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30 Most Attractive Companies of the Year 2018

Providing A Secure Document And Contract Management Platform: SpringCM


SpringCM, a DocuSign Company, helps generate, automate, manage, and store documents and contracts in its secure cloud. By simplifying the business processes, one can close business faster while making it easier for one’s customers.

As a company, it believes in leveraging technology to deliver immediate savings by automating and accelerating business processes. Its document management software was created to help businesses generate and locate content faster, collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, and automate workflows that accelerate the path to revenue.

SpringCM’s functionalities

Organize and Search: The way contracts and related documents are organized can make or break business productivity. Sales teams must locate contracts quickly in order to respond to customer inquiries or process renewals, and legal teams need visibility into the contractual risk within the organization. Businesses could have thousands of contracts active at a given time, and sales operations teams and contract managers need them organized so they can be searched and reported on in order to quickly respond to the needs of the business. If the contract process is holding up the deal cycle, SpringCM can help.

Generate Documents: SpringCM Document Generation is the primary tool for generating new documents or contracts to launch workflows. Its solution is designed with both the SpringCM administrator and end-user in mind, by providing flexibility to best match the organization’s specific needs including the ability to upload third-party documents.

Automate Workflows: Clients canstandardize its business processes and increase visibility at every step of their document or contract processes. SpringCM workflow automation can scale to fit their specific needs. For example, its Smart Rules feature automates routine tasks by setting up convenient “if / then” processes.

Redlining and Negotiations: Automating contract routing during negotiations ensures it gets to the right people at the right time. SpringCM's Workflow capabilities allow clients to introduce smart routing and conditional logic to their contracts and provide proper insight into the contracts flowing through their business.

Companies who leverage a contract solution to help streamline and track contract activity are quicker to recognize impressive returns in productivity and visibility.

Product Offerings

Contract Management: Contracts are the lifeblood of an organization, but deals often grind to a halt when they hit the contract stage. The longer it takes to get a contract signed, the longer it takes to receive revenue from the deal.

The company can help clients better manage contracts throughout their full lifecycle from contract generation to renewal. The results are more free time, reduced operating costs and accelerated revenue. This doesn’t benefit just legal and sales teams, but everyone who deals with contracts behind the scenes, including HR, finance and IT departments.

Document Management: With thorough document tagging capabilities,clients have the ability to organize their documents in a way that makes sense for their business. Metatags and attributes allow them to group documents by content while keeping their content in a flexible folder structure.

Document Generation: Working from pre-approved templates saves significant time in the review process. With Document Generation, clients can configure custom templates for their most common types of documents. This template configuration gives them ultimate control over all their document generation activity.

Solution Offerings

Legal:Clients can seamlessly manage contracts from generation and negotiation to execution and storing. SpringCM provides full visibility into contracts, NDAs, MSAs, or any legal document. It helps to increase efficiency and control and reduce risk during audit time.

IT:It provides a highly-secure, cloud-based platform for document creation, collaboration, and storage. Its platform is scalable and easily integrated with ERP, CRM, time, billing, and other line-of-business systems.

Operations: SpringCM offers the right tools for every team member enabling Sales to act more effectively, and giving the information one needs to standardize processes and fine-tune reporting and forecasting.

Sales:Clients can close deals faster with tools designed to enhance collaboration, making one more efficient and self-sufficient, and decreasing time to revenue.

Finance: Time is money. One can increase efficiency and reduce error with automated workflows, contract and document templates, and robust search.

Meet the leader

Dan Dal Degan, Chief Executive Officer: Dan brings over 30 years of experience in enterprise software leadership to SpringCM. After joining SpringCM's Board of Directors in the spring of 2016, Dan moved into the CEO role in early 2017. 

As President of Ensighten, a digital marketing software company, Dan grew revenues by 4X in two years. 

For over 11 years, Dan built and led Salesforce sales teams in the central US and nationwide. Dan is referenced by Marc Benioff, in his book, Behind the Cloud, as one of the inspiring leaders at Salesforce who shaped the successful cloud business model and culture. 

As a member of the founding management team of Synchrony (sold in 2001 to Divine), Dan was the EVP of Worldwide Sales and Services. Dan’s sales career has also included successful leadership roles at Siebel Systems, Sybase, and Oracle all during their IPO and expansion phases.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in General Engineering/Computer Science from the Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Dan earned a master’s degree in management from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management. 

“We strive to create an environment where people really want to come to work every day to collaborate, innovate and solve our customers' problems.”