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Redapt, Inc. – From bare metal to cloud and beyond, driving innovation by developing world-class technology solutions


Redapt, Inc. is an end-to-end technology solutions provider bringing clarity to a dynamic technical environment. The company and its people will help you navigate through challenges and obstacles to accelerate growth. Its expertise spans from datacenter infrastructure to cloud implementations, and bring the knowledge and industry experience in all practice areas. For every engagement, it starts by learning about your initiatives and requirements to gain better insight and understanding. Then Redapt build a plan together. Constant change means your business must learn to leverage emerging technologies to maintain your competitive advantage or let your competition win. Redapt is the trusted partner your business needs.

Factors that make Redapt unique

Serve, Not Sell: Serving others means the company prioritizes others before them to create successful outcomes for the organizations and individuals they partner with. This simple principle is the foundation upon which Redapt builds long-standing relationships based on mutual trust.

Entrepreneurial Mindset: They challenge the status quo and apply an entrepreneurial mindset to deliver outcomes that delight their customers.

Kindness: Redapt practices kindness in interacting with each other, their clients, partners, and community. They believe they can make a positive difference in the world, and practicing kindness helps them succeed in supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organization.

Relationships Matter: At Redapt, they build trusted relationships through their investment in mutual success. They solve complex challenges together and count each client's victory as their own.

Ownership: They take ownership of producing the outcomes that their clients depend on them to deliver. At Redapt, everyone leads.

Teamwork: They work as a team across the organization, with the clients and partners. No silos. No egos. Just results.

Leveraging solutions to better prepare you for the future

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are revolutionizing business. If you don’t start adopting them today, you may get left behind tomorrow. Integrating AI and ML into your business means you're creating an enterprise infrastructure that can power them. By taking this step now, you’ll be better positioned to unlock new opportunities, make smarter decisions, and stay in front of the competition. Successfully adopt artificial intelligence to unlock insights, discover new revenue streams, and make smarter decisions through Redapt. Successfully adopt AI/ML capabilities in the cloud or on-premises with ready-to-use solutions tailored for advanced analytics workloads. Get assistance to streamline designing, building, and deploying AI/ML Models. Run sophisticated AI/ML models to reveal new opportunities, locate efficiencies, and encourage innovation. Utilize AI tools like chatbots and speech recognition to provide faster service to your customers. AI and ML are here to stay. Companies across all industries are using the technologies to make better predictions about customer behavior, create new products, prevent fraudulent transactions, automate repetitive tasks, and automate chatbot functionality.  Accelerate your business with AI and ML solutions—and the right infrastructure and talent to support them.

Application Modernization and Development: When it comes to code development, the old methods are obsolete. Now more than ever, you need to increase innovation to compete in a changing world. Building better code means changing the way you develop and deploy software applications to be more agile and efficient. You need to keep up with and even outpace disruptive startups competing for market share, yet you also need to be able to scale quickly to meet the demands of your global client base. When Redapt works together to modernize your applications, they’ll look at your current goals and workloads and deliver a strategic roadmap to help guide your code development practice. No more static applications. No more outdated development. Just a path to better code—and improved innovation—for your organization. The company offers flexible engagement models that range from providing turn-key app development teams to filling your talent gaps , which will enable you to move forward with confidence in knowing your applications will be built with modern, scalable, and modular designs to grow and evolve as your business changes.

Enterprise Cloud Adoption: Rising above the competition means delivering products and services faster, and at lower cost, all while meeting customers' organizational goals. Modern cloud technology makes it all possible. By partnering with Redapt, you can implement a cloud solution adoption plan that not only accelerates your ability to deploy new technologies but also increases your competitive advantage and unlocks cost savings along the way. Whether your enterprise cloud adoption means migrating to the cloud fully or in a hybrid or multi-cloud capacity, they’ll help you assess, engineer, and implement your solution. This type of strategic plan goes a long way in keeping your costs managed and your cloud adoption projects on track. Begin your adoption process with your end goals in mind. Work with Redapt's team to develop a strategy and roadmap to guide your cloud transformation. A well-defined strategy influences your selection of technology partners. They provide unbiased partner recommendations based on your goals and priorities.

Enterprise DevOps Solutions: Getting your IT operations and code developers to work together harmoniously is a requirement for keeping your development pipeline moving smoothly. DevOps culture, tools, and processes can help you do just this—align the goals and processes of the IT team to adopt a new mindset that radiates throughout your organization. They can help you devise a DevOps strategy that not only leads to better collaboration and quicker product releases but that also drives innovation, speed, and agility throughout your company.

Rick Cantu | Co-Founder & CEO

As CEO and co-founder of Redapt, Rick is a key contributor to Redapt's vision, business strategy, product development, marketing approach, and global operations.

"As technologists, we believe relationships matter most. We build trusting and transparent relationships with our clients to ensure and deliver the results they depend on."