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“Companies Outsource HR Functions to PuzzleHR to save the time and money that is otherwise wasted dealing with Human Resource issues.”


In recent times, organizations have pivoted towards outsourcing human resource (HR) functions. This has resulted in companies saving time and money and allowing their leadership to focus on the core functions that drive business results. HR outsourcing is basically an agreement between the third-party provider and employer, where the employer will relinquish certain functions and responsibilities to the external provider. For growing businesses, outsourcing HR can serve as a lifesaver. Specialist providers will take care of tactical people, policy and process management, and play an important role in creating an environment that delivers organizational performance. In today’s modern knowledge economy, there are many instances in which outsourcing HR services can deliver tangible benefits to the organization; this is truer than ever before. The decision to outsource human resources, therefore, should not be taken lightly.

Many companies struggle with the complexities associated with running a growing business. Trying to fit compliance and Labor Regulations with Business Growth Goals and Employee Satisfaction can be a difficult and expensive. Enter PuzzleHR. PuzzleHR is the Human Resources Outsourcing Services firm that is reinventing HR. Every company is different and has different needs. So, PuzzleHR works with companies to diagnose the gaps that exist in their current state and use its process to create custom programs to fill the gaps that are hindering business results. Sometimes there’s a need for training and compliance, sometimes its talent acquisition and benefits administration. Sometimes they are asked to become a client’s HR department. PuzzleHR has the ability to handle everything from transactional HR tasks to executing transformational HR strategies and everything in between.

PuzzleHR was founded in 2019 and it is based in Tampa, Florida.

In conversation with the founders of PuzzleHR

Q. How do you help your clients patch-up their internal inefficiencies and streamline their operations towards success?

Many businesses look at the “HR Department” as “Overhead” and we are committed to disrupting that thinking. We don’t “get in the way”. We pave the way for business leaders to effectively, efficiently and compliantly run their companies. We use our proprietary diagnostic process to find out exactly what it is that is sub-optimizing business performance. Next, we create strategies that will improve those broken internal processes or structures. Finally, we do the work to deploy those strategies where appropriate, and we measure and report results.

Q. Diversity and inclusion are more of a challenge today than ever before. With an increase in laws and regulations focused on workplace diversity, how do you help your clients drastically alter their recruiting and HR policies to keep up and meet the strict compliance standards in place today?

First and foremost, diversity is at the core of our culture at Puzzle. You will see that on our executive team and all throughout the organization. You see, it’s a fact that

thesiliconreview-chris-timol-co-founder-puzzlehr-20diverse organizations perform at higher levels than their non-diverse counterparts. We feel that as an outsourced Human Resource Services Organization, and as good corporate citizens, we must “walk the talk” and model the way. With that said, we work with our clients to develop strategies that help foster diversity in their corporate cultures. We assist with leadership training, talent acquisition and formal diversity and inclusion programs that help drive the desired performance results.

Q. It’s a job seekers market now. It is harder than ever to attract and hire top candidates. How do you help your clients hire qualified individuals?

The single most important thing that successful companies do well is to manage their talent. Hiring is easy. Hiring the right person, and keeping them, is not. Nothing is worse than finding a great person and not being able to land them or, worse, having that person leave within the first six months. We take a holistic approach to the entire New Hire process. Our Talent Acquisition service module focuses on Compensation Modeling, Job Marketing, Leadership Interviewing and Selection training, On-Boarding, and much more.

Q. With many other reputed companies in the market providing custom HR solutions, what makes you a better service provider?

A few things set us apart. First, we’re national; we have experience in every state, so wherever our clients decide to locate, relocate, expand or acquire, we have the depth and breadth of experience to help them navigate the myriad state and local regulations. Next, we are agnostic when it comes to benefits and technology. It doesn’t matter to us who our clients use for payroll or for benefits. We support the decisions our clients have made and helped them get the most out of them. Finally, we are results/metric oriented. We work with our clients to develop strategies around the HR discipline and work with our clients to do the lifting necessary to execute those strategies effectively. And we report out on results and progress every week. We don’t “share best practices” and walk away. In fact, one of our clients recently said, “Wow! you’re not like any other HR company I’ve ever worked with.”

Q. What are your plans for the future development of your company?

The business world is still reeling from the COVID 19 pandemic and to be sure, we all exist in a new state of normal. We don’t see that changing any time soon. We will continue to innovate and find ways to help companies thrive in this new environment and beyond. A good example of our flexibility and forward thinking would be our recently launched PPP Loan Monitoring Service designed to help businesses ensure they stay on track for loan forgiveness. Our “Future Initiatives” roadmap is developed by our customers and is quite robust. We expect it to continue to be so as we develop and deploy new solutions to help businesses put the pieces of the HR puzzle together.

Meet the leaders behind the success of PuzzleHR

Co-Founders Lonny Ostrander and Chris Timol each have decades of executive level experience in the Human Resources, Professional Employer Organization, Human Capital Management and Software as a Service outsourcing industries. Their vision, family values and unique approach to leadership is what drives PuzzleHR. Lonny and Chris are truly industry pioneers and have surrounded themselves with an exceptional team of seasoned professionals that posess the same, drive and passion for delivering customer results.

“The war for talent is in full swing. To win, employers must develop and deploy strategies to attract, protect and retain top talent and unleash their full potential.”