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In the Asian region, there is an ever-growing demand for acquiring effective communicative abilities in the English language. Generally, the English language is taught as a second language or a foreign language; as a result, most students who go on to study in western institutions frequently encounter difficulties in performing well in English. There seems to be a glass ceiling in reaching a level of worldly command of the language, where written communication includes the precise and accurate use of words, oral communication rolls smoothly off the tongue, reading skills bring about instant comprehension, and listening skills capture the proper contexts and meanings in reception.

Asian students who face problems in any and each of those four areas are ready to overcome that and learn the language. Globally, there are various organizations specializing in training students in those aspects, but one that stands out from the rest in addressing all four areas is Quality Online Education Group.

The company provides comprehensive K-12 online English learning, starting with a dominant market share in China, and it has already started expanding into other markets in Southeast Asia. It has been explosively successful since its inception in 2017, immediately garnering prominent industry awards in the first year and subsequently in each of the next three consecutive years. Quality Online Education Group started off on a winning note, and it hasn’t stopped gaining industry accolades in every year of its existence. People at Quality Online Education Group don’t want to self-claim that they are disruptive, but they are proud to admit that they have been breaking the mold and creating new frontiers for how quality education can and should be delivered online. The company is a pioneer and industry leader in providing real-time online small group classes, ranging from a 1:4 ratio to 1:1 sessions for specific needs.

The teaching staff is composed of native English-speaking tutors who live in North America and top-notch English tutors in the Philippines. Quality Online Education Group combines Education and Entertainment (“Edu-tainment”) as part of its teaching strategy. It is the company’s mission to develop students’ confidence so they can reach their goals through an enjoyable yet efficient learning experience.

In conversation with Edward Wu, CEO of Quality Online Education Group

Q. In your experience, what is the key to developing a good team?

If you look at our team, particularly our executive leadership group, you will notice that it is constructed with the purpose of maximizing the strength of each member in the cause of fulfilling our mission of delivering the most effective online learning experience to any student in the world. It is like putting together a championship team in sports, where at every position we have teammates who we can trust to complement each other. We have the enterprise builders, we have big data and AI experts, we have someone who knows how to make the operation run like clockwork, and so on and so forth. But the secret ingredient in our team is this: Every one of us is here with an almost cult-like devotion to our vision and our mission, to reach any child in the world who desires access to first-class English-based education, for as far as the internet can reach! Each of us passionately pulls in this direction… to us, this is the key to developing our team’s quality.

Q. Online learning requires motivation to complete tasks, stay engaged, and make progress. How do you make sure the students are not falling behind, and keep them motivated?

The online teaching session is only one part of the overall course design. We have pre- and post-lesson exercises for every session to ensure the students can maximize their learning experience and encourage effective learning habits. We have Teaching Assistants (TA) to help them with the pre- and post-lesson exercises. They follow up with the students on a regular basis. An online group for students and the TA is readily available for them to discuss and interact with questions and answers in an open communication forum. Overall, we provide a learning package, not just a lesson to the students. Of course, as the centerpiece of the programs, the lessons themselves must be of the highest quality. We intentionally use “edu-tainment” as part of the instructional design so that we add fun elements as part of the course content, such as gamification of exercises.

Q. How do you promote diversity among students? What are the values that are used to foster a positive culture?

That’s an incredibly interesting question, and we can’t think of one that is more on point or relevant one to our company and our business! In both cases, we are a uniquely loving marriage of Western and Eastern cultures. Our leadership team is comprised of executives who have track records of success in China and North America. Our teaching staffs hail primarily from North America and then the Philippines. While teaching the students from China and Southeast Asia with a Western-style curriculum, our North American tutors are also interacting with the children using their natural Western cultural mannerisms. Not to be dismissed or overlooked, too, is that our tutors can also have the joy of being exposed to Eastern cultures when interacting with their students!

But that’s just for starters. We truly see a more intricate level of diversity, and what we are thrilled to celebrate is the vast heterogeneity amongst our students’ various cultural backgrounds. We go to great lengths to encourage everyone involved in our program to freely teach us about their background, express excitement about the place they’re from, and even share a bit about their dialect at home with everyone. Our tutors, of course, can’t help but also join in the fun… and wow, that’s when our students are able to see, hear, and almost feel like they’re in North America. So yes, we actively view diversity like the colors on a beautiful tapestry!

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We do! We are in constant development and improvement for our existing services and products because we sincerely believe that there is always a better product. Additionally, the other stream of growth is to launch two planned new services. The first set of new services will provide major marketing leads and revenue to the company. The second one will be a major add-on to the customer side. We’re extremely excited about these developments, but we’re like the giddy child who’s exploding inside while keeping a secret… we invite you to stay posted about our progress!

Meet the leader behind the success of Quality Online Education Group               

Quality Online Education Group has a powerhouse leadership team, led by its CEO, Edward Wu, who heads an entrepreneurial partnership of founders. This dream team is comprised of executives with successful track records in enterprise-building, expertise in leading edge technologies, in-depth industry experience in online education, and most importantly (at least in our humble opinion!), an unshakeable passion for advancing quality education to everyone and anyone in the world.

“The rapid rise and development of China and the rest of Asia has created a new generation of their citizenry – their youth, their students – who have grown a compulsive hunger for learning English as it is practically used in the Western world. Quality Online Education Group is unique in identifying this appetite, and has the leading edge programs designed to satiate the hunger.”