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Providing reliable solutions focused on three principles, trust, privacy, and inclusion: Trulioo


The online ecosystem of identity management is more dynamic than ever before. It’s a flexible and interactive system that makes it possible to establish and manage digital identities. These are critical in acting as authentic proofs of identity for accessing modern sharing systems such as in ecommerce platforms, digital banking, travel services and more.

As technologies expand to reach larger audiences, serve more customers and secure businesses, hurdles in digital identity verification have become more serious. With this said, maintaining high security standards is very important, which can be done through partnering with an expert. In the light of foregoing, we introduce you to Trulioo, a company that provides robust and comprehensive global identity verification solution in the market.

The founders of Trulioo, Stephen Ufford and Tanis Jorge, have over a decade of experience working in data-driven businesses. The duo garnered an intimate understanding of the data industry and recognized the limitations of the current identity verification system and the massive possibilities for the future. After successfully launching and exiting three startups together, they wanted their fourth company to be meaningful and impactful at a global scale.

Their “aha” moment occurred after watching a CNN segment about a woman from India who wept after seeing her Facebook profile for the very first time. It was right then and there that Stephen and Tanis realized the profound impact a digital identity had on people, especially in developing countries where most citizens don’t have a record of their existence.

With a digital footprint, they no longer had to be invisible; they could participate.

Globally, there are an estimated 220 million children whose birth is not recorded, excluding China, where figures are unknown. More than 2 billion people in this world are unbanked and unable to access financial services, primarily due to a lack of traditional identity documentation. After witnessing the tremendous emotional reaction and sense of belonging experienced from the woman from India – resulting from creation of a digital profile (footprint), Stephen and Tanis knew their next business venture together would make a profound difference in this world, hence the launch of Trulioo.

Trulioo’s disruptive technology encapsulates the strengths of traditional ID verification and implements the latest capabilities in online tech today. Trulioo has developed a global ID verification solution that is not constrained by geography, economic status, age or gender, and available to any business or organization around the world at a low cost and frictionless manner – all with consumer privacy at the forefront.

Business verification processes across the world with one API

Electronic Identity Verification: GlobalGateway’s online electronic identity verification (eIDV) service was developed for the international market. It was created specifically to help businesses comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules, and support a diverse range of international electronic identity verification requirements.

Some of the world’s largest banks, online marketplaces, payment solutions, money transfer and remittance companies, financial service companies, cryptocurrency exchanges and more use GlobalGateway.

GlobalGateway’s eIDV service is used not only for identity verification, but also fraud prevention, risk mitigation, age verification, compliance, among a host of other purposes.

ID Document Verification: When your customers create an account, GlobalGateway ID Document Verification helps you automate and streamline onboarding. Customers can intuitively capture data and quality-assured images from ID documents such as driver’s licenses, passports, identity cards and resident permits with a mobile device or high-quality webcam. ID Document Verification works across any industry and integrates easily into any environment.

Detecting counterfeit or forged ID documents helps reduce the risk of fraud. Combine Identity Verification and ID Document Verification during the Customer Due Diligence check to assist you in meeting your Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) compliance requirements.

For advanced fraud prevention, a customer can also submit a selfie through their mobile device. Facial recognition technology is applied to verify that the person in the selfie is the same as the person in the ID document image.

Know Your Business (KYB) in Seconds: Trulioo offers on-demand business verification through GlobalGateway, a marketplace of identity data and services. Global Business Verification fully automates the retrieval of company vitals from government registrars worldwide to help streamline workflows for Know Your Business (KYB), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes.

GlobalGateway provides real-time identification and verification of company records through official registers, completes an AML check of the business through international watchlist sources, uncovers the ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) structure, and performs instant electronic identity verification for all individuals deemed to be UBOs.

GlobalGateway analyzes, verifies and provides business intelligence on 330 million businesses in over 195 countries across the world.

Automation & AI Technology: With integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, cumbersome manual documentation processes are transformed into seamless digital workflows.

By combining Trulioo’s Global Business Verification, Electronic Identity Verification (eIDV) and ID Document Verification solutions, your business gains secure access to reliable data sources, to instantly verify business entity details, perform watchlist checks, along with identifying and verifying the UBOs of the business – all through a single API integration.

Meet the Expert

Steve Munford, President & CEO: Steve is an accomplished leader in security and enterprise software with extensive experience in leading companies through rapid growth. As a product-oriented CEO, he is deeply engaged with product vision and execution. Delivering high-quality standards has led Steve to achieve maximum impact and high growth through investment in both organic and inorganic measures. Steve is active in the community as a board member at Covenant House, on the Development Committee at Social Venture Partners and as a member of the Science World Advisory Council.

“Our goal is to help remove barriers that are preventing the world’s poor from accessing basic financial services.”