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Providing the first native visual analytics software that runs within modern data platforms Arcadia Data, Inc

thesiliconreview-sushil-thomas-ceo-arcadia-data-inc-17Arcadia Data Represents a True Passion Project

Sushil Thomas, Priyank Patel, Shant Hovsepian, and Doug Cameron came together because they share a passion for creating delightful products that are visually beautiful, highly scalable, and purpose-built for big data.

Founded in 2012, with the singular mission to connect business users to big data for powerful insights, Arcadia Data created Arcadia Enterprise, the first native visual analytics software that runs directly within modern data platforms, such as Apache Hadoop and the cloud. Arcadia Enterprise is purpose-built to analyze large volumes of data without moving the information, filling the gap between self-service BI and advanced analytics for use cases like cyber security, IoT, trade surveillance, financial services, and customer intelligence. Big data was always a complicated challenge that needed armies of people to work on it. With Arcadia Enterprise, users were immediately able to use a web browser, point, click, and get answers to everyday questions easily. Big data was finally on their side.

Arcadia Data Product Has Evolved to Meet the Challenges of a Dynamic Industry

Arcadia Data has grown and evolved since its founding in 2012. However, two things have always remained the same: its collective passion for success and the passion to solve big problems in the world of big data. The unique Arcadia Enterprise architecture gives organizations the agility to harness and visualize high-fidelity data natively and directly within the data lake. This leads customers to success by providing deeper, ultra-fast insights that correlate directly to a time and cost savings.

Ever-changing technology landscapes and increasing customer demand are just two of the reasons that Arcadia Data has continued to grow and expand its offerings. While the company has evolved in its ability to meet the challenges facing its customers, it remains equally dedicated to its original mission of solving big issues with big data.

Customers who believe in Arcadia Data — the big data innovators and leaders — are making data work by finding insights within their data platforms with native visual analytics. All without extracting and moving data into legacy data pipelines and business intelligence (BI) tools, reducing time and cost to get value from big data.

A Steady Forward Course

Challenges and hurdles play a vital role in every start-up’s venture. These words might not sound pleasant, but they are the most significant propellers of every small company’s  success.

Arcadia has always been hyper-focused on solving its customers’ pain points. While the company was building software for business users on quickly evolving data architecture, the challenges of staying ahead of security regulations and increased performance demands, for instance, were also constant points of discussion. Simplifying analytics and its related pain points is of the utmost importance.

Arcadia Data team believe in taking a path that forces them to focus on what matters now for customers because that focus and the product will evolve more fluidly once a foundation of trust and success is built.

Having several, passionate co-founders on the same founding team in the house offers a unique perspective and a collective drive to help solve problems. It offers extensive leadership experience to the company and to the customers for all issues. In fact, when the first project rolled out, users were so excited with the possibilities of being able to unlock business insights that it became instantaneously clear that Arcadia Data was on to something.

As a growing company with a family feel, Arcadia Data is keen to keep that culture for as long as possible. The company is dedicated to listening to its employees and creating an environment that is inspirational and innovative, starting with an open-door policy that encourages comments, questions and collaboration from employees. The team is innovative, technically skilled, highly motivated, and fun. Everyone works hard and takes work-life balance seriously.

Arcadia Data is growing quickly and so are the careers of its employees. As an equal-opportunity workplace and an affirmative action employer, committed to inclusion and diversity, Arcadia Data doesn’t just accept difference—it celebrates it, supports it, and thrives on it for the benefit of its employees, its products, and its community, as evidenced by initiatives, such as developing and sponsoring a benefit for Girls Who Code.

“In order to grow externally, you need to be growing internally.”

As a driven, passionate, cutting-edge and innovative group, the team at Arcadia Data is dedicated to working on new ways to solve data challenges for its customers. Maintaining the edge in driving business results across several industries for its customers and staying ahead of the technology curve and the competition, Arcadia Data ensures customers get the most advanced and powerful analytics platform for their data-driven businesses.

Meet Arcadia Data CEO: Sushil Thomas is the Co-founder and CEO at Arcadia Data. Sushil co-founded Arcadia Data in 2012 with the vision of bringing business value to the big data platforms into which customers were investing. He’s seen data platforms evolve in Silicon Valley for over 20 years.

Sushil looks forward to connecting business users to big data for powerful insights through Arcadia Data modern business intelligence (BI) platform. He and his founding team believe in autonomy coupled with collaboration. Behind each new evolution is the belief that understanding what you don’t know is as important as recognizing what you do know.


“We believe in our employees. Autonomy is important but collaboration is the key. Knowing what you don’t know is as important as recognizing what you do know.”