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October Special Edition 2020

Quality Built – An innovative leader in the area of third-party construction quality assurance and risk management solutions


Construction projects are always expected to create a balance between cost, time, and quality. Quality assurance (QA) is needed because of the involvement of negligence and lack of knowledge, especially in smaller projects, which deduces the construction's quality. Establishing a quality assurance system and implementing the quality assurance system for the overall upgrading of construction quality has become an essential topic. The quality of its work should be done according to the developed quality assurance program to build customer confidence. It can improve the probability of successful project delivery and minimize the risk of cost and time blowouts. A QA often provides substantial returns by preventing costly project mistakes and delivering benefits earlier.

Quality Built is the nationwide leader in third-party quality assurance and insights. The firm works with some of the most respected names in construction, insurance, and litigation. Only Quality Built combines a network of thousands of experienced, boots-on-the-ground inspectors and domain experts with the industry's most robust technology solutions. Together, it collects, analyzes, and communicates essential data from the job site through your entire organization, helping you work smarter, reduce risk, and increase efficiency. Quality Built has more data on construction quality than any company in the world.

Providing industry best third-party quality assurance services

Third-Party QA Inspections: The third-Party Quality Assurance programs provide independent, unbiased evaluations of high-risk components for the entire build process. From pre-pour structural foundations through interior fit and finish options, they add value at every step, ensuring a well-constructed property with minimal loss and risk. The comprehensive inspection programs optimize contractor and subcontractor performance while mitigating construction defect claims.

Energy and Sustainability: The firm provides design, program administration, and inspection services to help builders meet and even exceed qualifications for federal and municipal energy programs or above code certifications. It gets boots-on-the-ground inspectors to pinpoint where to maximize the energy efficiency of your design. Find solutions that provide greater comfort, value, and safety to homeowners and end-users in the most efficient way possible.

Technical Plan Review™: Every construction project is complex, with hundreds, if not thousands, of variables and dependencies. An integral part of any risk management program, a Technical Plan Review, will uncover potential errors, omissions, ambiguities, and conflicts, improving constructability, and minimizing liability. Quality Built's Technical Plan Review™ helps designers, builders, developers, architects, engineers, and financially interested parties identify potential obstacles and opportunities before they arise. The team will pinpoint potential improvement opportunities, providing vital information on non-compliant items, specifications, and alternate design options.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Quality Built's risk solutions help builders reduce and avoid risk, maintaining your corporate standards while remaining flexible to customize at the project level. Quality Built partners with you to integrate risk assessment services with your standard operating procedures, trade partners, and quality assurance program. The industry-leading technology helps builders and developers maximize efficiencies and minimize uncertainty. It provides project-specific training materials for each trade to ensure complete and total project integration, from the lowest to highest levels. It also provides training and improvement to crews based upon the actual data collected. Quality Built goes beyond traditional Builder Risk Assessments. They are construction professionals specializing in the technical and risk management aspects of construction. From integrated, comprehensive site audits to team education and training, they go the extra mile to customize their services to your needs.

The Visionary leader behind the glory of Quality Built

Brian C. Kramer is the Chief Executive Officer of Quality Built. He has deep connections with the insurance and construction industries and decades of engineering experience. He engages in each case he works on with relentless passion, drawing from his natural talent for problem solving and clear communication. Prior to working at Quality Built, Mr. Brian directed and managed Twining Laboratories, a full-service construction inspection, materials testing, and engineering firm in California. With nearly 20 years as a widely recognized expert witness in Construction Defect Litigation cases, his areas of expertise include structural distress associated with geotechnical issues, construction materials testing, and concrete performance.

Mr. Brian earned an MBA from the University of California, Irvine, a Civil Engineering degree from San Diego State University, and is a registered Geotechnical and Civil Engineer in California.

"Our mission is to remain the visionary leader in Third-Party Quality Assurance Services most professionally and efficiently utilizing cutting-edge technology."