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Predictive Research: A Market Leader Offering Learning Based Predictive Models to Businesses

silicon-review-basavaraj-patilEstablished in 2011, Predictive Research is a leading data modeling focused firm led by highly experienced and qualified Data Scientists.

A leading venture in Quantitative Financial Business Services, Business Intelligence, Big-Data Mining Techniques and Predictive Modeling, Predictive Research offers a wide variety of services, Product customizations to their customers across the globe. Predictive Research has comprehensive big data product portfolio and solutions road map that is designed to leverage on the research and innovation abilities of data scientists. Over the years, they have developed expertise in multiple domain verticals thus offering customers various options that best suit their requirements. The competent and highly skilled team at Predictive Research prides itself in delivering the best-in-class business solutions working with various open source technologies, tools and methodologies.

Run by accomplished Ph.D., Data Scientists, the company offers exclusivity through their offerings. Their product offers their clients the most accurate predictions, proactive actions, but not just reporting tools like others. The unique selling point of their product is they customize and sell as components of the product as well as the whole platform for clients on their private clouds.

Located at Mission Street, San Francisco, the company’s revenue model is based on their one time amount for sales of either the whole Product platform or only some part or component of their Products. Their focus on learning based Predictive Models for enterprises places them differently in the market. However they compete with reporting and visualization platforms like Click View and Analytical products SAS, SPSS, and IBM Big Data products.

Exclusive products & services offered Product Offerings
Predictive Research Big Data Analytics Insights Suite- The platform product includes all the tools to fetch the data from data warehouses and provides various machine learning based predictive models for customer profiling, customer segmentation, sales forecasting, lead classification, product recommendation, etc., This product has successful implementations in healthcare, telecom, automotive and e-commerce sectors.

Some of the components of this product, like BigClust a clustering solution and Sentilyzer a Hadoop, Flume, R, Spark and Java based component used for analyzing market sentiments is available for trial on their website.

Predictive Research Modeling Platform (a machine learning workbench)- This product facilitates the hedge funds, mutual funds, traders, analysts to create and test the trading strategies. The product can be customized to work with Bloomberg, Reuters, Thompson or Yahoo or Google financial data and provides list of technical financial indicators for building trading strategies. This product has included patent pending machine learning based technical indicators, volatility forecasters, to build and test trading strategies. This product has successful implementations for undisclosed Hedge Funds and for very high net worth traders. Some of the components of this product like Predictive Trader, Predict MyStock are also available on their website for usage.

Service Offerings
The Company offers to build customized Predictive Analytics solutions, in the areas of Telecom, Healthcare, Retail, Automotive and Finance. It also offers Consulting solutions in the Analytics and Data Science area.

Predictive Research’s wing of offerings has widened across various industries namely the Pharma Industry, Financial Market, Retail Industry, Banking Industry & Web Log Data Analytics. One of the leading Malaysian Telecom Service Provider uses their implementation for predicting probable churners every month and few large e-commerce enterprises utilize their implementation for In-Cart Product Recommendation.

Client Testimonial
“Predictive Research has helped us for Healthcare Readmission Prediction and cost prediction of acute healthcare events.” – Dr. Sanjay Patil, CEO, Care Connectors Inc. a healthcare client of Silicon Valley.

A bright future ahead
For a gleaming future ahead, the executives at Predictive Research are planning to take their clients successful stories to larger clients and also register its office in Delaware, United States and bracing itself aggressively. They are putting a lot of effort to reduce the cost of their solutions by extending the offerings on cloud.

Meet the key executives

Dr. S. Basavaraj Patil, CEO and Founder
A Data Scientist himself, Dr. S. Basavaraj is very passionate about the Data Science. He completed his Ph.D., in Machine Learning Techniques for Data Mining in 2003 and since then he has been in the Analytics Industry solving various business problems in sectors such as finance, retail, auto and healthcare. Prior to founding Predictive Research, he has worked as Technical Architect, Manager, Technology Consultant and also as Vice President in various IT companies and in MNC Banks. He a quit highly paid and stable job in 2010 with an MNC Bank and started Predictive Research in 2011. He has grown the team from 2 founders to 25 members spread globally now. “Few years back I had very difficult time to educate clients, what they have are not Business Intelligence tools but only past history reporting tools, however now market scenario is improved and clients are realizing to differentiate between actionable intelligence and history reporting tools. In my opinion the whole market is even now glorified by reporting and visualization tools rather than tools that provide proactive measures to improve the business.” said Dr. Patil.

He is responsible for Product Development, Innovation and Intellectual Property development. Predictive Research has strong academic associations and most of his senior team members are his Ph.D., Students. You can reach him via

Ashvini Patil, COO and Co-Founder
An Engineer with a difference, Ashvini belongs to a Business Family and believes strongly that Customer is a key for their business and focuses more on marketing and internal operations of the company. She has more than 10 years of experience in Data Mining and also by education she holds a Masters Degree in Software Engineering. She truly believes that ‘satisfied clients’ are their advertisers and campaigners. She focuses on Predictive Analytics Services at Predictive Research.

You can reach her via

“Predictive Research has a comprehensive product portfolio and solutions road map that is designed to leverage on the research and innovation abilities of data scientists.”