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Raising the Bar: SōKO Cannabis Creations, Termed as “Gucci of Cannabis”, Shoves the Boundaries of Cannabis and Hemp Industries


“I was turned off by going to the same cannabis events with the same people and the same guests. So, I started the SōKO Cannabis Ball.”

Taking cannabis to the next level has been not only necessary for the movement of legalization but also gives the perception of something that has once been demonized; a chance to be financially successful and approachable by consumers. Creating a luxury brand solves many of these problems and opens doors for many new opportunities.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present SōKO Cannabis Creations.

SōKO Cannabis is reinventing the cannabis industry. It was born out of a unique collaboration between artists, fashion, and cannabis experts. The company represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship and unsurpassed for quality and attention to detail, further reinforcing SōKO’s position as one of the world’s most desirable cannabis brands.

The company strives not only to provide a wide range of luxury THC and CBD products but also to educate about cannabis and the benefits of CBD.

Moreover, SōKO Cannabis implements environmentally sustainable practices in manufacturing as well as daily operations. Its products are always made using organic, non-GMO ingredients, and sourced using high quality, sustainable resources.

The company was incorporated in 2016 and is headquartered in San Diego, California.

David Soko, SōKO Cannabis Creations CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Q. What motivated you to reinvent the cannabis industry? And what made you venture into such a complex and equally unique business idea?

There have been many problems to solve when entering the cannabis industry such as lack of quality products, lack of accountability, and lack of luxury cannabis products. I wanted to give the cannabis industry a facelift by becoming the “Gucci of Cannabis”. There are so many negative connotations associated with cannabis, we recognized this as a problem and decided to be pioneers of change.

We are reinventing a wholly modern approach to the cannabis industry. We consider SōKO to be influential, innovative, and progressive.

Q. You already gave the cannabis industry a luxury makeover, what do you think is the next big thing in this industry?

The next big thing in the cannabis industry, at least for SōKO, will be designer clothing and products made purely from hemp. Since the SōKO Cannabis Ball features our hemp swimwear and ready-to-wear clothing, we have already discovered a need and want for these types of products.

CBD and THC infused culinary experiences are also the next big thing for us. We are launching a sparkling water line that will come in CBD only; allowing this to be distributed worldwide, as well as THC infused, which can be sold in cannabis-friendly states.

Honestly, I am very excited because there seems to be no limit to our creations and the desire for consumers to engage with these concepts. We employ a carbon capture technology for some of our products already, thus supporting the ‘Green Movement’ while inspiring other companies to do the same.

Q. Please talk about The SōKO Cannabis Ball.

When coming into the cannabis industry, especially as a fashion-forward company, we wanted to be different. I was turned off by going to the same cannabis events with the same people and the same guests. So, I started the SōKO Cannabis Ball.

Q. How do you bring the mainstream into cannabis without being offensive and intimidating?

By having an event that offers runway fashion, body art, culinary tastings, dance music, and an opportunity to put a tux and ball gown on. Thus, SōKO Cannabis Ball was born. So many people who have attended and have had amazing, memorable times had no idea that it was a “cannabis event”. This really helps people focus on being a luxury lifestyle brand.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the Cannabis Ball is the education it provides to guests. With the influx of interest in CBD and cannabis products in the United States right now, SōKO is giving other companies a platform to share the benefits of the much-maligned natural product. The Cannabis Ball was partly created for the social responsibility we as a company offer to our customers and beyond.

The SōKO Cannabis Ball at some point will reach the popularity and production as the ‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and much further.

Q. What and how was your professional life before establishing SōKO?

Prior to entering into cannabis, I started Florida Fashion Week in Naples and Miami. This was a great experience working in event production and fashion. Lots of detail and precise planning has really helped with SōKO as well as creating a fashionable vibe around our brand. It’s also very helpful when we produce the SōKO Cannabis Ball, considering delivery of an event is crucial to the public perception of your company.

Q. Your company’s profile is proof that you are ‘one of a kind entrepreneur’. Just a question out of curiosity, if not the cannabis industry, what else do you want to venture into?

What a great question and hard one to respond to as well. Clearly, it’s difficult to look past all the progress we are making right now, however, I do have ideas and aspirations for clean energy, quantum computing and even hospitality, such as cannabis bed and breakfast retreats in the Pacific Northwest where most of our product are grown. Right now my focus is on SōKO and brand expansion.

Q. What are your future plans for the growth of SōKO Cannabis Creations?

Things have been moving fast for us and it has been very difficult to finance all these projects; however, we have been very successful up to this point and will continue to move forward.

We just launched our SōKO CBD line in Ireland, Scotland, and England, so continuing the brand’s vision, not just in the US but also internationally, is our focus in the coming years from now.

We are also starting to produce the SōKO Cannabis Ball in Miami and Las Vegas and will host in New York City sometime in the next year or so, thus moving our branding and company image to the rest of the U.S. Our goal is to have our cannabis brand in all 50 states by the time it becomes federally legal, which in my opinion will only be a few years away if not sooner.

Currently, our brand is being sold in more than 400 retail locations across the U.S. and rapidly expanding! I can’t tell you enough how exciting it has all become and how fortunate I am to work with my talented team bringing this all to fruition. Partnering with the right people to advance our vision is vital to the success and the delivery of our product to the public

David Soko: A Charismatic Entrepreneur

David Soko is the founder of SōKO Cannabis Creations. He’s a visionary with ingenious creative passions leading the way in the event production and entertainment industry. Mr. Soko is driven and determined to accomplish monumental goals and being the best of the best. As a young CEO of two companies across the US, staying organized, passionate, and creative are just a few major objectives on a day-to-day routine, Mr. Soko focuses on.

“There are so many negative connotations associated with cannabis, we recognized this as a problem and decided to be pioneers of change.”