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30 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2023

Qellus – Specialists in creating seamless, integrated, content-enabled IT solutions


An IT service provider offers technological solutions to front-end users of other businesses. These firms consist of tech experts whose main goal is to assist businesses in implementing the best of technology for their companies. By utilizing an IT service provider, you can save time and effort from the frustrations of figuring out technology that’s beyond your experience. You can also do your job better because of it. Without technology as your main priority, you may easily miss things like updates needed to your software and antivirus protection, or other cyber threats. Because an IT provider’s sole focus is to serve your business’ tech needs, they certainly wouldn’t miss such things. Further, they’re well-equipped to improve upon all your tech-related setups to boost your business. Considering your operational needs, your business goals, and future plans, they can help make your business run more effectively and efficiently.

Qellus is an IT services company focused on simplifying your business with process digitalization fueled by OpenText™ solutions. The team has more than 20 years' experience designing, developing and deploying enterprise information management (EIM) solutions with OpenText™. The firm specializes in creating seamless, integrating EIM solutions across enterprise and cloud applications including; SAP®, IBM®, Salesforce®, Microsoft®, Oracle® and many more. They provide solution and system architecture, business process design and digitalization, implementation, training and application support services.

Leveraging Services that Create Immediate Business Impact

Effective Digital Transformation: Qellus drives your organization to digitally transform from day one of your digital journey. They work to fundamentally transform your critical business processes and ensure your teams are engaged in their work. The result is accelerated decision-making, reduced costs, increased operational safety, and ultimately, better relationships with your customers. The push toward digital transformation promises significant new business values, including improved customer experience and a better return on data-related assets. Hover, 53% of the organizations surveyed by Gartner remain untested in the face of digital challenges, as they are unprepared for the key stages, resources, and people required to succeed. By standardizing and automating your asset management, finance, sales, human resources, research & development, engineering supply chain, and global trade processes, they enable your business to work smarter, not harder. The company instills trust in your data, with more efficient business processes and a more agile culture. The Qellus roadmap starts by determining what is and is not working within your data and processes. These insights serve as the starting point, allowing you to use data for informed decisions, safer operations, and reduced costs.

Automated Invoicing: By automatically routing invoices to the right person at the right time. Track KPIs for industry benchmarks, supplier performance and team productivity while leveraging invoice and spending analytics all within one application. Implementing a new tool such as automated invoicing can cause confusion. That’s why Qellus is with you every step of the way. When you use one of Qellus’ solutions, the entire team with decades of experience is there to help you and your company. They advise, guide and assist the customers at each stage of their design and implementation process; ensuring they get things right the first time, every time. This means that you need less customization, less maintenance and experience fer errors.

Enterprise Asset Management: Asset-intensive businesses such as oil and gas, manufacturing, and real estate face much inefficiency. Hover, the primary challenges that process-intensive enterprise face today is rooted in the management of data and processes. When inadequately addressed, these can have far-reaching, detrimental effects that are felt throughout an organization. For industries such as Energy, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Mining, and Life Sciences, performance and profitability are directly influenced by how efficiently assets are managed. To operate efficiently, organizations must be able to leverage information about enterprise assets across functional teams and be confident in the reliability of the asset and maintenance information residing in their Enterprise Asset Management – EAM software. As an asset Intensive Industry, you want to reduce safety incidents and ongoing operational costs. At Qellus, they provide the roadmap and knowledge you need to seamlessly control engineering documents and drawings across projects and operations through leading engineering and asset management apps such as OpenText, SAP, and IBM Maximo.

Extended ECM: Qellus created OpenText Extended ECM for IBM Maximo: the only solution that offers full integration of robust document and records management for OpenText directly within Maximo asset management interface. Field workers can leverage Maximo data and documentation to increase operational excellence, reduce maintenance costs, improve safety performance and reduce fines. By leveraging the Extended ECM platform by OpenText, Qellus allows unstructured asset information to be shared across the operations and maintenance processes in Maximo as ll as procurement processes in your ERP systems. Integrating with a full-featured asset management system allows for improved collaboration with suppliers and subcontractors, managing the handling of complex work orders within and outside of your organization. Qellus shortens the time to value by starting with a predefined set of workspace templates and metadata providers, allowing the ability to quickly get user feedback and tailor it to fit your needs.

Ihsan Hall | Founder and Managing Director

Ihsan has the amazing capability to dig into any new technology and become an expert in it. In his role at IXOS Ihsan supported many high profile customers like ExxonMobil, P&G, Worldbank and many more. Those customers liked to work with him as Ihsan understood their needs and was able to provide creative solutions to their demanding IT personnel. The words " are not able to do that" did not exist for Ihsan as he would put all the effort into finding a solution that works for the customer. His customer services skills are outstanding and complement his excellent technical skills.

"Our consultants are content management veterans, dedicating their careers to helping clients fuel for decades. Their expertise allows customers worldwide to turn complex problems into flexible solutions for each unique set of needs."