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50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2018

Powering Multi-Cloud for Enterprise Data: Actifio

thesiliconreview-ash-ashutosh-founder-ceo-actifio-2018Helps over 2700 global enterprise customers and service provider partners in more than 37 countries around the world virtualizes their data, Actifio is the world’s leading Enterprise Data-as-a-Service platform.

Started out with a simple idea that managing more data doesn’t need to mean more storage and infrastructure, the company helps businesses achieve all their strategic priorities around business resiliency, agility, and cloud while dramatically reducing the cost and improving the efficiency of IT operations. With more than two exabytes of application data under management, its customers have freed themselves from the bonds of traditional siloed data management with its radically simple approach.

Actifio’s Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology decouples data from infrastructure, enabling dramatic improvements in business resiliency, agility, and access to the cloud. It replaces siloed data management applications with a radically simple, application-centric, SLA-driven approach that lets customers capture data from production applications, manage it more economically, and use it when and where they need. The result is enterprise data available for any use, anytime, anywhere.

The company has some of the big names of global enterprises and service providers in its clients’ list: IBM, Sungard Availability Services, HBO, Netflix, Time Warner Cable, NEC, Sanofi, Cole-Haan, KKR, McKesson, IFDS/State Street, Dell, Dassault Systems, and many State, Local, and Federal Government Agencies.

Actifio’s founding vision – optimizing the copy data within the data center – has helped establish the $46 Billion global copy data management market, becoming one of the fastest growing enterprise technology companies from inception ever.

Global Services by Actifio

Actifio’s Services team has successfully implemented hundreds of Actifio solutions worldwide, covering a wide range of Enterprise Data-as-a-Service Use Cases across all industries. The company offers a range of Services proven to drive innovation in Enterprise Data-as-a-Service for its customers by continually pushing the boundaries of building higher quality applications faster, enabling Enterprise Hybrid Cloud and improving business resiliency and availability.

Implementation Service

Deployment of Actifio solution is based on a customized project plan that is designed to maximize success and deliver expected business value. Actifio’s deployment methodology is based on best practices learned from hundreds of customer engagement.  Its approach is based on mature project management principles but is flexible and adaptable to the needs of the team.

Consultancy Services

The Actifio consulting team is focused on ensuring that Actifio solution is optimized for high performance at all times and is configured to address new business needs as they arise. The firm's portfolio of consulting services is designed to help maximize the investment in Actifio through architecture reviews, performance optimization, and operational health checks.

Training & Enablement Services

Whether clients are planning to sell, manage, or use the firm’s solution or just plain curious, Actifio offer on-demand, live online or in- person learning options.

The Actifio Platform

Actifio’s offerings are built on the same underlying platform architecture, the patented Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP).   Built on a globally distributed object file system, VDP core functions include:

  • Capturing & virtualizing data at block level in native application format
  • Managing data lifecycle by sla
  • Enabling use of data via instant-mount, clone, liveclone™, or restore
  • De-duplication of data
  • Compression of data
  • Replication of data

VDP virtualizes copy data, allowing IT administrators to support many data protection and availability use cases through a single storage platform, all from only one golden copy of the production data. Efficiently captured data is stored for quick access while also de-duplicated and compressed for backup or long-term retention. Efficiently managed through workflows, VDP allows IT administrators to access a single, any point-in-time copy of the primary data, through Mount, Clone, LiveClone™, or Restore operation, whenever and wherever it’s needed.


“As we began using Actifio for backup, recovery, and development we found that the copy data virtualization reduced the need for additional storage. It’s helped me manage my budget and reduce capital expenditures on storage by as much as 60%. Most importantly, it gives us peace of mind.”

- Ernesto Nigro, Manager Systems Operations & Architecture | Global Information Systems

Howdy Chief!

Ash Ashutosh, Founder, & CEO: Ash brings more than 25 years of the storage industry and entrepreneurship experience to his role of CEO at Actifio. He is a recognized leader and architect in the storage industry where he has spearheaded several major industry initiatives, including iSCSI and storage virtualization, and led the authoring of numerous storage industry standards. Ashutosh was most recently a Partner with Greylock Partners where he focused on making investments in enterprise IT companies. Prior to Greylock, he was Vice President and Chief Technologist for HP Storage.

Ashutosh founded and led AppIQ, a market leader in Storage Resource Management (SRM) solutions, which was acquired by HP in 2005. He was also the founder of Serano Systems, a Fibre Channel controller solutions provider, acquired by Vitesse Semiconductor in 1999. Prior to Serano, Ashutosh was Senior Vice President at StorageNetworks, the industry’s first Storage Service Provider. He previously worked as an architect and engineer at LSI and Intergraph.

Ashutosh remains an avid supporter of entrepreneurship and is an advisor and board member for several commercial and non-profit organizations. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters degree in Computer Science from Penn State University.

“We’ve built a culture that not only values excellence and skill but also our desire to do something meaningful in taking responsibility for our customers’ success and for each other. Because, if you take care of people, they’ll take care of the results”