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Providing real-time delivery management and differentiating customer experiences with effective LogTech solutions: Postis


In the fast-paced digital age we live in, LogTech is gaining immense traction, and we must not neglect its potential. Consumers now are very well aware of the logistics industry’s impact, and there is a rise in expectations of sustainability, efficiency, and the nature of the logistics market. However, people are also aware that logistics is behind the curve compared to other service industries such as FoodTech, FinTech, and HealthTech. With the help of disruptive innovation and digital technologies in recent years, promising developments are taking place in the logistics field. The emergence of new technologies like Robotics Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Twins has exponentially expanded the possibilities for logistics innovations that create room for transparent and leaner processes. Globally, there are various innovators in the LogTech segment, and among the ones that stand out from the crowd is Postis.

Established in 2016, Postis is the first Romanian LogTech startup to disrupt traditional ways of doing things in logistics, transportation and retail sectors through the use of IT technologies – open digital platforms, machine-learning algorithms, data driven decisions and process automation. Dedicated to being the engine that powers the growth of the entire retail market, the company built a platform that bridges ERP, WMS and TMS systems, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, to seamlessly orchestrate data traffic up and downstream the supply-chain in order to optimize the transport planning and automate the allocation of best distribution and delivery option. Postis Platform connects at systems level retailers, eCommerce actors and 3rd party logistics suppliers with all significant distribution and delivery companies from Romania and Central and Eastern Europe. Through its technologies, Postis helps companies to optimize their supply-chains and achieve productivity growth, streamlined operations, cost optimizations, business model transformation, up-scaling, IT simplification, enhanced customer journeys or fast access to new markets. In the end, Postis helps companies save time and money for themselves, their employees and their customers.

In conversation with Mircea Stan, Founder of Postis

Q. ‘Reinventing delivery experience represents our greatest opportunity to improve people interactions with brands.’ How do you interpret this?

When we started Postis back in 2016, we brought our IT expertise and technologies to businesses plagued by process inefficiencies, assets under-usage, siloed legacy systems and lack of traceability, transparency and control. Together with our customers and partners, we dismantled supply-chain processes and last-mile delivery and reshaped it in a logical, efficient way, based on data. But that was just the first step into delivery innovation. Due to changes in buyer behavior and the use of online sales channels for more types of products, on an ever-increasing scale, the logistics processes gain strategic importance for retailers and relations between brands and customers. Delivery becomes the final step in the sales process and the customer experience in this stage becomes instrumental for sales success and brand loyalty. Our platform helps retailers to give to their customers personalized experiences and allow them to choose when, where and how their order is delivered. Brands are empowered by diversified delivery solutions, total transparency and predictability, continuous communication along the entire purchasing journey and operational excellency, as means to keep their promise to their customers.

Q. Give us a short overview of the services Postis offer.

Based on data aggregated from all parties involved in the supply-chain, our integrated, open platform offers unique features that no other system can deliver by itself:

  • Carrier aggregation with automated selection for best delivery option
  • Seamless integration for any type of carrier (couriers, transporters, own fleet), local or international
  • Control tower along the entire value-chain with real-time, simplified management of distribution and delivery processes, regardless the number of carriers
  • Real-time delivery performance, with analytics by carrier, period or territory
  • Predictive, smart replenishment
  • Returns (cash, refusals, back to service, package recycling) management
  • Integrated SMS and e-mail centers for omni-channel customer engagement, with continuous status notification, post-delivery rating, feedback & NPS
  • Readymade process optimization scenarios, with dynamic adjustments based on machine learning
  • Data collection plug-ins: Track &Trace mobile app for drivers, eShop Widget to collect delivery options of online customers

Q. ‘We believe in the power of the many and our aim is to support the entire industry thrive.’ Fairly optimistic and productive as it sounds, where do you stand as a company in a crowd of competitors? And what are you doing to stay ahead of the curve?

Our platform offers optimization scripts proven in most diverse supply-chain sizes, business typologies, types of products or customer journeys. Also, it embeds powerful machine learning algorithms and the largest logistics dataset collected in Central and Eastern-Europe to feed it. We couldn’t do all this without our partners and customers. What makes our platform truly stand out is the open ecosystem of retailers, logistics integrators, e-fulfillers, warehouse operators, transporters, couriers and technology providers that we built around it. They are all integrated to share knowledge, accelerate the supply-chain digital transformation and generate industry best practices that make the shipment of goods from warehouses to homes simpler, faster, easier, less expensive, more eco-friendly for everybody. This way, Postis is a promoter of digital transformation of the entire supply-chain and helps the entire market grow.

Q. Where do you see your company a couple of years from now?

Taking into consideration the success on the local market, Postis accelerates its international expansion, first in Europe and then worldwide, and we are currently preparing a new, A-Series Investment Round. The new funding will fuel our scale-up phase, with our development structured on 4 directions: platform, team, territory and partnerships. We aim to become one of the leading platforms in distribution and delivery optimization and automation, and empower the supply-chain management of businesses across the globe.

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Meet the leader behind the success of Postis

With a great passion for technology and an extensive expertise in software development and business process management, Mircea Stan established the first Romanian LogTech startup in 2016. His background includes more than 20 years of experience in telecoms and IT multinationals, where he coordinated ERP and CRM systems integrations, he built data management systems and developed data modeling and analytics tools.

“We are dedicated to build and sustain a common place where all the parties involved in the First and Last Mile Delivery can join forces to offer the best delivery services combined with an unmatchable customer experience”