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Publish, Manage, Combine, Analyze, Visualize, And Share Your Data. All in One Place: OpenDataSoft


OpenDataSoft offers its clients market-leading data sharing solutions that allow organizations to easily publish, manage, combine, analyze, visualize, and share data in a variety of formats on a single platform. It all started in 2011, when the founders Jean-Marc Lazard, David Thoumas, and Franck Carassus were working at Exalead – DassaultSystèmes Group. They were involved in a project to build the French national open data portal. Passionate about data and convinced of the need for a more agile approach in the growing data sharing market, they co-founded OpenDataSoft.

OpenDataSoft’s two main offices are located in the 15th arrondissement of Parisas well as on the 18th floor of a downtown Boston tower. The OpenDataSoft team is made up of over 50 people – half of which works on the tech side of its product – and includes some major foodies that also love getting in a serious workout (running, swimming, biking, and squash are common lunch break or after-work activities).

CreatingNew Services through Data Sharing And Re-Use

The traditional approaches to delivering data to stakeholders are too slow, costly, and not scalable. Therefore, OpenDataSoft offers market-leading data sharing solutions that redefine enterprise data management. Its solution offers a one-stop hub of clean and organized data and tools to visualize, analyze, and share it.

The team at OpenDataSoft believes that the data sharing movement will only succeed if there is a change in the way organizations use and share data. This is why OpenDataSoft was established: to enable any organization to give their stakeholders access to business-ready data and insights when they need it.

Opening Data Solutions for Better Community Engagement

One Go-To Platform for All Data

Finance, GIS, safety, and energy departments, and transportation operators alike can all share their data on a common platform. Tech members of any ecosystem can now build new applications to improve performance of services.

Data Stories to Improve Community Engagement

The data portal of the City of Salinas features data-driven stories in both English and Spanish, underscoring the city’s emphasis on opening data to as many citizens as possible. Six specific sections have been created on the homepage to guide citizens quickly and easily to the information they need. For instance, on the Traffic and Transportation page, the city shares bicycle-related issues and provides detailed information on bicycle programs and projects to enhance bicycle safety throughout Salinas.

Key Performance Indicators Dashboards

The OpenDataSoft platform offers KPI dashboards that demonstrate how effectively an organization is achieving key strategic objectives. Organizations use KPIs to evaluate success at reaching targets with their ecosystem.

The City of Paris built its KPI Dashboard with OpenDataSoft. The tool, which is integrated in the city's Information System, was presented during the Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange 2017.

IoT and Smart City Solution to Unleash Innovation

One Platform for High Volumes of Data

OpenDataSoft provides a single go-to-platform to store, manage, visualize, find, use and share important volumes of IoT and city’s data. Finance, GIS, safety, energy departments and transportation operators alike, can all share high volume of IoT and sensors real-time data on a common hub.High volumes of IoT and sensors’ data are now easily accessible.

APIs: An Essential Part of Any IoT and Connected Devices Projects

IoT and smart devices, almost by definition, generate large quantities of data. Those data are most valuable when developers can access them in “plug-and-play” format. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow third parties to build new applications that rely on continuously updating datasets without needing to make manual changes. APIs are essential to the networked, grassroots strategy of any cities willing to develop an IoT or smart city’s project.

Public Private Partnerships and Data Interoperability

Many cities and smart city stakeholders have taken these initiatives one step further by partnering with private companies that generate relevant public service data. The ability to merge public and private data represents a significant opportunity for generating value from data portals.

Private Data Sharing Solution to Empower Collaboration and Performance

One Platform for Private Data

OpenDataSoft provides a single go-to-platform to store, manage, visualize, find, use and share your organization’s data with specific internal or external stakeholders. Finance, marketing, supply chain, innovation and data departments alike can all share their data on a common hub.

A Self-Service Data Catalog

The OpenDataSoft solution can help your organization build a self-service data catalog and easily tailor data access to the internal or external stakeholders who need it.Its solution automatically processes, cleans, and standardizes data from multiple sources within and outside the organization, allowing your IT and data delivery teams to focus on their core business.

Strong Data Governance and Access Control

The OpenDataSoft platform offers sophisticated data governance and access control tools. Granular permissions, tracking, and user authentication tools all help to ensure data security and compliance. Its solution enables teams to share data with the right people across your organizations using subdomains as well as push or pull data from a parent domain, and ensure that different stakeholders get the data relevant to their needs.

Data Product Solution for New Revenue Streams

Smarteo Water

Smarteo Water helps water networks harness their digital assets. Smarteo developed City Flow, a data product based on the OpenDataSoft platform. The technology allows detailed monitoring of the state of the infrastructure and the quality of the water, using data collected from interactive meters.

Improving Mobility with Traffic Data

Citilog is a leader in providing video-based monitoring and surveillance products for the transportation market. Citilog traffic sensors generate data that are automatically collected in real time on the OpenDataSoft platform. The partnership offers cities access to cost- effective and efficient tools to optimize traffic light operations and reduce waiting time at intersections.

Build Your Own Data Product

Embed the OpenDataSoft white-label solution into your offering to help your clients turn the passive data they generate into valuable analysis and decisions. You can also help your clients achieve data analysis and visualization, real time interactive dashboarding and data sharing and reuse with external partners and stakeholders.

Knowing the Man behind the Success

Jean-Marc Lazard, CEO of OpenDataSoft

“At OpenDataSoft, we are convinced that organizations will create value from their data only if they share it.”