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Providing the Best Solutions for Retail and e-Commerce through A.I.: Infinite Analytics


Driving customer acquisition and engagement

Infinite Analytics is an AI platform for Retail and e-commerce that enables easier product discovery and purchase. Its AI Agent knows individuals at a 1:1 level, and interacts with them via text, voice, images, web personalization. For example, it personalizes e-commerce web pages, site search, recommendations, and converses with the users via Amazon Echo, can identify and find products simply from a picture.

E-commerce, data analytics, recommendations, predictive analytics, search, personalization, technology, retail, online shopping, AI, Artificial intelligence, machine intelligence, and conversational commerce are some of the verticals the company aids using Artificial Intelligence.

It finds hidden patterns in data to discover rich insights about digital users. The firm applies these insights to identify and target the right customer segments for your business through intelligent marketing campaigns. It also understands customers through explicit signals such as text, images and voice inputs, and implicit signals such as clickstream, transactions,and interaction. Further, deep understanding of retail products, by analyzing and enriching the catalogs for textual, meta-data and visual information, and linking every product feature in its expansive graph-data knowledge-bases is also done by the company. Putting it all together, it finds and targets customers which it understands

The Company’s Infinite Target

Using different data sources, the firm understands your business, brand,and products. It later analyses various layers of data to find unseen patterns that enable it to create accurate customer segments. The company then targets these customers using intelligent campaigns. Infinite Analytics respect the privacy rights of users and do not apply any personally identifiable information towards campaigns.

Customer Segmentation: The firm analyses several layers of data to arrive at insights about target audiences. Later apply behavioral, demographic, psychographic, and geographic criteria to determine the right personas and segments for your marketing campaigns.

Customer Targeting: Delivers your message at the right time to the right person through digital channels such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter,and LinkedIn. Its sole purpose is to acquire relevant customers for your business.

The Firm’s Infinite Search

The company enables users to search via text, images,and voice. It understands natural language search queries, complex multi-faceted search strings, colloquial terms, multiple languages, phonetic spellings, implicit signals and above all every user’s intent for search. Therefore personalize every set of search results for every individual user.

Text Search: The company can integrate with your website, mobile site, mobile apps, chatbots and more.

Voice Search: Infinite Analytics has delightful conversations with customers. The A.I. designed by the company can talk to them through your website, mobile site, mobile apps, and chatbots or even through other voice platforms such as Amazon Alexa.

Visual Search: User sometimes shares images of people or products with it that they find in online media, social feeds, or take with their cameras. Regardless, it will help them find similar or complementary products from your catalogs.

The company understands a user’s navigation, preferences,and intent; it works behind the scene to ease her journey through a retail site or app. It also incorporates real-world knowledge and inputs from human professionals (such as business admins and professional stylists).

Dynamic Recommendations: The firm positions and populates custom recommendations dynamically through the user’s journey. While complying with the retailers business rules and objectives, it selects and optimizes various types of recommendations, such as brands, product categories, collections, complementary products, visually similar, or just things a user will love.

Chat recommendations: It can chat with users via messengers or chatbots, and make personalized suggestions.

Visual Recommendations: User can share images from social media, websites, or camera for suggestions of products similar to or complementary to the ones in the image.

Page Layout Personalization: It can also make pages feel more personal and familiar to users, on sites or apps. For example, a young woman Tamy, and a middle-aged man Joe will see different featured products on the same brand, home, collection or category pages that it powers.

The Mighty Duo

Akash Bhatia, Co-Founder,and CEO:

Akash graduated from MIT Sloan in June 2012. Prior to MIT Sloan, Akash is the co-founder of India’s first and largest ticketing company, Kyazoonga. Prior to Kyazoonga, Akash was an engineer with Oracle/PeopleSoft in Silicon Valley. He has completed his B.E from College of Engineering, Pune, M.S from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from MIT Sloan.

PurushothamBotla, Co-Founder and CTO:

Puru completed his Masters in Engineering and Management from MIT in June 2013. Prior to this, he worked with Fidelity Investments building electronic trading products and high volume market data processing applications. He has extensive experience in building software products for financial, telecom and e-commerce domains. He has completed his BE from VJTI, Mumbai.

“We embody your brand’s personality and represent it across all channels through which you interact with your customers. I drive love for your brand, and customer loyalty and engagement.”