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50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2022

A prolific tech company focusing on the cutting-edge technology and product quality of smart devices: TOZO


TOZO is an expert in truly wireless earbuds and the brand behind an extensive range of intelligent devices. TOZO was founded in 2015 in Seattle, first to market with much acclaim was the TWS True Wireless Bluetooth T6 Earbuds. TOZO boasts a product line of over 100 products ranging from wireless earbuds, mobile power supplies, wireless chargers, and smartwatches. With over 200+ product patents, TOZO is committed to bringing smart appliances to market focused on design, originality, quality, and accessibility.

When the TSR interviewed the CEO of TOZO, Ryel Lin and asked him about how the company zeroed in on the type of products they wanted to manufacture and also the inception of the name, this is what he had to say, “We keep dedicating ourselves to researching wireless Bluetooth technology and transmission headphone circuit integration. The most advanced technology that is applied to audio equipment, we also adapt it with other technical devices that meet the needs of people such as fast wireless chargers, and smartwatches to make their life focused, fast, and simple. “TO” stands for Technology Orientation and “ZO” stands for ZOne. That is, TOZO was created for new audio exploration in an aggressive technology orientation zone.” Further speaking about what motivated him to start this company, Ryel said, “Bluetooth headset was a great creation to release everyone from bulky audio equipment. When the first true wireless Bluetooth headset was released at the lFA exhibition in Japan in 2015, we are all excited. However, they were from different brands but in common was that they were not at a price for everyone because of the limited maturity of the technology. That’s why we decided to explore wireless Bluetooth headsets and started to dedicate ourselves to them. I want to make life easier for people so that they can focus on what really matters in their lives, and we do this by providing top-quality products with exceptional customer service at an affordable price point - all while being fully committed to only bringing those items out into the world which meets our criteria.”

Balance between sourcing quality materials and pricing of the products

Sourcing the best raw materials is essential for any business, at the same time it is important that the price of the final product does not increase hampering the sales of the product. From rising energy costs to unexpected fluctuations in raw material costs, unforeseen obstacles are destabilizing supply chains and making it difficult for manufacturers to remain in a dilemma. Ryel Lin tells TSR TOZO’s strategy in tackling with this issue, “TOZO is a technology-driven company, to ensure the components we are using all materials are in line with ROHS standards; In the supply chain, we carry out end-to-end strategic cooperation from upstream chips, molds, core materials to ensure product quality, cost and rapid delivery. We delicate to manufacturing the best quality products by choosing high quality and health environment protection materials, also in save energy and longer use time.” With regard to the factors affecting the pricing, he gives us his top answer.

“Technology & Quality Control - We quipped with high requirements of the quality management system, to avoid the occurrence of design defects, quality problems to the maximum extent. We always make efforts to product design to the extreme to enable functions in a product that you can't imagine that it could have and realized it in production.”

“All in all, in TOZO's tradition we only provide the products which meets our criteria, while demonstrating its high quality customer service, and to maintaining an integrated, cost-effective and sustainable product that everyone can appreciate, and continue the impressive reputation over the years.”

Product quality is important because it affects the success of the company and helps establish its reputation in customer markets. When companies can create high-quality products that continue to meet customer demands, it can lead to fewer production costs, higher investment returns and increases in revenue. TOZO focuses on product quality and this is what sets them apart. Ryel Lin explains in detail about the regulatory checks adapted at TOZO to ensure the quality is maintained. He says, “Our quality assurance team has one-stop control over every aspect of the product development process—from design and engineering to high-quality production and logistics. The team is responsible for the inspection of batches of purchased products and issues the notification of unqualified products to the relevant departments when the batches are found to be unqualified. The production and quality assurance team of the unqualified factory will train relevant personnel for three batches of unqualified products to ensure a steady product qualification.”

“Moreover, there are strict product design standards and inspection methods in place. In the beginning, the factory reviews the product development process as products need to reach qualified standards before production. In addition, a third quality specialist shall spot-check the physical properties of qualified products in mass production according to relevant inspection standards. When sampling at the production site, the tester must check the quantity, size, and mark of the product on the spot and can pass after confirmation.”

“Further, we are powered by the world’s top factories, an exclusive golden ear acoustic laboratory, and our own OrigX acoustic technology.”

Marketing of the services and future plans

TOZO is a company that is constantly looking into the future and trying to launch unique products and changing the way one listens. Revealing their future plans to TSR, Ryel says, “Being a trusted brand expert in true wireless earbuds, we are applying the advance technology to the high-res truesonic for HI-FI die-hard fans, coming with the high-end product line - X series. We have the strategic cooperation with SONY and we are going to launch our flagship truesonic - Golden X1. It takes the 12mm diameter hybrid drivers and balanced Knowles armature driver, and have been equipped with standard ANC and ENC noise cancellation functions. Supporting personalized custom noise reduction effects through TOZO APP. Especially it features LDAC HD audio-decoding technology authorized by Sony. Also, the innovative earbuds have received Hi-Res Wireless certification by JAS (Japanese Audio Association) supporting users with a 12Hz to 44.1 kHz wide frequency range. The exclusive OrigX acoustic technology by TOZO keeps the sound that reaches the eardrum is closest to reality by researchiing HI-FI digital, material and cavity acoustic technology that compensates for the frequency lost when the sound passes through the ear canal curve. I will say it is kind of the milestone of TOZO reaching the pinnacle of ultra-professional headphones.” When it comes to marketing of the products, he says, “Good product can talk. We have our own website TOZO Store and sell it on Amazon, we are the best Seller at Amazon, our product T10 got 320,000 reviews and T6 got 220,000 reviews. Also, for the offline sale we covered in North America, Europe, India, South America, Australia, and Japan in both e-commerce and retail stores. TOZO’s total sales volume just in US market already reached 16millions+ pairs and commented by 900+ thousand customers. Moreover, TOZO is developing its own services ecosystem and bringing different intelligent devices, stay tuned.”

“With over 200+ product patents, TOZO is committed to bringing smart devices to market focused on design, originality, quality, and accessibility.”