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This Small Yet Mighty Marketing Firm Punches Above Its Weight


Be it a big multi-million-dollar enterprise, or a small startup, almost all businesses run on one fuel: Leads. Having a good lead generation strategy is essential for your business to survive. Having a great strategy, however, is essential for success.

Over the last few years, the world of Martech (marketing technology) has quickly consolidated into a few large corporations with workforces in the hundreds, there’s a small yet mighty firm that is able to not only compete but thrive on this level - Rapid Response Marketing (RRM). RRM has operated as a frontrunner in lead generation and affiliate marketing for 20 years, hitting the ‘Inc. 5000 List’ two years running. The company, comprised of diverse entrepreneurs, excels in identifying early-market trends and using innovative strategies to capitalize on them. Each associate brings over a decade of unique expertise in performance-based marketing – from media buying to promotions, from PR to viral marketing and ad-tech – all based on performance marketing to drive sales goals for their customers.

Digital Media Buys, Built for Scale

RRM’s entire infrastructure has been-finely tuned to the needs and scale of their clients, who range from large Fortune 500 insurance clients with robust pre-existing marketing strategies, to small start-ups that require bootstrap, custom marketing solutions. AI is essential in the Martech industry, of course, but RRM is able to achieve these results through a combination of AI and bold experience – capitalizing on their best ip: brilliant marketing minds. They have the ability to turn around clients’ full marketing plans within 48 hours, including high-converting web pages and launch ads. They leverage “hacks” across all media platforms – online and off – to achieve performance results.

Online Lead Generation: From landing page creation to media placement RRM’s team creates fully-managed campaigns – researches the competition, the cost per sale or cost per lead goals, the lifetime value expectations, the demographic and behavioral targets, then builds the ads, banners, and other creatives. RRM creates the text and display ads, keyword lists etc. It tests multiple sets of different creatives, optimizes the ones that work and eliminates the ones that don’t, measures front-end sales and monitors lifetime sales, then scales and repeats. RRM uses technology to monitor competitors’ marketing efforts in real-time and in detail from keywords, to ads, to spending, and looks at their competitive offers in order for the client to stand out from the herd and sand steps ahead in their given market.

Offline Antics: RRM’s buying power and existing network relationships allow it to quickly and cost-effectively launch new campaign tests, limiting clients’ risk. RRM in most cases has reduced its clients’ acquisition costs on existing campaigns within a 4-week period. RRM’s proprietary unwired remnant network can offset existing cash media buys cost.

Affiliate Management

Affiliate Recruitment & Offer Promotion: RRM has been at the forefront of affiliate recruitment and management since the early 2000’s. RRM helps clients connect to the ideal traffic sources for their specific product or service and gives them detailed tracking and attribution and complete transparency on pricing. With access to over 10,000 affiliates worldwide.

Affiliate payment solutions: RRM has the tools to handle 1000’s of affiliate payments on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly frequency, with the ability to extend terms to clients, allowing partnerships the flexibility to deal with thousands of vendors with one point of contact. They not only manage payments, but compliance - which is constantly changing in this industry. RRM’s success is evidenced by their roster of brand clientele and an ‘A+’ rating from the Better Business Bureau – no small feat for a company that’s been around for two decades!

Right Pricing Campaigns: Not all traffic is the same. RRM understands that the affiliate marketplace is fragmented and confusing. They price the client’s product or service based on each affiliate and their traffic source.

Consulting: RRM has dedicated significant resources to securing trusted and exclusive partnerships with thousands of publishers in digital media. Drawing on its reputation in the industry of 20 years, it’s easy for RRM to turn to its partners with new client opportunities as they arise. They offer full scale marketing and media strategies, operations/systems/technologies evaluations and turnkey publisher management solutions on a consulting basis depending on a client’s business goals.

Old Agency Model with a New Twist

RRM’s team of professionals knows how to scale a campaign effectively and safely, understanding the nuances of extensive industry regulations and compliance concerns. RRM has the ability to build a client’s brands or send traffic through RRM’s owned and operated lead-gen sites. The systems in place are bult for agility as RRM buys its own media, does its own creative, measures its own results, and scales programs in-house, and partners with affiliates when more scale or specific expertise is needed.

Wizard behind the success of Rapid Response Marketing

Kevin De Vincenzi, CEO of Rapid Response Marketing, has been a leader in the pay-per-performance internet marketing industry for years.  He is a marketing consultant and strategist as well as CEO of other companies rolled up under the RRM umbrella including Xy7Elite and Elite-Calls. He has been in Internet marketing since 1996 and he has seen and monopolized of most of the trends out there. Kevin always looks for new partnerships. He specializes in internet lead generation strategies. Kevin also runs a weekly industry podcast called “Internet Traffic Kings.”

“Rapid Response Marketing is truly a one-stop shop just like it used to be, with a team that has seen it all and is always learning more.” – Kevin De Vincenzi, CEO of RRM