia, Benelux, Germany, Australia, Japan and China (Hong-Kong).

Why Poseidon

It is optimized for any kind of pool: Poseidon’s cameras may be mounted under water on the walls of the pool for deep water, or overhead to monitor shallower areas to provide a complete and overlapping view. All cameras operate simultaneously to accurately differentiate situations inside the pool. The system triggers an alarm if a person is motionless at the pool bottom for 10 seconds. Poseidon is the only system that can combine overhead and underwater technologies.

Dual Overhead Cameras: Shallow pools are monitored from above with dual overhead cameras to give a clear overview of the pool. All surfaces in the pool are monitored by at least two cameras that operate simultaneously. The unique technology allows the system to distinguish a person who is fully or partially under water. By monitoring the pool from above, the system is not affected by high attendance in the pool or by a movable floor. If a movable floor is used the system automatically detects the depth of the pool and adjusts to the new conditions. The unique technology also allows the system to easily adapt to varying light conditions in the pool.

Underwater cameras: Deep pools are monitored by multiple cameras placed on the pool wall. The specially designed camera housing contains two cameras that provide a combined field of vision of 180 degrees. Through patented technologies, the system analyses structure and volume from a real-time 3D perspective. With its network of cameras analyzing activity in a pool, the system can distinguish a person from a shadow or light reflection. The system also alerts the lifeguards in real time if poor visibility or strong sunlight is interfering with the system’s performance.

The Alarm Process: When Poseidon has detected a person that has been motionless at the bottom of a pool for 10 seconds, an alarm is triggered via a siren with audio and light signal. The alarm information including the swimmer’s position and time since the system detected the person at the bottom of the pool is shown on a display on the wall as well as in the system interface along with images from the event. Detection and fast response time are the most important factors when a drowning incident occurs to save lives and avoid permanent damage. Poseidon’s detailed information and alarm allows lifeguards to respond quickly to an incident and begin life-saving.

A Relentlessly Reliable Leader

Thierry Boeglin is the Director of Poseidon.

“By leveraging our world-leading position and our deep understanding of the aquatic industry, we have consistently set the standard for product quality, performance, security and reliability.”