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September Edition 2022

Tailor-made legal solutions resolving IRS problems effectively: Randolph Law Firm


Often encounters with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be unpleasant due to the overwhelming procedures and legal complexities. In such situations a seasoned, tax law expert can help navigate confusing tax laws with ease. Randolph Law Firm is one such firm which has helped many with their skill and expertise in IRS debt. Randolph Law Firm has resolved and discharged over $500 million in IRS debt.  The firm is Nevada’s only law firm that utilizes all of the legal options to find a full resolution to your IRS debt. With the sophistication of a large firm and the attention of a boutique firm, the client is never a number at Randolph Law Firm. The firm strives to reduce the stress and give clients the hope of a debt-free day from the IRS and other creditors. With former IRS employees on staff, Randolph Law Firm knows every option available to get you the relief you need, regardless of your income.

IRS Tax Problems

Many Las Vegas consumers and business owners are in debt to the Internal Revenue Service. This is often due to personal income loss, plunging business revenues, payroll tax underpayment, retirement account withdrawals and other issues associated with the difficult economic climate. If an individual owes the IRS money that one  can’t afford to pay, the person may be receiving threatening letters, or also experiencing financial hardship because of wage garnishments or bank levies. One needs to know that solutions to these problems are available, no matter how bad your situation seems. Randolph Law Firm; has helped many people get a handle on worrisome tax debt and get their lives back to normal. The firm will take the time to meet with the client in person, analyze their finances and develop a strategy designed to improve the client’s situation more quickly than you may think. Many people see the IRS as a powerful tyrant that cannot be negotiated with. In reality, the IRS is often willing to make favorable arrangements that settle tax debts, sometimes for much less than what is owed. A skilled lawyer can help you secure such arrangements if you qualify. Randolph Law Firm can help one explore potential solutions, which can include special payment plans and strategic bankruptcy filings.

Removing IRS Liens and Levies

As one may have discovered, the Internal Revenue Service can be very aggressive in its attempts to collect on tax debt, whether it is related to personal or business income. The IRS can legally go into a taxpayer’s bank account and take wages to satisfy the debt this is known as levying an account and it can garnish a significant portion of a taxpayer’s income without suing that taxpayer. Such collection methods can make life miserable for people who may already be struggling to meet their financial obligations. The IRS can also put liens on and seize personal property. If a lien, which is essentially a public notice, is placed on one’s house, for example, the person will be unable to sell it until the lien is removed, and their credit may be impacted adversely. In such cases, the help of a skilled tax lawyer becomes essential. If their bank account is being levied by the IRS, or if a lien has been placed on their property, Randolph Law Firm can put a stop to it through legal intervention with the IRS. Tax attorney Taylor Randolph has helped many people get their financial lives back on track by working with the agency on their behalf and reaching agreements that stop levies and other intrusive measures.

IRS Audits

If one owes federal taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, they may be dealing with the unpleasant experience of being audited, or may be afraid of this challenging process if they recently received an audit letter. Whether their tax troubles stem from personal income loss, loss of business revenues, payroll tax underpayment, retirement account withdrawals or other problems, it may be time to consult an experienced tax lawyer.  Randolph Law Firm knows how to deal decisively with these issues, and can help you resolve them before the problem gets out of hand. As you may know by now, the IRS can be very aggressive in its auditing and collection methods. If one owes personal income or business taxes, the IRS can garnish a substantial amount of your paycheck, levy your bank accounts, put liens on one’s property or even shut down their company. If someone feels overpowered by collection or audit tactics, Randolph Law Firm can represent their interests, dealing directly with the IRS on their behalf.

Meet the leader behind the success of Randolph Law Firm

Taylor L. Randolph, the Founder of Randolph Law Firm, P.C., a full-service law firm. Mr. Randolph is licensed in all Nevada courts and practices in many areas of law, with a focus on Bankruptcy, IRS Representation, Loan Modifications, Estate Planning, and Corporate Law. Mr. Randolph received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance from Brigham Young University. He attended University of Denver, Sturm College of Law. Additionally, Mr. Randolph pursued and received his post J.D. degree, a Masters in Legal Taxation (LL.M.). Mr. Randolph excels in the representation of individuals and businesses in legal and financial matters.

“We believe that every person has the right to a fair IRS resolution, and we treat your case like it’s our case. At Randolph Law Firm, you are what we value most. “