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SR 10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2015



Healthcare is the cornerstone of the socialist state. It is the crown jewel of the welfare state. -Monica Crowley

Incorporated in 2003, Promantra is a leading IT service provider in healthcare domain & has been credited of providing high quality IT and business process outsourcing services to all sections of the healthcare industry.

Promantra has over 10 years of experience in creating long-term software engineering partnerships with clients to develop and support application across Java/J2EE, Microsoft .NET, .NET 4.5, MVC 4.0,WPF, HTML5, Web API and healthcare mobile app development platforms.With a combination of onsite, on-shore and off-shore team, Promantra complements the client’s unique requirements and demonstrates world class software architectures & methodologies and delivers cost effective solutions. Promantra holds its corporate office in Somerset, New Jersey and delivery center in Hyderabad, India.

Offering Exclusivity with ‘GeroPro V3’
Promantra has enhanced its Long Term Care Product GeroPro V3 calling it as their Innovation Product. GeroPro is an All in One Software that contains 24 modules in one single software thus by eliminating the need for multiple software in a HealthCare setting. By far, GeroPro V3 would be the most advanced LTC software that is currently available in the market.

GeroPro, is a landmark product of Promantra Inc which has been built to fill the current gaps and take care of challenges that the current LTC software are unable to address. Managing the current deficiencies and understanding the future needs makes GeroPro a ‘Must Have’ product for LTC Healthcare Facilities. Population demographics changes have driven the increase in demand for LTC services. With the rise in LTC facilities, the demand for healthcare IT solutions is expected to increase. GeroPro is designed to address every operational phase (Financial, Clinical and Management) in a long term care setting right from admission to discharge stage.

Why Promantra
Through their unique healthcare focussed IT Services, Promantra excellently overcomes the three biggest challenges of the HealthCare Industry, namely HIPAA Security, Interoperability and Customization. The company is considered to be one of the best HIPAA compliant healthcare companies serving a global market. Many healthcare companies show lip service to HIPAA, but no genuine compliance. Promantra takes it seriously and lives it daily.

Promantra handles the second challenge of interoperability by being a true agnostic partner. “We play well with others” and have working relationships with most healthcare companies. Being able to remove the silo’s where never truly addressed 10 years ago as the adage was “we have always done it this way. The seven most deadly words in any organization. Bringing disparaged software platforms together and drawing the data through the employment of Promantra’s Healthcare IT Services removes the excess operating expense required.

Product’s Offered by Promantra
Promantra holds expertise in developing following type of software by leveraging diverse software technologies, strong knowledge in healthcare domain, and ability to understand complex workflows.

  • GeroPro EHR – Electronic Health Records Platform
  • Acute Pro – Medical Billing Acute Pro PMS – Practice Management System
  • ContacPro – HealthCare Patient Relationship Management
  • Health Information Management System
  • GeroPro Physician Orders – Physician Order Entry
  • GeroPro MDS V3 – Minimum Data Set
  • Financial Platforms (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable & General Ledger)
  • Payroll Processing Platform
  • PayPro – Employee Payroll Access System
  • GeroPro – Long Term Care Platform
  • HRPro – Human Resource Platform
  • T&A Pro – Time and Attendance Platform

Territory of Clients and Competitors
Since 12 years from its inception, Promantra has offered services across all the verticals in the HealthCare Industry by becoming the most trusted service provider among its clients. As far as competition is concerned, Promantra claim’s companies such as PCC, Matrix, AOD, Inventurus, Gebbs, e4e to be their competitors.

Percentage bifurcation of Promantra’s current clientele

  • HealthCare IT: 55%
  • HealthCare Finance & Accounting :20 %
  • HealthCare Insurance Claims Processing Services: 15%
  • HealthCare Voice Related Processes: 10%

The Future Road Map
The company is currently working on enhancing the existing Long Term Care Platform GeroPro to a next level by introducing tablet/ Mobile friendly User Interface and also enabling checks and balances to improve Compliance and financial performance of a healthcare facility. The focus is also on ensuring seamless integration with their clients existing systems to avoid any kind of duplication of effort thereby saving time with a direct impact on bottom line. Understanding the future of Mobility and its growth, Promantra is investing a sizable amount of resources in ensuring the platforms that they build are Mobile friendly. As M-health is the buzz word today and Promantra plans to tap this opportunity as well.

Knowing the key Executive
Sai Giridhar Chintamaneni, President & CEO
Carrying over 25 years of extensive experience, Sai plays an important role in formulating long and short term business strategies to drive Promantra to the next level, known for spear heading Innovation, and driving Quality Management Systems to the hilt along with his passion to steer organizations from startups to mature organisations has benefitted Promantra immensively, Sai’s varied and rich experience from the Printing, IT and Digital Media industries, along with his Law and Business School Degrees, gave him a distinct advantage in anticipating challenges and pre-empting the pitfalls encountered in fast growth companies.

“We are a leader in helping US healthcare providers operate more efficiently, compete effectively in their markets and provide unmatched patient care.” – Promantra