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SR 10 fastest growing BigData companies 2015

Quadratyx: A creative Big Data company with advanced AI & Machine Learning expertise

silicon-review-sreerama-kv-murthy“Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis of Assisi, 13th Century

Quadratyx (Quadratic Insights Pvt. Ltd.) is a young big data analytics company, headquartered in Hyderabad, India. In its short 20-month existence, Quadratyx has managed to sign up an impressive list of enterprise clients, that too in the not-so-mature Indian market. Quadratyx customer list includes Indian heavy weights such as Edelweiss, Axis Bank, AT&T, Winit, HDFC Bank, YES Bank, State Bank of India, National Bank of Oman, Micromax, Mahindra Finance, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Chola Finance, etc.

Quadratyx services include designing & setting up customized big data infrastructures for large enterprises; building sophisticated predictive analytics models; designing solutions with advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies; extracting insights from all types of unstructured data; corporate training in big data analytics; and developing big data software applications.

The rapid growth of Quadratyx may be attributed to the following strategic advantages it has over other similar startups:

Advantage 1: Depth of Knowledge in AI & Machine Learning
The Founder & CEO of Quadratyx, Dr. Sreerama K Murthy, has been listed among India’s Big Data Rock Stars and 10 Most Prominent Analytics Academicians. Dr. Murthy’s PhD thesis, completed in 1995 at the Johns Hopkins University, focused on automatically classifying objects in Hubble Space Telescope images, and also propounded a novel algorithm for constructing oblique decision trees. Quadratyx team of 40 data scientists today hold 11 issued US patents, 14 more patent applications, numerous international publications, all connected to the big data analytics area. Unusual for an Indian startup of its size and age, Quadratyx has a clear R&D vision, dedicated R&D resources and University collaborations.

Advantage 2: An Eco-system with Complementary Competencies
Over the last 20 months, Quadratyx also built a small but powerful set of partners, to accelerate its team formation, project acquisition and intellectual property creation. For example, Quadratyx has helped design and deliver the globally ranked Big Data Certification program of the International School of Engineering. Strategically formed marketing associations in key geographies (India, Singapore, Middle East and the United States) have given the young team of Quadratyx experience with behemoth clients like Tata Steel, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis & Cisco. Co-creation of novel Big Data intellectual property assets in specific verticals and horizontals, in collaboration with domain experts, is an emphasis area for Quadratyx in 2016.

Advantage 3: Vertical focus, flexible engagement models
Carefully choosing how to spend its limited initial resources, Quadratyx gained strength in specific verticals – most notably BFSI. Other verticals include Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical & Distribution. Within specific verticals, Quadratyx has experimented with flexible engagement models that custom-fit the big data needs of clients. Some engagement models employed by Quadratyx are fixed-price, T&M, solution co-creation with success-based compensation, onsite-offsite team augmentation, setup of dedicated project offices for clients, etc.

The following is a list of representative engagements undertaken by Quadratyx:

  • Enterprise level big data road maps
  • Design of next generation analytics work benches
  • Setup of enterprise data lakes
  • AI-based smart assistants for internal, external customers
  • Real-time streaming analytics applications
  • Next generation call center enablement
  • Deep Web profiling of key customers, key contacts
  • Analytics on printed documents
  • Machine learning systems for delinquency prediction – loans, credit cards, etc
  • Sales analytics & recommendations
  • Spatial analytics
  • Cross sell probability estimation for individual customers
  • Substantial speeding up of internal workflows using low-latency Hadoop processing
  • Retention prediction & data-centric interventions in HR
  • Automotive insurance renewal prediction
  • Customer lifetime value prediction
  • Intensive hands-on training of internal teams in Machine Learning, Big Data technologies, Text mining, Social Network Analytics, Streaming Analytics, etc
  • Training of insurance underwriters and risk assessment teams on advanced analytics

Quadratyx second fiscal revenues are at 300% of the profitable first fiscal revenues. From the client & partner traction, it appears that 2nd to 3rd fiscal year growth will be better. It is interesting to note that this growth has been organic; Quadratyx is yet to ingest any external investment.