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‘As We Combine Consulting and Delivery, We’ve Deployed Complex Sap Solutions, Custom Fit to Each Customer that Allows Them to Improve their ROI on Technology Rapidly’: Dhanusha Muthukumarana, MD & CEO of POTENZA


“As businesses operate in increasingly uncertain environments, our promise to deliver unstoppable ideas resonates more vividly.”

When Covid-19 hit early last year, all business decisions became more about survival than anything else. In other words, most businesses shuttered their brick-and-mortar operations and turned to digital means to stay afloat. With months into the pandemic, most of the organizations continue to reel under inadequate transformation initiatives, even though these organizations have gone all-in on their digital transformation efforts.

In light of the foregoing, we’re pleased to present POTENZA—a technology consultancy group with a simple purpose to deliver powerful results for businesses by leveraging technology and decades of combined expertise.

To highlight and further understand what POTENZA stands for and seeks to explore in this segment, I sat down with Dhanusha Muthukumarana, who serves as the company’s MD and Chief Executive Officer. Below is an excerpt.

“As businesses operate in increasingly uncertain environments, our promise to deliver unstoppable ideas resonates more vividly.”

POTENZA provides a comprehensive stack of digital transformation services covering the entire spectrum of technology any organization would require. The company, however, specializes in specific technology consulting and implementation offerings along the lines of SAP consulting, data analytics, intelligent automation, and bespoke product development. It also participates in enterprise architecture review and transformation roadmap development for even tier-1 organizations helping build a transparent roadmap leading to digital transformation.

“Our consulting practice has a regional footprint and helps businesses scale up and bring in unrivaled efficiencies. Our consultants possess deep industry knowledge across various sectors and combine it with their expertise in technology to recommend and provide high-impact solutions. As we combine consulting and delivery, we have deployed complex SAP solutions, custom fit to each customer that allows them to improve their ROI on technology rapidly.”

With the 4th industrial revolution looming on the horizon, today’s enterprises need to act digital in every aspect of their operation. With that said, POTENZA helps organizations maximize their revenue and optimize their cost by the exponential growth of capacity through technology. This is even more significant with concepts such as the “permanent pandemic,” where tomorrow’s enterprises would need to be constantly synergized to operate digitally through technology.

Needless to say, POTENZA was created with a vision of bringing truly effective digital transformation services to life, which is applicable globally. With prominent technology service providers continuously failing in large-scale technology projects, the company was on the lookout for the secret sauce ensuring that these projects are converted to successful, value-driven, and efficient technology initiatives.

Even during the pandemic, POTENZA adapted to the new normal with overseas travel restrictions for project-related engagements. It, no doubt, mastered the art of remote delivery for even the most complex projects.

“We work with global brands, and there are many success stories in the region and across the globe for POTENZA. We work with brands such as AIA Insurance, The London Stock Exchange Group, and Bombardier Recreational Products. Our engagements have also saved hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of cost for large regional enterprise organizations in industries such as banking and finance, telecommunications, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, apparel and fashion, and oil and gas.”

Raising the Bar

Wither its hundreds of thousands of dollars saved through two week quick sprints worth of projects or gaining of spare capacity for enterprise organizations through the utilization of best practices or even using already existing data of organizations to make more insightful business decisions, POTENZA has always ensured that a dollar justification is given to its end customer.

“POTENZA is unique in the sense that we always have a strong focus on results and impact created through digital transformation initiatives. With this strong focus, we always strive to create greater value than the investment made on transformation projects. This formula has always given us a unique edge in the market where we have created exponential value for our customers, which in most cases are justified through quantifiable means.”

Leveraging the Expertise

One of the POTENZA’s co-founders, Mithila Wegapitiya, who serves as the Director and COO of the company, brings to the table a youthful mix of competencies and knowledge ranging from digital marketing, business analysis, creative concept development, malpractice insurance knowledge, and digital entertainment. Prior to co-founding POTENZA, he spent time in multinational organizations such as Ve Interactive, Virtusa, and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment in the UK.

“Our delivery methodology is crafted carefully on top of best practice delivery methodologies that the best-in-class organizations use. By ensuring that we provide the right amount of attention to detail, we strongly focus on the quality and efficiency of all our deliverables. Our talent pool is not only technologically competent but also maintains a strong sense of business acumen, which ensures the fact that the end customer gains a strong business outcome rather than a technical configuration within their systems.”

Growth and Expansion Strategy

POTENZA has now been in operation for at least half a decade and has won multiple awards within this short period of time, and has been able to turn around and show results through global brands across the world. Predominately a services company, POTENZA now looks forward to adding more competencies to enrich its digital transformation services portfolio by adding more cutting edge and demanded services, including cybersecurity services, blockchain, IoT, etc.

The company is now in a rapidly expanding stage where more mature markets, both east and west, are targeted where the value proposition can be taken to market. POTENZA is also transitioning towards becoming a more product-centric company by creating, productizing, and commercializing more bespoke products that would help organizations solve their most burning issues across the world.


The Leaders Upfront

POTENZA was co-founded by two individuals: Dhanusha Muthukumarana (MD & CEO) and Mithila Wegapitiya (Director & COO).

Prior to joining POTENZA, Dhanusha was involved with multiple regional and global organizations such as the John Keells Group, Hemas Group, Hatton National Bank, London Stock Exchange Group, and Microsoft. He is one of the catalysts who advocated and practiced enterprise architecture practices in the region early into its adoption. Having postgraduate degrees in business, technology, and economics, Dhanusha excels at bridging the gap between technology and business domains, creating a unique space that generates exponential value for businesses. Dhanusha is also the first Sri Lankan to be inducted to the highly coveted Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only CEO/CTO forum based in the USA.

Mithila Wegapitiya, co-founder, serves as the Director and Chief Operating Officer of the company.

“Our talent pool is not only technologically competent but also maintains a strong sense of business acumen, which ensures the fact that the end customer gains a strong business outcome rather than a technical configuration within their systems.”