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Improve your overseas presence effortlessly with Privacy Management Group’s excellent International Consultancy Services


International business consists of all the commercial activities that take place to transfer goods, resources, ideas, services, people, and technology across national boundaries. Participation in international business allows countries to take advantage of comparative advantage. The comparative advantage concept allows businesses to take advantage of their overseas partners in terms of labor, resources, and capital. Privacy Management Group Inc. (PMG) is an International Consultancy Services Provider specialized in working with Global High Net worth Individuals. Their core services are the establishment, management, and administration of international businesses. Generally, these activities include the incorporation needs of their global clients, introductions to US banks, cross-border investments, US market entry, the purchase of US properties, yachts, and more.

Privacy Management Group consists of multinational teams that speak at least five languages. Nobody has to talk to them in a language other than their native one. That has been their success for nearly two decades. Their clients are mainly European entrepreneurs who love to spend some time in Florida to escape the European winters. PMG's Global Concierge provides an exceptional array of services in the luxury market, whether this is a list of villas, yacht charters, restaurants, limo services, or a luxury hotel booking. Using the latest cutting-edge technology, their mobile app platform allows them to stay in direct contact with the clients, providing them with new offers or receiving requests (IOS & Android). They offer advanced itinerary planning tools, reservation calendars, browse & request bookings such as restaurants, transport, and yacht charter in Real-time with the assistance of their Lifestyle Manager. To better serve the European clients who are expanding globally, they have established their European service center in Cyprus and an office in London. By ensuring a close presence to the clients, they better understand their needs and can offer bespoke solutions. Their focus is on providing high-quality services and to be globally competitive.

Mercedes Saez, Privacy Management Group Inc. VPO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review about the future of the Corporate Service Provider Industry in the US and Europe and how she sees Privacy Management Group playing a part in shaping a better way in this industry. Below is an excerpt of the interview.

TSR: We want to thank you for taking the time with us today.

MS: Thank you for inviting me.

TSR: It's evident from the previous press releases that Privacy Management Group primarily focuses on the establishment of businesses in Europe and the US.

MS: Absolutely, we help startups and existing foreign companies with their market entry in the USA.

TSR: What kind of businesses do you bring to the US?

MS: Existing businesses and startups that prove to be successful and contribute to the US economy. PMG consists of a multinational team, and we speak at least five languages. Nobody has to talk to us in a language other than their native one. That has been our success for many years. We assist businesses under our management to set up base in the US. These businesses create new jobs, pay taxes in the US and very often, foreign investors also buy properties in the US, especially in Florida. There are several reasons to expand your business to the US:

  • The US is still the world's largest economy, accounting for almost a quarter of the global GDP
  • Many Europeans and especially existing clients approach us to expand their business globally. The US is on the top of their list

TSR: Give us an example of what business activities you are talking about.

MS: Selling their products on Amazon USA, for instance, can bring significant sales increases for European online retailers.

The US e-commerce market is a growth market. According to analyses, e-commerce sales in the US amounted to $260 billion in 2014. The US Department of Commerce estimates consumers spent $513.61 billion online in 2018. With a presence on Amazon USA, European online retailers are participating in the growth of the US market.

TSR: How do you rate the market in which you operate?

MS: We are very well aware of the challenges. There are a lot of service providers or incorporators in the US. However, one significant advantage is our long-term experience in this market, combined with the ability to speak the client's language and to offer all services from A-Z under one roof.

TSR: How long has PMG been around?

MS: The Company was incorporated in 2004 in Europe and is now in the process of being headquartered in Miami, Florida.

TSR: What services, in particular, do you provide?

MS: Very often, our clients contact us for a free consultation in the first place. If they like what we offer, we will then set up the entity in the US and help them open a bank account and find an office. We provide bookkeeping services, sales tax services, office services, assist with US Visa services, help obtain EIN's and ITIN's and find the right place to rent or buy. For those who come to the US on an L1 Visa - sending or relocating managerial staff for up to five years, we assist in finding the right environment, rental property and schools if required. Our concierge service runs time-consuming errands. We open doors for our clients. Our Business is Service - Our Service means Business.

“Put your mind at ease and let our team take care of time-consuming errands for you.”