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The world's largest API Hub where millions of developers find and connect to tens of thousands of APIs: RapidAPI


It all began at a hackathon in 2015. RapidAPI was made by developers for developers so they could have one place to access APIs and Microservices and build applications more efficiently and easily. Today, RapidAPI is the world’s largest API Hub where almost 3 million developers can find, test, and connect to tens of thousands of APIs — all with a single account, single API key, and single SDK. Software developers can also share and collaborate on internal APIs using RapidAPI for Teams, a common workspace to publish internal APIs and share public API subscriptions. In turn, organizations can use RapidAPI Enterprise to create a centralized hub environment to help developers reuse and connect to existing APIs faster while providing IT with enterprise-wide visibility and governance of API consumption.

The World’s Largest API Hub

There are thousands of APIs out there that do things like store files, enrich data, and send messages. Because each API has its own structure, data format, and networking protocols, finding and connecting to the right one can be difficult and time-consuming. RapidAPI is the world’s largest API hub with over 4 million developers accessing more than 40,000 APIs. Sign up for a free account and discover the APIs that work best for your project or application. With RapidAPI Hub you can use RapidAPI Studio for a simplified user experience across the development lifecycle, establish one location for all your APIs and avoid having to search multiple sites, choose APIs by reviewing the popularity score, average latency, and average success rate directly in the search results, and browse APIs by category, collection, or type by using the dropdown menu, search bar, or RapidAPI’s collections (a grouping of APIs based on similar or complementary functionality

RapidAPI makes it easy to connect to REST, SOAP, GraphQL, or Asynchronous APIs.  You can test API requests from your browser and gather information about each API using the endpoints page to view a list of endpoints, documentation, and a code snippet to help you implement the code into your app. APIs simplify how developers integrate application components into an existing architecture, making it easier to build applications and microservices more rapidly. RapidAPI provides the world’s largest hub for APIs, enabling developers to find, test, and connect to thousands of APIs — all with a single account, API key, and SDK. Millions of developers use RapidAPI to access more than 30,000 APIs. Developers can also use RapidAPI to find the APIs needed for a project, embed the API into the app, and track usage of all their APIs through a single dashboard. Developers can create an API and use RapidAPI to make it available to developers already using the API hub.

Using RapidAPI, you can consume any API using a unified format that is easy to understand and embed in your app. Gather information about each API using the endpoints page to view a list of endpoints, documentation, and a code snippet to help you implement the code into your app. View API documentation individual endpoints, the parameters for each endpoint, and the response data to quickly understand how the API works. Subscribe to API plans to start using it. Manage all your API subscriptions and payments through RapidAPI. Utilize a single key in RapidAPI for all your APIs.

Collaborate on APIs

As companies transition to using microservices in their architectures, more APIs are created across the organization. Consequently, it becomes more challenging for developers to find these internal APIs and reuse them when they are developing new software. For developers that subscribe to external APIs, they need a collaborative solution for sharing them internally. RapidAPI for Teams enables you to publish, share, and connect to internal APIs, as well as external APIs, and microservices. With RapidAPI for Teams, developers can create an organization and invite others to share internal and external APIs from a private workspace. RapidAPI enables a team of developers to publish, share and connect to internal APIs. Using RapidAPI for teams, developers can search for and discover APIs using powerful search and filter. Additionally developers can:

  • Design API Documentation – use RapidAPI to design API documentation & share it internally
  • Test from Browser – view interactive API docs and test any endpoint from the browser to quickly understand how the API functions
  • Access SDK & Code Snippets – connect to APIs with automatically generated SDKs and code snippets in 20+ programing languages
  • Secure APIs With Sharing & Access Control – use RapidAPI to define which Teams have access to APIs, or approve access on a case-by-case basis
  • Open API – integrate RapidAPI into the development flow by uploading APIs with OpenAPI (Swagger) specs, and updating them from CI/CD flow
  • Unlimited APIs, Unlimited Teams – create an unlimited amount of APIs, API calls, and API Teams

APIs have become essential tools for building software and have proliferated across the enterprise. APIs play a crucial role in making enterprise systems and services more responsive and adaptable while enabling companies to monetize their data, cultivate partnerships, and unlock innovation. To take realize the full potential of APIs, organizations need a solution that will support different types of APIs (from REST to Kafka). The RapidAPI Enterprise Hub provides a customizable API platform for finding, connecting to, publishing, and managing your APIs. The RapidAPI hub integrates seamlessly with internal systems, supports all of your APIs, works with multiple different gateways, and can be deployed across multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Meet the leader behind the success of RapidAPI

Iddo Gino, CEO of RapidAPI was a Part of Forbes 30 Under 30 list, he's a 2017 Thiel Fellow. Previously, he was a Co-organizer of Hacking Gen Y. Iddo has been programming since he was a kid and continues to contribute to open-source projects.

“RapidAPI’s Enterprise Hub can be customized to match your company’s brand, integrates seamlessly with internal systems and tooling, supports all of your APIs, and can be deployed as a cloud-based service, on premises, and across multi-cloud environments”