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30 Fastest Growing Private Companies to Watch 2021

Propel your brand to the next level by bringing something “Nue” to the table: NueWay Studios, an Interview


Branding done right can have a huge impact on the reach and impact of your marketing on your audience. Atlanta, Georgia-based NueWay Studios, led by Charday Oldacre (CEO), is helping businesses identify their voice in this world by removing the complexity from the branding process and reigniting the passion that leaders have for their brand and their dreams.

Charday Oldacre started NueWay Studios to bring something “Nue” to the table. The 30-year old CEO founded the company from her one-bedroom apartment with -$35 in her checking account due to overdraft fees. What’s more? She was working at her full-time job while she floated the company. After the company, she worked for downsized and let her go, she took this as a sign to plunge into the world of entrepreneurs. This had a talismanic effect on the company. Within 3.5 years of shifting her focus, the company is now evaluated at over half a million dollars. NueWay Studios is not just a splendid organization for branding and marketing; it is one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies to Watch.

In an interview, Charday shined some light on the company’s approach to branding and marketing. Read on for the excerpts from the interview.

Q. Why is branding critical for a business, and what impact does it have on the company?

Branding done right will save any company money on their marketing. Branding is not just a logo, a website, or some fancy business cards. It stretches beyond the company culture and dives deep into the true character of a company. It is the hidden business virtue that makes choosing your product or service over your competitors. And if done correctly, you can charge significantly much more – just because of your brand.

Your brand is about how you make people feel when they see your logo while they are not trying to pay attention to you. A company needs to dive deep into two main factors when evaluating their brand: how they want their – internal customers (employees) and external customers (paying customers) – to feel. A leader cannot simply focus on one and not the other. If they do so, they will always have an unstable balance between gaining profits and having a high employee turn-over, or vice versa.

Q.Customer behavior is dynamic, and you have to be on your toes to understand what resonates with customers, what their preferences are and how their expectations change. How do you manage this behavioral aspect of marketing?

The first thing you have to have when your marketing is tied to a behavioral change is patience. You have to understand that you are asking people to do more than change their minds. You are asking them to change their behavior. We are – more than likely – asking them to change something that makes them comfortable or even known within their circle of influence. And this is tricky and has to be done in a very tactful way. Otherwise, you will lose your audience, and your message will get lost.

The next thing you have to understand is that consistency is key. The marketing rule of 7 states that the average person needs to see something at least seven times before they will even decide to buy that product or service.

With these two trues in mind, I then identify the audience and get as specific as possible. I try to segment the segmented audience. Once I understand my niche, I call on the experts to conduct a thorough and in-depth quantitative and qualitative research of this market. Once we identify their pain points, I then think creatively and try to answer “What’s in it for them?” By them doing x, what will they receive? Behavioral marketing is not transactional as with traditional. We are leveraging behaviors, not money. So, we have to give them something worth doing, and we have to make it FUN!

If it is not intended to be “Fun,” it needs to be easy to understand. After this, we have to find out why they haven’t made this decision already? What is blocking them from doing something “Nue” and completely letting go of what makes them comfortable?

But the most important thing is to measure your results, as soon and as often as you can. Observe, listen, and make the changes to the campaign as needed.

Q. Whether it is B2B or B2C, connecting on an emotional level is very important. Do you create a deep interactive content according to each buyer persona?

Absolutely. No two audiences are alike. They each have different needs and pain points that need to be addressed. In 2021, the worst thing anyone can do is to group their various target audiences into one communications message. That’s when no one will pay any attention, and everyone will feel as though that product or service “is not for them.”

Q. Do you have any new services launching soon?

Yes, I am proud to announce that starting June 2021, we will be able to provide our clients powerful ad placements on digital, mobile, and connected TV at the same cost they can buy a Facebook Ad. So, in a nutshell, our clients will be able to harness the magic of Primetime TV at the cost of a $5/day digital marketing campaign.

Q. What does the road ahead look like for NueWay Studios?

Right now, we are in the growth stage of our business, so, within the next two years, we will cross over into being a $1 million agency. By 2022, we are launching a subscription model for young business owners that we anticipate will disrupt the market.

The Charismatic Leader

Charday Oldacre, CEO

She is a 30-year old millennial entrepreneur who started NueWay Studios from her one-bedroom apartment. In 2016, she made the leap to focus on her business full-time. Within three and a half years of this, the company is now evaluated at over a half a million dollars with three full time employees and one part-time employee. She is a motivated leader who places special emphasis on bringing true inclusivity and diversity of thought and experiences to the workplace. She was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award by the Small Business Awards in December 2019.

“Your brand is about how you make people feel when they see your logo while they are not trying to pay attention to you.”