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Sharon Miles, CEO and Owner of QARS Solutions,Speaks to The Silicon Review: ‘We’re Always up to the Challenge of Partnering with Organizations to Establish, Manage, and Monitor Quality Management Systems that Work Towards Effectiveness and Positive Results’

“We provide a broad range of advisory services and technical talent to help organizations achieve successful project outcomes.”

 QARS Solutions is an experienced consultant service firm working with its clients to develop robust quality systems, effective regulatory strategies, and submissions. With proven success and a verifiable track-record, the company’s products and services are customized and designed to align with local and global regulations, industry standards, and best practices to meet and exceed the requirements and demands of its clients and corporate goals.

QARS Solutions delivers solutions to companies across industries, including Boston Scientific, Carematix, Sesenergi Eco Solutions Enterprise, Zimmer-Biomet and IFC World Bank.

The company is headquartered in the South Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois (South Holland).

In Conversation with Sharon Miles, CEO and Owner of QARS Solutions

Q. When was QARS Solutions incorporated? Brief us about the journey so far.

QARS Solutions was founded in 2005. It has supported clients with problem-solving and growth strategies to address regulatory compliance issues and technology to organizational troubles. We have made ourselves available to stand in the trenches and weigh-in on solutions leading to victories and resolutions.

We firmly believe that every company in the world must define its purpose, strategic direction, objectives, and commitment to customer satisfaction. QARS Solutions is always up to the challenge of partnering with organizations to establish, manage, and monitor quality management systems that work towards effectiveness and positive results.

Q. What are the different services your company offers?

QARS Solutions’ experienced professionals expedite efficiency in designing solutions. Attending to our clients’ needs to improve compliance strengthens operations while addressing business risks. We provide a broad range of advisory services and technical talent to help organizations achieve successful project outcomes.

QARS Solutions offers clients the option to outsource their quality management and regulatory compliance function. We can collaborate in growing the business, managing operations, and transforming ideas into the product faster.

Our services include:

  • Quality initiatives related to regulatory compliance, certification with quality standards, quality management systems processes, and management controls,
  • Computer software validation.
  • Supplier quality auditing,
  • Vendor and offshore management support,
  • Client’s portfolio management and related services.

We are now offering QM3—a Customized Training and Leadership Development program created and conducted by QARS Solutions to train employees and improve their skills and knowledge.


Q. As an experienced consultant services firm, QARS Solutions’ primary focus is developing robust quality systems, effective regulatory strategies, and submissions; and efficiently remediating, maintaining, and improving regulatory compliance. How uniquely do you address your customers’ pain points?

The role and responsibilities of a quality professional are not for the faint at heart. Quality systems require the alignment of cross-functional teams working in concert, decisive leadership, and contribution to short-and-long-term objectives for the company and their consumers. QARS Solutions works diligently to manage expectations by identifying the tangible and intangible best practices to address known and unknown risks.

Every project will present its form of pains, problems, and positive potential that will need to be analyzed and researched to formulate a suitable solution for the client’s review and approval. Communicating and connecting with decision-makers, stakeholders, and executive boards to embrace quality management for identifying opportunities and combat problems as a qualityprofessional is often underrated.

Q. ‘Our clients appreciate the complete dedication and commitment to deliver practical and relevant Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs solutions.’ How do you interpret this further?

As the owner of QARS Solutions, my commitment to quality excellence is essential to my personal and professional values. It is imperative to provide my clients and potential clients with resolutions; 1) justified, transparent, and efficient for growth 2) identify areas for improvement.

I believe it is equally important to understand my clients’ issues, needs, opportunities, and threats. In this business world filled with challenges, change, and competition, quality management results make a difference in customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Q. ‘We strategically expand our services to respond to market demand.’ This sounds highly promising. Where do you stand as a company in a crowd of competitors?

Organizations, no matter the size or industry, will need quality management to sustain their competitive edge. It’s become a challenge fulfilling customers’ needs while attempting to strategically maintaining products, performance, and expansion without the appropriate operating support systems. QARS Solutions can manage, monitor, and control company products’ quality from concept to commercialization and postproduction.

Q. What are you doing to stay ahead of the curve?

QARS Solutions’ QM3 Training and Leadership Development program aims to provide employees and management with an understanding of techniques, methodologies, and practical application of tools that emphasize: regulatory compliance, quality systems, design controls, risk management, change management, document management, product, process, and systems engineering, re-engineering, project management, and resource plans.

Q. What are the factors that contribute to your success?

Accountability, integrity, and communications are the foundation and ethical principles of quality that QARS Solutions believes and upholds. As we are involved with companies’ top management and their key initiatives, we are respected and trusted to implement quality systems and programs to support governance, inclusion, and objectivity.

Q. Moreover, would you like to talk about your achievements as a company or share a success story?

QARS has successfully expanded and managed business in multiple industries, including the clean and renewable energy sector, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and computer software development.

I have worked in quality management and regulatory compliance for over 25 years. In my opinion, quality management is the gift to businesses that keeps on giving. Quality systems are both scientifically creative and creatively scientific. I can support any organization build its business foundation using quality standards, processes, tools, regulations, and methodologies to construct the corporate culture and operating infrastructure of their organization’s beliefs, principles, and stakeholder’s objectives.

Q. Keeping in view what your company is offering, the future seems highly promising. Just out of curiosity, where do you see your company a couple of years from now?

Within two years, achieve a 40 percent increase market share in quality management consulting and outsourcing services to incubators to mid-size and multi-national companies in countries worldwide.

Meet the Eminent Leader Behind the Triumph of QARS Solutions

Sharon Miles, Owner, serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Principal Consultant of QARS Solutions. She applies expert knowledge, industry experience, and relentless energy to solving the clients’ companies’ quality and compliance issues.

Sharon specializes in working with companies in the fields of quality management and regulatory compliance. With more than 25 years of experience and the successful completion of more than 100 projects, she can work effectively with your staff, listen to their ideas, and help implement the changes necessary for the successful completion of the project.

Ms. Miles is a graduate of the New England Institute of Business at Cambridge College (formerly National Graduate School of Quality Management) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Quality Systems. She is a Juran Institute Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, has been a licensed scrum master, certified ISO 9001, and quality systems auditor, performing over 200 audits and assessments in her career.

“We’re now offering QM3—a Customized Training and Leadership Development program created and conducted by QARS Solutions to train employees and improve their skills and knowledge.”