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Providing Easier Access to Good Health Is the Sole Mission of Callhealth

thesiliconreview-hari-thalapalli-ceo-callhealth-2019CallHealth aims to deliver dramatic improvements in services leveraging current knowledge information and medical technologies for integrated patient-centric new age healthcare.  The traditional models of healthcare delivery struggle with challenges of a fragmented healthcare system. CallHealth is a new-age healthcare delivery that strings together the various constituents of the healthcare eco-system, bringing all healthcare services to the doorstep of the customer, anytime, anywhere.

New-age healthcare delivery not only bridges the gaps of time and motion but captures health information at every touch point of healthcare delivery, deriving healthcare intelligence for predictive, personalized, and evidence-based clinical care.

Uniquely Engineered Platform

CallHealth comprehensively integrates all healthcare services and brings them to the customer as per his/her convenience. Consulting a doctor, having diagnostic tests done, buying medicines, getting medical services like Nursing, Physiotherapy, and more is now just a call or click away. Even for visits to hospitals or imaging/diagnostic centers, CallHealth provides facilitation services to make the experience easier and smoother.

It seamlessly blends the virtual and real world which essentially means that while customers/patients consult a doctor virtually on phone or video call, CallHealth’s qualified Mobile Health Officers will be physically present with them to conduct tests and samples as prescribed. It also enhances the clinical quality of healthcare delivery through its ability to capture, mine, and analyze healthcare information.The intelligence derived from each episodic transaction is leveraged for further enhancing the clinical decision support systems for smarter diagnosis, predictive health insights, and enabling personalized care programs.

Simply stated, this platform not only assesses, customizes, and recommends the best-fit healthcare plans but also personalizes the progress across prevention, wellness, care, and cure.

It synergizes and aids collaboration between all role players and institutions of the healthcare eco-system, making them work in unison bringing better synergies for efficient and timely healthcare access. Moreover, it optimizes existing healthcare infrastructure capacities for improved healthcare inclusion and better productivity for each healthcare provider who is partnered with CallHealth.

Services Offerings

Doctor Consultation: It provides quick access to doctors/specialist withinthe comfort of its customers’ homes. It provides video conferencing facility with the doctor. Doctors will call them only at the appointed time. CallHealth provides special treatment for Dermatology, ENT, Dentistry, Internal Medicine etc.

Diagnostics- Radiology and Imaging: Whilea mobile health officer will visit home for sample collection, patients require visiting CallHealth’s nearest imaging centers for imaging tests. It provides tests like Endoscopy, Impedance Audiometry, Speech Audiometry, Cytology etc.

Physiotherapy:A lingering back pain, a frozen shoulder, knee pain, neck pain or any joint or muscle pain that might be caused by Osteo Arthritis or any other underlying medical condition can now get treated within the comfort of patients’ home by certified, specialized, and experienced physiotherapists. Difficulty in moving the joints due to inflammation or arthritis causes stiff joints. Some common etiological factors include old age, arthritis, diabetes, and family history of stiff joints. If untreated, the condition can result in permanent loss of mobility and capability to do the daily activities. Timely action can help such patients with pain-free mobility.

Nursing: Compassionate and attentive care within the comfort of patients’ home is now possible. They can reach out to CallHealth for Basic Nursing services. One can avail services like Enema application with the best quality standards in the comfort of his/her home. It also provides IV Cannula Insertion, Nebulization, Sitz Bath, child vaccination etc.

Meet the Leader

HariThalapalli, Chief Executive Officer: Thalapalli is a multi-disciplinary leader in the technology and healthcare services space. Prior to joining CallHealth in 2015, Hari worked with leading technology services companies, in critical business and support roles. In his previous assignment at Tech Mahindra, he ran a business focused on enterprise products (in the areas of CRM, SCM, PLM, BPM etc.) and consulting, apart from being the Chief Marketing Officer for the USD 4 Billion global corporation. He was instrumental in Tech Mahindra’s brand positioning during its critical organic and inorganic growth phase. He started his career in the Human Capital function and was involved in building robust HR practices, to help raise the performance bar. He led the team that made a 50,000 strong organization to be recognized as the Best Employer, by Mercer and Hewitt. He has won many accolades, including the CPO of the Year Award from Bloomberg.

“We believe healthcare should revolve around the needs of the one who matters most-you!”