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Productivity software that helps you create business-critical documents more efficiently: Qorus

thesiliconreview-ray-meiring-ceo-qorus-19Powerful, intuitive pitch, proposal and content management solutions

Qorus helps organizations create business-critical documents more efficiently and accurately. Its software is incredibly powerful but highly intuitive and very easy to use. Even the most non-technical users can quickly create accurate, personalized and compliant documents like proposals, contracts, RFPs, pitches, and reports. Qorus runs on Microsoft Azure and integrates with Microsoft Office to enhance document productivity.

The company’s award-winning Customer Success team ensures its customers across all industries get the most value from the software. It has offices in Seattle, London, and Cape Town. 

The Qorus difference

If you asked Qorus’customers what they love the most about working with Qorus, most of them would say that they love their Customer Success Manager and they love how responsive our Support team is.

It’s one of the reasons its proposal and RFP management software enjoys such high adoption and renewal rates (the other reason is that it is very easy to use).Qorushelps you transform your document processes.

Each new customer is assigned a Customer Success Manager (CSM). All of our CSMs are highly trained and very experienced. They will follow a structured onboarding process with your team.

  • Goals & Challenges: The companymeets with your core team to understand what your goals and challenges are.
  • Installation: Once it has defined your requirements, your CSM will set up your custom-branded Qorus site and help your team install the Word, PowerPoint and Excel add-ins.
  • Apply: The company creates a template for you and provide guidelines for getting your content ready to upload to Qorus.
  • Tutorials: The firm helps ensure your team is ready to hit the ground running, supported by helpful videos and articles.
  • Support: You have access to its friendly Support team from day 1.
  • Checking in: It will set up a communication schedule that suits you.

Why choose Qorus for proposal software?

Qorusproposal software plugs into Microsoft Office, enabling your team to create and collaborate on pitches, proposals, SoWs, RFP responses and more, without the hassle.

Create intelligent templates that automatically pull data stored in your CRM or CMS. Create business rules to personalize your document by the client, region, industry, and product.

Invite SMEs to collaborate on Word and PowerPoint documents in real time, with all changes automatically tracked. Allocate specific sections or questions to the best-suited SME and set regular reminders as deadlines draw near.

Qorus Content Hub for your Sales & Marketing teams

Streamline access for your sales and marketing teams to the content they need to quickly connect and sell to customers via the Qorus Content Hub.

The Qorus Content Hub streamlines access to your sales and marketing content and quickly allows your teams to connect to your customer. With Qorus Content Hub, your teams can quickly create state-of-the-art sales proposals and marketing assets.

Qorus for Office 365

Extend the productivity benefits of Office 365.

Qorus empowers your teams to drive more sales by enabling them to discover, use and analyze your best content - all within Office 365.

Enable sales teams to create high-quality business-critical emails in Outlook.

  • Quickly find and insert pre-approved content directly from Office 365 applications.
  • Use content stored in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.
  • Gain valuable insights into how the sales team uses your content.

Customer’s Review

“Qorus has helped to ensure that what could have been a complicated migration has been implemented smoothly and seamlessly.”

  • Tracie Bretecher, CF APMP, Bid Manager, Long View

CEO Corner

Ray Meiring, CEO, and co-founder:

Ray co-founded his first business at the tender age of 24. Ten years later, he and two colleagues founded Qorus. Their goal: to help organizations be more productive when locating, creating and collaborating on business-critical documents like RFPs, pitches, proposals, SoWs, and contracts.

In just a few years, Ray has grown the company from a startup to an established, multi-national organization. Under his leadership, Qorus has grown a global client base, supported by offices in the US, UK, and South Africa.

In 2015, Ray and his family moved from Cape Town, South Africa to Bellevue, Seattle. This not only cemented the company's commitment to the US market but strengthened its relationship with key partner, Microsoft.

Create beautiful, accurate and up-to-date pitches, proposals and RFP responses without the hassle. Track projects, collaborate with SMEs and build a powerful repository of re-usable content - all within the familiar world of Microsoft Office.