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Jake Brander, Founder and President of Brander Group, Speaks Exclusively to The Silicon Review: ‘We Strive to Constantly Offer a Premium Service and Quality Experience to Every Client, Every Time’


“Our goal is to leverage our experience and relationships with service providers to offer a streamlined and pleasant experience to our clients.”

Brander Group is a rapidly growing consulting and brokerage firm focused on IT and network infrastructure. They help global leading brands solve critical challenges and streamline their operations while lowering overall costs. Due to its long-standing relationships with over 500 global service providers, Brander Group is able to offer wholesale pricing and industry leading support on its products and solutions. It serves across North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.

Recently, Brander Group has launched an online marketplace ( for clients who wish to safely buy IPv4 addresses globally.

The firm was founded in 2016 and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

To further understand what Brander Group represents and seeks to improve in this market segment, I sat down with the company’s president and founder, Jake Brander. Below is an excerpt.

“We truly understand our clients’ needs and help them align with an ideal solution. The best part: we don’t have an upfront cost for our consulting services.”

“We represent many cloud providers and help implement solutions in our clients’ enterprise environments. There are two levels of access management protection. The first includes identity and access management (IAM) as well as privileged access management (PAM). PAM and IAM are methods of protection focused on the user and their identity. The second level of access management protection is part of cloud access security broker (CASB). CASB is either cloud-based or on-prem and its core purpose is to act as an intermediary between the user and the service provider. If you are speaking about securing data in a cloud or hosted service, then you would use managed detection and response (MDR). MDR is a full blow management security service that covers event correlation, behavioral analytics, threat hunting, and security operation center(SOC)-as-a-service.”

Brander Group was listed 6th on ‘Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies’ 2021 edition.

“We understand the current infrastructure and how to help our clients implement new technologies to address their future needs.”

Evolving Operational Prowess

To better assist clients with their digital transformation requirements, Brander Group’s provider agnostic engineers are vell versed in recent relevant industry technologies and other necessary industry standards. Needless to say, the firm provides value by simplifying the complicated process of dealing with global service providers. Its growing portfolio includes over 500 global best-of-breed vendors and niche providers all of which support the unique requests Brander Group receives from its clients.

“We understand the current infrastructure and how to help our clients implement new technologies to address their future needs.”

“Addtionally, we help our clients establish compliance systems which adhere to all current regulations. These systems are implemented alongside our internal best practices that ensure data is kept secure.”

“Most importantly, we have weekly and monthly one-on-ones to help better understand our employees’ goals and what drives them. We make sure they are happy in their roles and seek to make adjustments that create a better work environment.”

“Brander Group was listed 6th on ‘Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies’ 2021 edition”

Taking Strides to Transform Products’ Arsenal

Brander Group constantly brings on new partners and solutions to stay on the cutting edge of technology and digital transformation. By helping clients implement CGNAT and migrate to IPv6, the firm is able to leverage the IPv4 addresses made available from these avenues and lease them to those that cannot buy. This provides an intermittent solution to clients in the process of implementing IPv6 and CGNAT that still need IPv4.

Jake Brander | Founder & President

Jake Brander, is the president and founder of Brander Group Inc. After over 14 years in the data center and internet industry, he launched the company about five years ago. Since its inception, Brander Group has collaborated with over 1200 global clients, spanning 60 countries.

“We focus on helping large enterprise, SMBs, and service providers implement network, infrastructure, and cloud, using a high-touch client-centric methodology.”

“We offer wholesale prices and better support on the following products and solutions: IPv4 Address Procurement, Global WAN Connectivity, Cloud Deployments, Mobility & Voice, Security, IT Procurement, and Data Center & Colocation.”

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