September Edition 2023

An innovative custom software development company that crafts and delivers software solutions using digital technologies: Pratiti


Pratiti was founded in 2015 to help global customers realize their innovations faster. Cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Mobility technologies driving disruptions in all businesses globally. Pratiti is becoming a partner of choice for technology partnership for outsourced product development (OPD) and digital solutions. With a global presence in USA, India, Singapore, Germany and Switzerland, Pratiti is growing its reach to enterprises across industries. Pratiti team offers a unique blend of domain expertise along with technology craftsmanship. Under strong leadership team of Co-founders, Pratiti is already collaborating to build long lasting relationships.

Manufacturing companies are competing in a dramatically changed environment where customers expect more than just high-quality or cost-optimized products. They demand lasting experiences and personalization elements across the entire engagement. The market has become more dynamic than ever with changing customer expectations and surging competition. To ensure success with customer-centric operations, digital transformation is a great approach for the manufacturing sector. The approach helps embed greater efficiencies into ongoing operations and also opens up new avenues and opportunities.

But what potential does it exactly hold for your manufacturing business?

Driving Quality Improvement

Manufacturers require meeting and exceeding quality benchmarks in their processes as well as products to differentiate themselves in the market effectively. With growing digital maturity, they can improve the quality of their products, increase productivity, and optimize their operations — all by relying on data to empower digital processes.

For example, modern Quality Management System (QMS) software can be implemented by manufacturers in the quest to improve their quality standards and hooked into all the important production management processes. These solutions simplify the documentation, auditing, and compliance requirements processes, as well as quality control procedures. In essence, they make it simple to monitor, evaluate, and report on quality measures over time. But for such solutions to be at their best, digital transformation must be pervasive across the department, plant, and as well extended enterprise level.

Facilitating Cost Reduction

From spotting the inefficiencies early across the production and supply chain to eliminating redundant jobs, and producing with minimal errors, digital transformation helps reduce operational costs for manufacturing businesses.

With such data-driven operations, manufacturers can lower the cost of retaining inventory, speed up production cycles, cut lead times, and lower transportation costs. In fact, McKinsey quantifies the impact of the inclusion of technologies on cost reduction. The consulting giant reveals that manufacturers can enjoy a 15-20% decrease in inventory holding costs and realize a 10-20% cost-of-quality improvement.

Ensuring Operational Resiliency

Digital transformation can enhance a manufacturer’s ability to respond to disruptions, manage risks, and ensure business continuity. On the strength of a digital ecosystem, organizations can create an agile and resilient foundation to successfully leapfrog problems.

For example, shop floor operators and material handlers could not “work from home” as the COVID-19 pandemic persisted. Manufacturers had to choose the right combination of personnel resources while ensuring the new health and safety regulations. In such scenarios, an adaptable digital ERP with all the real-time data at its disposal helped them:

  • Facilitate quality prediction and control
  • Drive performance intelligence and improvement
  • Ensure better production planning & scheduling
  • Support predictive maintenance

In the digitally transformed manufacturing business, these (and other) applications converge to make the work easier for the human personnel involved. Real-time data gathering and analysis made possible by digital transformation gives manufacturers crucial knowledge about their supply chain, production methods, and market demands. They are better able to predict future interruptions and spot system weaknesses.

Technology Innovation & Solution Delivery

For manufacturers, technological innovation across every nook and corner of their operation is critical to driving data-driven decision-making and bridging the divide between information and operational technology systems.

Innovation consulting services are targeted at bringing this innovation to the table to help manufacturers embark on their digital transformation journeys, be resilient in the face of social and economic disruptions, and ensure a competitive advantage throughout.

For example, as a part of its innovation services suite, Pratiti helps manufacturing businesses:

  • Implement the most pertinent technological solutions to drive innovation through the product ideation up until the solution delivery stage.
  • Convert and scale the successful ideas and Proof of Concepts (POCs) into living, breathing solutions that can usher in operational efficiency and ensure better overall user experiences.
  • Drive IT solution delivery for better plant benchmarking, real-time operational visibility, reduced equipment downtime, and increased workforce productivity.

Staff Augmentation

The success or failure of a manufacturing operation is dependent on the competence of the people facilitating it. Without a team that’s skilled and cohesive, manufacturing firms cannot realize success even with the most advanced IT solutions at disposal.

It’s people that help manufacturers digitally transform the entire value chain, from product development and production to distribution and customer support. They look and contribute to the present state of each value chain component, suggest enhancements, and build a digital strategy for implementing those changes. An IT services expert like Pratiti brings such competent resources closer to the manufacturers’ needs. For example, at Pratiti the team offers manufacturing firms with quality resources adept at software development, cloud computing, IoT implementation, quality assurance, and IT support and maintenance.

Meet the leader behind the success of Pratiti

Nitin Tappe, CEO and Co-founder of Pratiti is a postgraduate from IIT, Mumbai and in his 24 years of career, has played key roles in building software solutions right from idealization to launch which are adopted by many Fortune 500 companies. As a Founder member of Pratiti Technologies, he is committed to applying his management learning as well as the passion for building new solutions to realize your innovation with certainty.

“We help realize values, while working with integrity, certainty and insight; thus becoming the trusted technology partner in our customers’ digital transformation journey.”