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Providing Feature-Rich and Secure IoT Services: Greenwave Systems


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly emerging industry that is quickly capturing the attention of corporations as well as the common people. Simply put, IoT is a network of devices that exchange data. Several private investors and companies have committed hundreds of millions of dollars towards developing products and services catering to IoT and capturing a major share of this emerging market. Numerous studies and surveys estimate that the global IoT industry will, in the next 5 years, include over 34 billion devices connected in several networks. One of the leading companies that manufacture state-of-the-art IoT software and provide relevant services is called Greenwave Systems.

Greenwave Systems is building a world where companies can easily and safely connect people to all the things that make our lives better. As an Internet of Things (IoT) company, Greenwave software enables service providers embracing IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) networks to rapidly launch new premium services while addressing security, interoperability, flexibility and scalability from a single IoT solution: the AXON Platform. Mobile carriers, telecommunications operators, utilities and all manner of service providers trust the AXON Platform to safely integrate data and communications from a variety of existing and emerging digital protocols. The AXON Platform enables Greenwave clients to swiftly create new revenue streams by introducing vanguard services on managed networks.

A Cloud Management system for interoperability and IoT networks

AXON Platform for IoT translates communication from a wide variety of devices into a common IP-based language to enable the creation of a managed service. When everyone speaks the same language, things simply work better. AXON Platform enables service providers to ensure interoperation between different networks, extend services quickly while providing management with other AXON Platform core services. Its IoT network solution scales to provide single-source management for different devices or features across networks:

  • Advanced Wireless Gateways
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • Mobile control apps and/or connected remote controls
  • Connected wall controllers and power outlets
  • Sensor-enabled devices (light bulbs, smart speakers, motion and occupancy sensors, etc.)

AXON Platform aims to reduce the friction between people and technology. User experience matters and the system architecture facilitates an interactive exchange. AXON Platform is horizontal in design, enabling the addition of new use cases for premium services. AXON Platform is all about context, translating real-time communications from the widest variety of IoT devices into the same standard IP-based language, enabling interoperability across products from different vendors.

Smart home devices and services powered by AXON Platform for IoT can also be controlled with recipes from IFTTT (If This Then That). Visit the IFTTT website to see what can be done with IFTTT recipes, or to connect to more than 330 channels from the Greenwave Systems channel.

Media Delivery Solutions for Better TV Streaming

AXON Platform for Media is an embedded software solution used to manage time-sensitive data for the delivery of high-quality video. A media core is required to handle the job of shepherding video data through the IP delivery process, and how that media core interacts with everything else within the network is paramount. AXON Platform for Media’s architecture encompasses a solution set that connects the media core to an IoT backend, providing operators the ability to deliver highest-quality video services, and develop new offerings that leverage:

  • Existing networks
  • IoT backend
  • Remote sensing

For example, if you are an operator facing a bandwidth-constrained environment, AXON Platform for Media handles adaptive streaming, edge-servers, quality of service and more, so that you can deliver high-value content — such as TV streaming — across a best-efforts network. You can also use the same TV streaming platform, and the same network, to add alerts, overlays and automation services to the media delivery system. AXON Platform for Media addresses the issue from both sides of the media-delivery coin — the broadband and the content delivery network (CDN) — providing its partners with a comprehensive platform that addresses a new media delivery paradigm.

AXON Platform for Mobile

AXON Platform for Mobile IoT combines mobile and residential IoT networks into a single, fully manageable network service. A variety of communications protocols are translated into the same standard IP-based language for streamlined and compatible communications. This unified service allows operators to scale up to handle billions of devices via Greenwave’s implementation of Docker and develop additional revenue streams by introducing new services on a unique managed network.

AXON Platform Mobile IoT easily integrates into an operators’ existing system, enabling them to spin up mobile IoT services without any further development on their legacy platforms. The AXON Platform is designed to interoperate with major IoT standards, enabling new services to run on both the mobile network and in a residential network (operators can quickly switch services between the two to suit the specific needs of end-subscribers). AXON Platform for Mobile IoT also extends the ability to connect and manage devices to cellular networks, resulting in infrastructure benefits that don’t require new installations or upgrades.

Meet the CEO of Greenwave Systems, Martin Manniche

Martin Manniche is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Greenwave Systems. He is responsible for leading all aspects of the company, including setting the company’s vision and strategic roadmap, leading the hardware team and managing strategic partnerships. Prior to founding Greenwave Systems, he served as Chief Technology Officer at Cisco Systems’ Consumer Business Group, where he headed the Cisco Connected Home architecture team and drove Z-Wave and ZigBee technology over TCP/IP, HomePlug, MoCA and Wi-Fi standards. Mr. Manniche was Co-Founder and COO of Denmark’s KiSS Technology, where he helped bring the world’s first DivX player to market. Other technology firsts he helped enable include the HDD recorder and the world’s first connected DVD player. Mr. Manniche’s talent, commitment, and passion for technological innovation have earned him more than 100 industry accolades, including an IT-Prisen, Denmark’s most prestigious award.

“Enterprises can look to AXON Platform as a proven model to prevent potential threats to their business.”