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Koelbel and Company: Colorado’s Premier Real Estate Developer


When it comes to business – nothing is stronger than a business run by a family. The reason for this is the right ideals that help build the foundations and a legacy that stands the test of time. Such businesses place a heavy emphasis on relationships, and hence they attract business partners for the long term. Walt Koelbel founded one such family business in 1952. Koelbel and Company has been realizing the possibilities and the potential of the Colorado real estate space. While specializing in the Colorado market for the past 70 years, the company has expanded into the Omaha, Nebraska and Dallas, Texas markets this past year.

Real estate developers have realized the value of earning and building customer confidence, and in the coming years, they are also gearing up to bring more professionalism and timely delivery of projects in the top cities. Several real estate companies have promised a number of deliveries with projects equally selling out quickly, making it increasingly difficult for the customer to choose the right real estate developer. Globally, there are various real estate developers delivering outstanding services, but Koelbel and Company stands out from the rest.

Koelbel and Company is a privately held, family-owned real estate developer and homebuilder operating primarily in the Colorado real estate market. They offer diverse services, including the development of commercial office and retail spaces, residential for-sale developments, affordable workforce and senior rental apartment properties, mountain resort communities, and custom home communities. “We are especially proud of the fact that we have delivered more affordable housing units to the state of Colorado than any other developer in the past several years,” said Buz Koelbel, CEO of Koelbel and Company.

“We live in the community where we do business and as such – we take care of our community – in the way we integrate our homes into the fabric of the surrounding community, and by giving back to our community with both time and financial contributions."

Building Community and Connections

Koelbel and Company’s first master-planned development project was the Pinehurst Golf Course Community located in southwest Denver – the first residential golf course community in the state of Colorado. It was developed in the early 1960s and was highly successful. The company released residential offerings in phases completing its last phase in 2017. Koelbel has built approximately 500 homes ranging from townhomes to patio homes to custom estate homes. Today, the Pinehurst Golf Course and the private club remain one of Denver’s most notable private Country Clubs.

Koelbel is especially proud of the fact that over the past few years, they have been able to deliver more affordable housing units in Colorado than any other private developer. Earning the trust and respect of consumers all around the world is possible only by delivering high-quality services.

“Having been in business for 70 years and weathered multiple real estate cycles, we couldn’t have survived – let alone thrived as we have – without delivering on our commitments to our partners and promises to our customers,” explained Buz Koelbel. “We are dedicated to being a company of its word and demonstrating integrity in not only the homes we build but in all we do. Because we live where we do business, it’s a priority for us to take care of our community. We do this with both time and financial contributions; and extend this careful approach to how we integrate homes into the existing fabric of their surrounding neighborhood.”


To help the buyers identify the right property, Koelbel and Company invests significantly in the ongoing training of its sales team – teaching them the questions to ask, how to identify different personality types and what is the priority in a home for those different behavioral styles. “We spend a great deal of time teaching our team how to listen!”

With an eye on the future, Koelbel and Company is now expanding its commercial division. The company has also created an Investment Division that will include commercial property offerings, and Koelbel is in the process of extending its homebuilding reach to the outlying suburbs as it did when it first started building – and not confining its homebuilding operation to urban infill as Koelbel has in the past decade.

Meet the second and third generations behind the success

Walt Koelbel, Sr. was the Founder of Koelbel and Company; Walt was a true visionary and the company continues to live by his two key philosophies: “Under all lies the land; we must protect it and use it wisely,” and “Patience is genius.”

Walt’s son Buz Koelbel is the company’s current CEO and has been at the helm since the late ‘80s. Buz has grown the business to what it is today – a highly respected firm with truly legendary status in the Denver real estate community.

Carl Koelbel is the third generation and Carl has taken the firm in two new directions – he guided the company into the urban infill market; as well as spearheaded its Affordable Homes endeavors.

“We are especially proud of the fact that we have delivered more affordable housing units to the state of Colorado than any other developer in the past several years.”