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The Profit Purpose Coach™, Formerly Protean Coaching Ltd, Drives, Develops, and Empowers Business Owners and Individuals to Succeed: Tamara Jenkins, Success Coach and Founder


“I bring both my own experience as well as coaching abilities to the table to create and deliver exceptional results for my clients.”

The Profit Purpose Coach™ helps successful entrepreneurs and individuals, who are stuck in their businesses, breakthrough their barriers and double their profit using the Profit Catalyst System™ while enabling them to lead more purpose-filled lives. This system empowers them with powerful strategies to get them out of their way, provide accountability and ultimately drive them toward creating the success they are so capable of achieving.

Profit Catalyst System™ is delivered utilizing the following interventions: a) 1-2-1 and Group Business coaching and training, b) 1-2-1, Group, and Team Executive coaching, c) Psychometric assessments and analysis.

The Silicon Review contacted Tamara Jenkins, Success Coach and Founder of The Profit Purpose Coach™, who spoke about how she as a coach goes the extra mile and addresses woes established, new, and aspiring entrepreneurs reel under. She also spoke about how the company is making a difference in this segment and plans to stay at the forefront. Below is an excerpt.

Interview Highlights

Q. What’s your story? And tell us what motivated you to establish The Profit Purpose Coach™.

Throughout my career, I have had a strong calling for two very distinct passions: Personal development of others by ‘coaching, mentoring, and developing’ them to succeed, and secondly delivering excellent results through ‘business improvement’.

An over-achiever by nature, I sought to enrich my own life by merging these two passions into a purpose-driven business where I could follow my calling, build a successful and profitable business of my own, all whilst helping others to succeed. A win-win in the truest of senses, my clients’ success is my success.

Q. Do you think the world needs more women in leadership roles?

I believe that the world needs stronger, more balanced, and more diverse leaders in leadership roles. Leaders who have both EQ and IQ and who are purpose-driven not merely profit-driven! Don’t get me wrong, we are in business to make a profit, but that profit can and should be driven by purpose, rather than greed. 

So, yes, I do believe the world needs more women in leadership roles but there also needs to be more diversity generally; diversity in gender, race, belief, and so on. Diversity brings new and challenging ideas that break the mold and develop strength in businesses.

That said, there is also a requirement for individuals to take ownership of their development as leaders too. To improve upon and build their confidence as well as develop the skills they need to be successful leaders.

When coaching businesses and leaders, I advise my clients to develop a strategy that highlights their value to their prospective customers. If you can show that you provide far more value than your competitors, you no longer need to compete on price.

As an individual leader, this is imperative. Take ownership of your destiny! Throughout history, the most successful people have done exactly that. When faced with some form of adversity, they have taken the steps to develop their inner strength and rise to the challenge before them and ultimately succeed. They challenged the status quo and they led from the front.

And here is a thought. Developing your own business is increasingly easier, you only have to look to TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram amongst others to know that much, and so as women, you can create your own leadership roles. You do not have to wait for others to allow you to break the glass ceiling. Instead, consider opening the skylight and setting yourself free.

Q. Do you agree with the slogan: ‘Women are powerful agents of change for an economic transition’?  

Yes, women do have the power to create a significant economic transition. As mentioned above, we need more diversity in leadership and women see the world differently from their male counterparts. This is an incredible advantage.

The age-old adage that “the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results” rings true. Women have a different perspective and utilizing that can and will have a profound impact on economic advancement.

Take for example the stark differences in the handling of Covid-19 across female-led countries vs. male-led countries. We can see that this diversity in thinking can and does produce significant opportunities.

According to UN Women, “When more women work, economies grow.” They go on to discuss how empowering women economically boosts productivity, increases economic diversification, improves income equality, and has several other positive outcomes. They estimated that boosting employment rates amongst women across members of the OECD, to match the rates in Sweden, could result in a boost of over six trillion dollars (USD). I would say that would be a powerful and significant economic transition, wouldn’t you?

Q. How does The Profit Purpose Coach™ help businesses and individuals achieve their full potential?

I bring both my own experience as well as coaching abilities to the table to create and deliver exceptional results for my clients. Empowerment and solutions-focused, I identify and then remove the barriers to success, both process-driven and mindset-related.

It is no surprise why ex-chairman of Google and author, Eric Schmidt, says that the best advice he ever got, was to “Have a Coach.” Indeed, the top athletes, performers, personalities, and some of the most successful and powerful business owners in the world all have coaches.

Catering to clients from several industries, The Profit Purpose Coach™ typically aids small to medium-sized businesses, owners, and entrepreneurs and works with passionate and driven individuals who are looking to level up their careers or businesses. I also work with those that need that external accountability and support. Overall, I hope to drive, develop, and empower others to succeed.

Q. What new endeavors is The Profit Purpose Coach™ currently undertaking?

Coaching business development! Additionally, The Profit Purpose Coach™ is looking for coaches to invest in. The company is on a mission to find dynamic, experienced, and enigmatic entrepreneurs who have grown their own successful business and are looking to step away or retire from their larger business but are still passionate about and looking to remain connected to the business. These entrepreneurs are keen to utilize their vast knowledge, skills, and experience to help coach other business owners and lead them to success.   

In return, I will provide the proprietary tools, software, training, and support. Any prospective coaches must align with our company’s core values. The Profit Purpose Coach™ strives for innovation through connection, creativity, and strategy, and aims to make a lasting impact. Driving motivation, and subsequently, success into the heart of companies is the very thing the company hopes to accomplish. Simply put, The Profit Purpose Coach™ desires to powerfully coach thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs towards creating exceptional, long-lasting transformations in their lives.

Tamara Jenkins | Success Coach & Founder

Tamara Jenkins was born and raised in a small suburb in Durban South Africa and moved to the UK in 2011 with her now-husband. A true global citizen, she calls London her home and her clients span across the globe.

Her husband is also a successful CEO and together they have two beautiful young daughters aged five and one. The pair is carefully managing the challenges and demands of their new and growing businesses alongside their lovely young family, which form a strong part of their ‘why.’

As an experienced coach and businesswoman Tamara spent much of her career developing her skills and experience in businesses ranging from start-ups to subsidiaries of Fortune 500 companies.

Her family could not afford to send her to university after she finished school, but she did not let this stop her and through hard work and perseverance she managed to study part-time whilst working after moving to a new country and became the recipient of two master’s degrees – an Executive MBA and an MA in Strategic Human Resource Management and Development. She also holds certificates and qualifications in executive coaching and mentoring as a psychometric practitioner and training facilitator.

“Simply put, The Profit Purpose Coach™ desires to powerfully coach thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs towards creating exceptional, long-lasting transformations in their lives.”