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SR 10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2015

Quintessence Business Solutions and Services Pvt Ltd: Delivering Measurable Results through Smart Technologies


Founded in 2011, QBSS represents the epitome & embodiment of the very best processes, technology & people.

Acreator of smart, simple yet cost effective technology, Quintessence Business Solutions and Services Pvt Ltd (QBSS) is widely known for achieving desirable positive outcomes & exceptional results for its clientele. Their technology is designed to provide immediate benefit and save at least a penny out of every dollar their customers spend. In today’s technology driven world, they have been credited for delivering outsourced healthcare business processes soaked in smart technologies that create best in class outcomes. Be it collections, quality, turnaround times or costs.

The company creates everyday automation solutions that allow easy and rapid deployment as well as bring an immediate smile to customer’s bottom lines. They are probably the only “BPO Company” to offer a technology platform for key processes like Medical coding (Q Code), ICD10 transition (InsTen) &eligibility verification.

Headquartered in Chennai, QBSS is soon coming up with its Customer Services & Sales operations in Florida & Delaware in Q4 15, Q1 16.

Today, QBSS stands tall with its unique Contingent Pricing Model and the way they use platforms in every bit of the process, reducing human dependencies in a resource heavy industry. And for the years ahead they have kept a focused approached to expand Q Code an auto coding tool to highly complex specialties like Inpatient Stay, Outpatient Facility etc.

Offering Best-in-Class Business Process Services
REVENUE CYCLE MANAGEMENT- Improving the financials of healthcare providers is their business. From scheduling to account closure, their services and technology along with knowhow, accelerate cash flow and provide predictability to client business.

CODING & AUDITING-  Quintessence have HIPAA compliant secure VPN access to clients’ EHR or medical record repository to access and code directly on to HIM or billing systems. Most of their coders are experienced and certified (AHIMA or AAPC) in every specialty. Their coders are trained on documentation deficiency reporting as well as compliance auditing keeping clients secure during an audit. Quintessence will mostly turn around charts within 12 to 24 hours so the claims are well on their way to appropriate payment before the day end.

WRAPAROUND TECHNOLOGIES- They design custom cost-effective tools that integrate tightly with customer’s systems (Billing or practice management systems, EMRs) to enhance the power of such systems. Such a combination delivers enhanced process efficiency, workflow management and reduced overall cost to collect.


  • ICD 10 tool “Insten” to reduce productivity loss
  • Capturing Suspect Reporting and trapping Inferred / deduced diagnosis
  • Audit of EMR Systems or other sources of medical records accessed
  • Workflow software for tracking, reporting and transaction management
  • Data migration, interface building to hospital systems
  • Charge & Patient demo entry services, payment posting & reconciliation
  • Denials management, Accounts Receivables management

Knowing the Master Mind’s

Raghunathan Nerur (Raghu), Chief Operations Officer & Co Founder
A veteran in the industry who has a keen eye for process vulnerability and technology adoption, Raghu is highly respected for his analytical ability and forethought. At QBSS, he is responsible for ideating, implementation and measures. Raghu has engineering and consulting expertise to make processes more efficient and is the spark for many of our billing & coding automation endeavors. He swears by using technology to enhance RCM outcomes and has demonstrated reduced ramp up times, increased productivity, thereby reducing costs further. He has managed complex and large engagements across locations. He is also a SAP professional having managed the implementation for a billion-dollar enterprise, where he learnt his ropes of process management.

Giridharan Srinivasan Tirupathi (Giri) Chief Technology Officer & Co Founder- Giri is a rare combination of an accountant & technocrat. His understanding of the healthcare business domain is next to none which has helped QBSS to create technologies for any complex business situation.

Giri’sunderstanding of the business is reflected in the swiftness with which he turns out platforms & products. His products always are cut to fit business needs than the other way.

Currently he is busy creating billing & coding productivity enhancement technologies that work with any practice management system and is also building a business intelligence layer customizable at several levels.

Client Testimonial
“We have been working with QBSS for 3 ½ years, and could not be more pleased. QBSS is a very technology driven company, always looking for innovative ways to improve processes & service through automation. Any request we make is met with enthusiasm & readiness, to develop any tools we need, and is delivered with lightning-fast turn-around time. The IT support staff at QBSS are the best in the industry. I anticipate our relationship with QBSS will continue long into the future, and I am looking forward to “what’s next” that they will develop!”- Judi Leatherwood, VP – Outsourcing, Medical Billing and Management Services

Time Line of company:

  • October 2011- Founded
  • November 2011- First Client Signed
  • December 2011- First Client rollout
  • December 2011- First Technology rollout
  • November 2012- First Product deployment
  • April 2014- Million $ (revenue run rate)

Nirmal Kumar Rajachandran (Nirmal), Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder-
A 15 year veteran in designing healthcare business solutions using a BPO – Technology blend, Nirmal has crafted intricate engagements involving highly complex business processes, factoring in long term customer interests. He possesses rich experience in solution design & implementation for multi software, multi-specialty environment. The most advanced knowledge transfer processes in the RCM industry set by him is still a template for best practices and adopted by many companies. He has managed large marquee relationships successfully.

“Quintessence is about measurable results. We are Quality, Quick & Quantum benefits”