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Scale up your projects and deliver excellent results with Projectmates’ Trusted and Collaborative Construction Project Management Software


Construction project management software is primarily used in construction development to optimize day-to-day tasks. This, in turn, improves the delivery of projects and eventually creates a lasting positive impact on the construction companies. The construction management software also helps construction managers to coordinate and direct all forms of resources throughout the lifecycle of a project. Better strategic decisions can also be made on a timely basis with these computer tools. Good construction management software will bridge the gap in every aspect of your construction project, and ensure that there is synchronization between the various sections. Members of the industry have found the solution to be very helpful in their construction projects.

Projectmates is the most robust, yet easy-to-use, enterprise construction program management software available, and includes modules to address the entire program life cycle. The software dramatically improves project execution, cuts costs and delays, increases accountability, and reduces risks. Projectmates acts as a collaborative platform for project owners, contractors, architects and all stakeholders to communicate and share real-time project data. By assigning users to a role-based access system, Projectmates simplifies the experience and facilitates a highly secure workflow where project participants can only access information based on their role.

All project data, including closeout documents, is then carefully archived in Projectmates for future use and transition to the facilities department post construction. Any financials, documents, and photos that were submitted into Projectmates will be accessible for years to come, ensuring there will always be accurate project information available with just a few clicks. Projectmates is also compatible with all modern web browsers and features a native mobile app that can be used on any web-accessible device. This ensures our clients can access project data from anywhere, empowering them to address critical project issues as they arise. Projectmates was founded in 1995, and it is based in Richardson Texas.

In conversation with Varsha Bhave, Founder and CEO of Projectmates

Q. What motivated you to reinvent the approach to construction management?

Construction is one of the largest sectors of the world economy. With advances in technology, many industries have harnessed new processes; however, construction has struggled to evolve, which means productivity has suffered as a result. From my experience as a program owner, I knew cost and time matter most, and that a streamlined, digitally-enabled approach could deliver substantial ROI. I saw that most companies were running their construction programs across multiple, disjointed software. Not only does this cause numerous points of double-entry, which can lead to mistakes, but it also skews the reality your program operates from because you would never know if you were working from the latest set of documents—there was no standardized, single source of truth to work from. Reporting gaps mean that owners and external teams do not have a common understanding of how the project is actually progressing at any given time. I set out to introduce digital technology and advanced automation to standardize the way construction programs are managed to provide clarity and consistency, which are key to successful project management. Having a 24/7 cloud-based program management solution at the top of the chain will give project managers the tools required to plan, execute, monitor, and successfully close their projects on time and within budget constraints.

Q. What are the anticipated trends in the construction software industry?

Today the construction industry expects project management software to include sophisticated financial management, building information modeling (BIM), business intelligence, and real-time markups as typical features. Moving forward, critical and extended use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become increasingly important. AI has massive potential for optimizing business processes, automating redundant tasks, improving efficiency and productivity, and augmenting human capabilities. Our use of AI has moved us toward predictive assistance for future projects based on historical project results and real-world inferences. For example, by using AI, customers would be able to track collected data and look for patterns to give predictive project adjustments based on historical input.

Q. How do you gather insights to update your solutions?

While data continues to be the driving force, we're always researching new, more agile ways to streamline and scale our tools. One of the most successful ways to gather insights is directly from our customers. The Projectmates team reaches out to current clients every quarter to listen to their feedback on how their projects are performing and gain insights into general industry trends. This information is crucial to setting our roadmap for future development. We attribute a great deal of success to the feedback we receive and incorporate client wish-list items whenever possible. As our users' needs become more complex, and the construction industry continues to evolve, we adapt features accordingly to address customer needs effectively.

Q. How do you market your services?

Marketing software as a service (SaaS) can be difficult because there is no physical product to show, so it requires a different approach. It requires defining the value of each product feature of a complex solution in a simple and easy-to-understand way, so content plays a large part in our omnichannel marketing strategy. Our main marketing focus is on winning the trust and building relationships with our clients—this has really helped our business grow organically. We dive into what customers want and what they don't want to deliver real value. When you deliver real value, it creates a positive brand experience that builds your influence and reach. As a technology company, we leverage intelligent tools to find manual processes that we can automate to save our team time and scale our efforts.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Our focus is always on innovation, that's why we’re embarking on the ambitious redesign of our platform architecture so that connecting it to any software for data exchange can be a breeze. We want our clients to take advantage of our experience to create a seamless two-way data exchange between multi-cloud platforms. Continuing with our development of new product features that increase operational efficiency, we are also creating a marketplace of reusable plug-and-play components.

Meet the leader behind the success of Projectmates

Varsha Bhave founded Systemates in 1995 and then launched Projectmates, the enterprise construction program management software, in 2000. Bhave's vast knowledge of capital project management coupled with her savvy web application development techniques gave birth to the underlying ideas for using web-based technologies to manage the complex processes of construction management. She works tirelessly to ensure that Projectmates is in a state of constant enhancement and improvement for its user base. By steering the development of Projectmates in response to user feedback, as well as foreseeing upcoming demands in construction management software, Bhave ensures that Projectmates has consistently remained an industry leader in owner-focused construction program management software solutions.

“The Projectmates software boosts productivity by automating workflow processes such as RFIs, shop drawing submittals, proposal requests, and change orders through a simple web interface.”