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Powering today’s systems for a better tomorrow: Compsys


In today’s competitive business world, companies are increasingly demanding platform-agnostic, resilient, and dynamically scalable IT environments that keep downtime to a bare minimum, while fostering collaboration. With the high rate of technology adoption, businesses, especially small and medium, are on a constant lookout for cost-effective and unified solutions that help them simplify technology implementation to gain a higher level of productivity. Compsys is an IT company that aims to address all challenges related to expansion and scaling for IT companies.

The services of Compsys span across three broad areas - Remote Support, Onsite, and Cloud services. Compsys implements remote support services to provide efficient, timely support and training to their customers. The company assures a better and cost-effective alternative to manual on-site solutions. They can troubleshoot, resolve, and manage networks and computers without stepping into the clients’ premises. The hardware as a service product (HaaS) contains an onsite service contract to fully support the bouquet of solutions. This approach allows them to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

With core technology expertise, Compsys addresses networking challenges by leveraging cloud-based technology solutions and services to manage IT infrastructure. “Our primary private cloud solution provides a secure, redundant hosted solution that allows our clients to access their network from any location that has an internet connection, and from any device or platform,” says Robert Williams, Founder, Compsys. “If a company wishes to retain its own equipment, we offer a network solution that is capable of monitoring and maintaining network devices, servers, and workstations in a proactive manner.”

With automated functionality for Windows updates, basic maintenance, and alerts, in case of hardware failures, Compsys keeps the downtime to a minimum. While Compsys implements best practices and relies on scheduled maintenance in managing IT environments, it also formulates a disaster recovery plan that ensures business continuity. To mitigate the complexities associated with managing internal IT infrastructure, Compsys offers CloudPanel, a control panel that helps clients manage their Citrix and Microsoft Exchange environments. With Office365 integrated coming to CloudPanel, clients can manage the Office365 suite of products outside of the CloudPanel, as well as their multi-tier or single-tier exchange and Citrix environments seamlessly. Complex procedures can be allocated to people who are less trained as CloudPanel simplifies tasks involved in the day to day IT operations. Compsys also offers remote support, desktop, and application virtualization services, and network management services. Built on Citrix capabilities, Compsys provides full desktops and application virtualization capabilities.

Their cloud solution is compatible with all modern platforms. “Our managed solution service allows us to connect directly to the users, and resolve the issues in the background while they continue working,” says Williams. Taking the resources beyond the four walls of corporate offices, Compsys’s cloud-based desktop-as-a-service solution enables clients to share the applications and data with users regardless of their physical location. Compsys eliminates the need for onsite servers all together by transferring all application and data into the cloud. For instance, “Our cloud infrastructure enabled a nursing home business to run several of their branches as a unit regardless of their location that facilitated their business growth.”

Furthermore, by performing compliance audits and strategic security planning, Compsys ensures that their solutions meet the security and regulatory standards. The company is relentlessly innovating to make cloud access easier. “We are working on applications that will allow us to create a centralized control mechanism to control cloud-based desktop units,” adds Williams. The company is currently working towards making traditional Active Directory environment available in a cloud-based format that enables CIOs to have direct control of remote cloud-based desktop units.

Compsys operates three private, dedicated data centers – two in Arkansas and one in Las Vegas, while ensuring fail-safe backup through full image replication that is both on-site and offsite. This is well beyond file backup and is a bare metal replication. As such, if needed, the network and all information can be restored almost immediately, and even run as a virtual server if needed until the primary servers are back online.

Compsys almost exclusively works on an ongoing, service fee-based program. They do not sell hardware or software outright. A single monthly fee is a simpler, easier approach to getting a full service, outsourced IT department.

A summary of key products offered by Compsys:

Comprehensive Network Monitoring

Compsys installs software on each computer to monitor the status of installed software and hardware. The software reports back to a network operation center, identifying any issues or conflicts. The company also handles all antivirus and malware software and updates.


Unlimited Remote Support

Compsys offers unlimited remote support to its clients. Any computer issues that a client experiences can be communicated to a technician at Compsys’ help desk. The technician can then access the machine in question remotely to solve the problem. This can be done for both workstations and servers.

Real-Time Compliance Monitoring

Additionally, Compsys monitors security issues for those that must comply with HIPPA, PCI, and GLB-mandated compliance. It offers compliance scanning and vulnerability reports, as well as mediation reports. The results are then recorded and logged for a client’s compliance file should they need to demonstrate their security measures at any point.

Secure, Private E-mail Hosting

Compsys offers a privately hosted, encrypted, and secure exchange environment based on Microsoft Exchange. All information is housed securely in the company’s data centers. The system is structured so that the customer is in full control of the information. This is particularly important for clients in the healthcare industry that often deal with lawsuits and subpoenas for medical records.

The cloud-based services of Compsys are housed in private data centers and are fully secure and compliant. The company provides a number of solutions to meet the myriad of needs of its clients. From virtual desktops, virtual servers, DAS, and encrypted file share, to cloud-based email services, Compsys has different solutions to meet the specific demands of individual customers. It believes in integrating various products together to create comprehensive, efficient, and commercially viable solutions.

Hardware as a Service

Rather than purchasing or leasing hardware up front, Compsys can install an entire network and bill its customers a monthly fee. Compsys provides workstations as well as all the necessary software, monitoring, and support. This is a complete turnkey solution. As part of this service, the hardware is replaced every three years at no additional cost.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service includes a fully custom private cloud-based environment. Deployed using Citrix, virtual desktops can be accessed through a web browser with users logging in with a username and password.


Compsys developed CloudPanel to satisfy client’s needs for simplified management. CloudPanel is a Microsoft approved control panel that allows the user to manage Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange for multi-tenancy environments. This allows Compsys to give customers some control over some of the everyday tasks they may prefer to manage on their own.

VOIP Solutions

Compsys offers its own, fully loaded VOIP solution that includes the necessary phone equipment.

Custom Software Development

Application developers on staff can achieve anything from the development of small apps to more complex, full custom applications.

Website Creation/Hosting

Compsys has the ability and technical expertise to offer website creation and hosting services to customers. However, this is not the company’s primary focus.

To determine what each client needs from all the offerings, Compsys offers a consultation to review applications/programs in use, the in-house IT infrastructure, how the company operates and the workflow to custom build the best solution.

The clients of Compsys come from industries ranging from law firms, medical services, state and local governments, advertising agencies, accounting practices, mortgage companies to banks. “All of these industries have similarities. Like a building, the foundation is the same”, says Robert Williams, the founder of the company. Compsys builds on this foundation. The building takes shape brick by brick, and room by room, specific to the industry for which it is intended. Compsys has designed and developed CloudPanel, a control panel that helps clients manage their Citrix and Microsoft Exchange environments. CloudPanel is a Microsoft approved control panel that assists in managing Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange for multi-tenancy environments. This allows the company to give their customers control over some of the everyday tasks they may want to carry out themselves. CloudPanel can be downloaded by other cloud providers free of cost, for up to two hundred and fifty users.

The Compsys culture

Compsys was founded in 1992 by Robert Williams. Robert had a vision of a full service IT Company that puts its customers first. Compsys originated from a humble beginning, and Robert ran the company from the confines of his home. As the firm grew, he soon ran out of space at home and opened a small office in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Compsys has been growing ever since.

Compsys operates under the philosophy that customers are more than just customers, that they are friends. The company had to work hard to develop and cultivate relationships with clients and always strived to achieve customer satisfaction. Compsys is the best option for outsourcing IT requirements because it believed in going the extra mile for clients while remaining very competitive with prices. Compsys has a team of experienced technicians that work for clients to deliver a market winning solution, while being available 24/7 for any kind of support. Furthermore, the company assures same day response time, no matter how big or small a client’s IT needs are. With clients across a wide spectrum of industries, such as law practices, medical facilities, state and local governments, advertising firms, accounting firms, mortgage companies, banks and so many more, Compsys will work tirelessly to tailor a solution that best fits the client’s needs.