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October Monthly Special 2021

Ramp – Enhancing Enterprise Video Quality with Complete Flexibility and Flawless Video Experience


Video uses a lot of bandwidth, and the higher the quality or the more interactive it is, i.e. augmented reality and 360° video, the more bandwidth it consumes. But most corporate networks aren’t sized to handle hundreds or thousands of video streams at once. Streaming video can wreak havoc on your corporate network. Without an eCDN, every single viewer requests the video from the content source—oftentimes in the cloud—which can overload the firewall and slow the network.

Ramp started with the goal to help companies stream the highest quality video with the lowest bandwidth requirements. Now, the company continues to expand its solution capabilities and help organizations around the world to deliver flawless live video and VOD securely to any location across the corporate network. It is eliminating bandwidth constraints so every organization—regardless of size—can tap into the power of streaming video for business communications.

Delivering Groundbreaking Video Experience Products through eCDN

Ramp Multicast: A next-generation multicast solution for distributing high-quality, stable video on corporate networks. Multicast takes advantage of the multicast protocol to send a single video stream to everyone in your audience without any more bandwidth than is needed for one viewer. Ramp Multicast is deployed 100 percent behind the firewall. Video is encrypted while in motion and at rest. Ramp Multicast resolves network congestion by simultaneously delivering a single video stream to hundreds or thousands of viewers. It delivers the content faster, more reliably and with less bandwidth for an exceptional QoE. Designed to optimize video deliver from virtually any streaming platform you use. Ramp Multicast supports any encoder that outputs HLS, DASH, or RTP over HTTP(S).

Ramp Omnicache: An intelligent video caching solution for live video and VOD. Drastically reduce network traffic for uninterrupted, high-quality video —anytime, anywhere any device. Omnicache provides automatic local caching of video content for multiple users. Every time a user requests a video stream, the local cache is checked before the request is sent to the origin source on the WAN or in the cloud. This means traffic is reduced by bringing the video closer to its viewers. This software-defined networking solution deploys on existing infrastructure, both hardware servers and virtual environments. Ramp Omnicache does not require any plugins or client software, which drastically minimizes the effort needed to deploy and maintain.

Ramp P2P: It is easily scalable WebRTC-based software for enterprise video streaming and collaboration. Ramp’s Peer-to-Peer (P2P) solution does not require any installation or complex configuration on the client side. With just a single line of code you can deliver higher quality, scalable live video with minimum bandwidth requirements. It is fully compliant with GDPR and DRM regulations, along with end-to-end encryption. Ramp P2P is also mDNS compatible, and only requires a single change instead of installing third-party software on every end device. This ensures no additional risks to the network or end user devices.

Leadership | Ramp

Anthony D’Amore is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Ramp. He is known for his unwavering commitment to grow revenue and build winning teams, has more than 25 years of diverse experience in operations and finance. By tapping into the potential of every department in an organization—whether a small start-up or large established corporation—he has successfully increased revenue, streamlined processes, managed expenses, and led successful mergers and acquisitions. Prior to joining Ramp, Anthony held leadership roles at Digitas North America, Advanced Media, Arnold Worldwide and JAZD Markets, where he led the pre-revenue start up to a successful acquisition. Anthony holds both a B.S. in Accounting and an MBA from Suffolk University.

Neal Stanton is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Ramp. Over his 25-year career, Neal has held numerous leadership roles at technology companies, including Bradford Networks, Seismic and CafeX. He is known for building high-performance teams who consistently meet or exceed growth targets and deliver a superior customer experience. As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Consultedge, he was responsible for all aspects of strategy, operations and execution, leading to the company’s rapid growth and ultimate acquisition. Neal’s entrepreneurial spirit has gained him notable recognition, including NJBIZ’s Forty Under 40 award and as a finalist in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Neal has a B.A. in Business Management from Rutgers University.

“Our enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) solutions drastically reduce the bandwidth needed to stream uninterrupted, high-quality video on corporate networks.”