January Edition 2023

Promodeling Inc – A one-stop-shop for home improvement services


When one mentions house remodeling and renovating, half of you may feel excited. The other perhaps lacks the energy for such a challenging move. However, no matter your feelings on this topic, your house will require at least one renovation during the time it’s your home. And house renovation benefits can be plenty. There’s no doubt that by remodeling you’ll experience a whole new fresh look to your home. You’ll also improve several problem points that desperately needed to be fixed. First things first, comfort and enjoyment should be on your priority list when it comes to the reasons why renovating your home are crucial. If your home doesn’t offer you that cozy atmosphere you always wanted, start the remodeling process. Making your house a home is why most people do initial renovations to a house they buy.

Promodeling Inc is one such premium remodeling and renovation company providing turnkey home and commercial remodeling solutions to its corporate and residential clients in the San Francisco Bay and Greater San Diego areas. The company has assembled a team of experts including construction engineers, designers, and builders to maintain the highest quality and invincible customer care in the projects resulting in successful operation and satisfied customers. Promodeling Inc. has evolved into a full-service renovation business with its state-of-the-art inventory and skilled workforce. Originally founded in El Cerrito, CA, Promodeling Inc. was started with the intention of bringing the area’s homeowners happiness by helping them rediscover the potential within their homes. The company strives to provide its clients an easier process and quality workmanship from licensed, experienced construction professionals. As the company has expanded into the San Diego market, it continued delivering outstanding results at competitive prices, and going forward the firm will continue to do the same in its ongoing efforts to provide homeowners with the homes of their dreams.

Construction Experts Serving Bay Area Commercial Building Owners

Tenant Improvements

Every commercial building owner knows that it’s easier to rent out office space – and keep your tenants longer – if it fits the tenant’s needs. Unfortunately, no layout will universally work for every type of business; however, these spaces are often flexible in terms of their ability to be transformed into exactly what each tenant needs to comfortably and efficiently run their company in your space. Tenant improvements are modifications made to the interior of a commercial space to best meet the needs of the business that will reside in the space. These modifications do not affect the overall structure of the building and are limited to semi-permanent interior finishes. n spaces that have not yet been leased before, incoming lessees will often be presented with office space in shell condition (the interior is mostly unfinished). This presents a blank canvas for the new tenant to customize to suit their needs. Cost-wise, this is ideal, since there will be no demolition or removal needed.

Promodeling Inc. serves building owners and commercial renters in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing tailored fit-outs to give lessees the level of customization they need to best serve their business objectives. Whether your tenants require an open-concept office space, a shopper-friendly retail storefront, or something more utilitarian, Promodeling can design and build exactly what is needed to best serve the business. Promodeling, Inc. is a professional construction team with a wide range of capabilities that include engineering and design, project management, custom carpentry, MEP and more. The customers trust them because they provide tailored solutions, upfront pricing and fast turnaround. Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, Promodeling can provide you with the building improvements you need to facilitate the success of your business.

Bay Area Deck Contractor

The Promodeling Inc. team delivers top-quality decks in all types, styles and sizes. The company's custom designs are forward-thinking and highly functional to meet your needs. Decks by Promodeling are designed and engineered by professionals, expertly installed and constructed using only the highest quality materials. No matter what your deck needs is, they can create the exact deck you desire, on time and within budget. The company builds your custom deck using your choice of a wide variety of natural and man-made materials and finishes. They will always deliver stunning, high-quality decks that stand the test of time, and that’s their promise to you. No matter what you plan to use your deck for, Promodeling is dedicated to delivering exactly what you envisioned. They can start with that; if you don’t have a design, their design professionals will work with you to create one that is guaranteed to be durable, strong and long-lasting.

Commercial Construction

For Bay Area businesses needing a new facility, Promodeling has the extensive construction and design expertise to design and build commercial buildings such as freestanding retail, diners, small office buildings and more. Their experience also provides them the capabilities to manage the construction of build-outs and tenant improvements. Commercial construction typically refers to a sector of construction that encompasses smaller-scale building projects under four stories and usually less than 25,000 square feet. Other considerations sometimes include intended use of the facility, the type of equipment needed to complete the project and the complexity of the infrastructure design. These projects can range from simple remodels to more complex fit-outs and new construction. Promodeling’s team utilizes its collective skills and experience providing consulting and design services, project management and all construction trades to deliver commercial building projects to business owners in the Bay Area. No matter the scale of your commercial project, Promodeling’s vast collection of skills and specialties can be tailored to your unique needs to ensure your facility is customized to your business.

About | Guy Oren

Guy Oren is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Promodeling Inc. He envisioned the concept of a top-notch, one-stop shop kind of setup in the San Francisco Bay Area that can fulfill the dreams of homeowners through customized remodeling solutions. Growing up in Israel, Oren has always had a keen interest in the home and building design. Adopting his interest as a professional career, he started studying Civil Engineering and acquired Bachelors in Management degree from Israel. Bringing his passion together with his business skills, Oren laid the foundation of Promodeling Inc. to empower homeowners and building owners with modernistic design and remodeling. Leading the team of handpicked experts, Guy Oren is committed to design and create lively, comfortable, and appealing spaces in homes, apartments, and offices.

"Whether you need to install new cabinets in your kitchen or are looking for the complete overhaul of your home, we strive to make the renovation comfortable for inhabitants and easy on the pocket."