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Prashant Halari, Managing Director and CEO of Synoverge Technologies with His Extensive Experience is Energizing Ideas through Mutual Synergies to Create a Value for His Clients


Finding the right software solution is like spotting a shooting star as when it comes to Software development, different programming languages and its probable solutions are often hard to pick without a proper guide. No matter what industry it is or what its size, Information Technology is influencing business operations in a rocketed velocity. IT is playing a major role in the way businesses operate with innovative tech solutions. Role of IT consulting services are important in chain of business management, implementation, deployment, and maintenance. Information Technology consultants play the role of advisors by assisting companies in optimizing IT infrastructure to complete their business purposes successfully.

Synoverge Technologies is a next-generation Technology Consulting Company focused on Enterprise Collaboration & Technology Transformation Services. It helps clients harness the power of disruptive technologies such as Enterprise Mobility, Cloud Computing and Analytics in an integrated manner to bring-in much sought after Business-IT alignment. The company offers Enterprise Collaboration & Transformation services, enabling efficient business dynamics for organizations globally.

Synoverge has been founded by a group of practicing IT professionals, each bringing over 15 years of experience in the industry, playing leadership roles and working with fortune 1000 organizations globally.

Leveraging Best-in-Class Technology Consulting Services

Managed Application Development Services: Reliable technology solutions empower an organization’s internal and external stakeholders to take timely and insightful decisions, achieve maximum productivity and are agile to growing business needs are critical to attain the competitive edge. Synoverge has over the years mastered the art and science of providing managed application software development and maintenance services to a wide range of customers. Whether it is cutting edge technologies or legacy platforms, Synoverge’s focus on maximizing its customer’s return on IT investments has delighted customers and their stakeholders. The company provides full-spectrum development and maintenance services using its unique Productized S3+ Services Framework aided by strong quality management processes. It can setup a dedicated ODC to manage your end to end custom application development or agile application development and maintenance needs, which also offering innovative staffing models to suit your short term and long term needs.

Application Maintenance Services: In the era of rapidly changing business priorities and highly competitive environment, IT applications drive a company's business processes but the challenges of managing heterogeneous application environments are increasing. In fact, businesses globally spend over 70 percent of their IT budgets on application maintenance/ management, but at the same time they usually aren't focused on cutting long-term costs by improving applications. Instead they pay more attention to projects that are more visible to end users. Given the current economic scenario and the uncertainty that prevailed in the recent past, it would be prudent for IT executives and technology decision-makers to utilize significant portion of their IT budgets for maintenance and operations of the existing rather than implementing new software solutions. Synoverge’s production support and application maintenance services model provides a cost-efficient and low-risk approach with adequate offshore leverage that is measurable, repeatable, and easily managed across programs of all sizes.

Software Re-Engineering Services: Business entities are a continuum which must constantly evolve or risk obsolescence. Businesses that extend beyond geographical boundaries are under increasing pressure to inter-operate with systems, applications, and people over the internet to meet the changing business landscape with agility, technology transformation too, with richer, more flexible, and more scalable solutions. Synoverge provides complete consulting and implementation services to enterprises. Its consultants work closely with your business representatives and technology teams, providing insights, guidance and support in making crucial technology choices that are right-fit for your organization. The implementation services consist of its proprietary frameworks, tools and technologies built on industry best practices. Partnering with Synoverge thus, enables you to focus on core business functions.

Performance Testing Services: In today’s scenario, with heterogeneous technologies now converging to create products and applications with footprints on diverse platforms, testing is even more significant and challenging. That is why they believe that specialized testing services can ensure more efficient utilization of limited resources and enhance business value, allowing you to focus on core business processes. Synoverge understands the value of independent testing on parameters of applicability, functionality, and scalability - for enterprise IT solutions, applications as well as products. Synoverge offers software testing services like white box testing, functional testing, usability testing, platform testing, mobile app testing and performance testing services that help you deliver high quality business solutions.

“Synoverge is committed to delivering quality technology solutions and services that meets customer expectations and adheres to defined quality standards.”

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Prashant Halari is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Synoverge Technologies. A self-motivated and team -oriented individual, with excellent leadership skills, Prashant loves challenges and revels in fast-changing work environments.

With a graduate degree in computer science and a post-graduate degree in business administration from IIM, Kozhikode; Prashant started his career as a Research Associate with IIM, Ahmedabad and thereafter spent over nine years at Patni Computers as part of the leadership team. Prashant brings over 16 years of consulting, solution and technology experience focused on helping business and technology leaders harness the power of cutting edge technologies across the enterprise.

His passion for Technology is reflected in the two books he has authored - IT Portfolio Rationalization (with Tata McGraw Hill) & Migrating to .NET: A Pragmatic Path to Visual Basic. NET, ASP.NET and VCC++NET (with Prentice Hall, USA).