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30 Best CEOs of the Year 2023

Enabling businesses to have increased engagement through innovative digital marketing techniques: Rank Harvest SEO


A robust digital marketing strategy helps you reach a larger audience more quickly and efficiently than traditional marketing methods. It enables businesses to reach a wider audience and target the prospects who are most likely to buy your product or service. Globally, there are various companies providing excellent digital marketing services, among them Rank Harvest SEO stands out. Rank Harvest SEO is a digital marketing agency located in San Diego, California, specializing in SEO or search engine optimization. A few years ago, hiring someone in-house could handle a company’s SEO needs. Today, SEO requires a team of specialists from developers to content writers. It brings a team of experts to work on each of its customers’ accounts for less than the cost of them hiring someone internally. 

Rank Harvest SEO focuses on SEO because it offers the greatest and fastest return on its customer’s investment compared to other types of digital marketing. The company offers premium search engine optimization services to local and national businesses in competitive markets, difficult niche ranking challenges, product launches and repairing damaged SEO.

In conversation with the Michael Chagala, CEO of Rank Harvest SEO

Q. What was the motivation behind starting Rank Harvest SEO?

My initial motivation for founding Rank Harvest SEO was personal. I had spent a career in the corporate world; it served me well in the sense of benefits and a steady paycheck, but long hours away from my family was not the lifestyle I wanted. So, I quit my job and started a digital marketing agency. With my first goal achieved, my current motivation is the enjoyment of watching our customers grows due to our hard work. I also love watching Rank Harvest employees develop new skills and careers. I do my best to create a flexible work environment, so our team members don’t have to make the same difficult work/life decisions I faced during my early career years.

Q. What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful CEO?

The term CEO is thrown around a lot. TV and movies have put a stereotypical idea into people’s heads about what being a CEO looks like. Yes, some CEOs do fly around in private jets, speak at fancy conferences, and close million-dollar deals with a handshake. But for most companies, the CEO is in the daily grind like everyone else. They’re doing their best making good decisions and keeping things moving forward.

The top three skills I believe successful CEOs need are:

Forecaster: CEOs have the daunting task of accurately predicting the future as if the company’s life depends on it because it does. Sometimes data makes the path forward clear. Other times big decisions must be made on intuition.

Motivational: This does not mean inspirational speeches; a CEO can be wholly unseen and still do an excellent job shaping company culture in a way that keeps employees feeling fulfilled and motivated to be their best.

Sociopathic: At least just a little sociopathic. Take layoffs, for example; a CEO needs to be able to sleep at night after laying off an entire department, knowing their decision could lead to people losing homes or going bankrupt. Unfortunately, these are often the same people they had lunch with yesterday or their kids go to the same school.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We will soon launch a powerful suite of CBD and cannabis SEO offerings. We didn’t intend to specialize in this niche, but after at least 50 clients in the industry, we know how to do it successfully. CBD and cannabis companies are blocked from many digital advertising platforms and rely nearly 100% on organic traffic. It’s a relatively new space, so SEO is not yet crowded or difficult. CBD/cannabis companies who start their SEO now will already be at the top of search results when the market is flooded in the coming years when the industry is legalized at the federal level.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

We are taking a huge risk in metaverse SEO and marketing. Contrary to what Facebook will have you believe; they do not own the metaverse. There are many metaverses, and most operate independently of any corporate control. Nobody in the metaverse worlds wanted or needed Facebook to get involved, and when they did and failed, it set the industry back and delayed mass adoption by several years. In the meantime, Rank Harvest is buying virtual real estate and developing strategies to help brands build a presence and get in front of these millions of active users. Someday we’ll all be walking around virtual worlds with VR headsets doing many things, including shopping.

Meet the Leader behind the success of Rank Harvest SEO

Michael Chagala, CEO of Rank Harvest SEO In his own words-

“Over the last three years, being a ‘behind the scenes’ CEO, like Oz, I am now beginning to see the importance of stepping up and out into the business community as a thought-leader. Not only for my personal growth but for Rank Harvest and its employees. I was recently invited to become an Official Member of the Forbes Agency Council. In this position, I contribute comments and articles for Forbes Business publications. And finally, I want to share – that life is short, take risks. Don’t trade happiness for safety, as safety is only an illusion. If nothing else, making changes in your life teaches you to improvise and builds confidence. So go ahead, pull the rug right out from underneath yourself and watch in amazement as you adapt and thrive.”

“We offer premium search engine optimization services to local and national businesses in competitive markets, difficult niche ranking challenges, product launches and repairing damaged SEO.”