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Redefining Social Media: RightsLedger is the platform content creators truly deserve


Content creation is basically contributing information to any media and particularly to digital media for audience in specific context. Content is self-expression through various medium of art and writing. Some of the basic forms of content creation are blogging, article writing, photography, online commentary, videography, and maintaining social media accounts. In simple terms content creation is people’s contribution to online world. Content creation as an activity is a niche that requires creativity and organization. To be a professional content creator one must be analytical, disciplined, associative, and diverse. Once you understand what you need to become a successful content creator, then you will be able to identify a success path that you can use for your advantage. Internet itself is a massive catalogue of content and one of the striking feature of content is businesses and brands have found the ROI that can be used as a strategy.

Monetizing content is a practice of making money through existing content on your app, website or anything in between. There are various techniques and strategy to achieve this and it also includes affiliate marketing, commerce related content, native advertising, and display advertising. Before you can think of monetizing the content, first thing that you must focus on is the quality of your content. However, there are no rules and restriction around when are set to monetize. It depends on your publisher. RightsLedger is the universal platform for amateur and professional digital content creators to authenticate, manage, and monetize content, using blockchain technology. The RightsLedger global content rights management and monetization platform includes registration, ownership tracking and digital fingerprinting applications, plus a payment portal. The company was incorporated in 2016 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. RightsLedger is focused on building a decentralized IP ownership tracking and monetization universe. They are all set to disrupt the evolution of Rights Exploitation creating the first digital content share economy platform. The company provides the service which was once exclusive to professional artists and studios. On their platform users can upload their content and authenticate their ownership. Creators can track and monetize their work.

On the internet it is difficult to trace the ownership of a content and creators were easily exploited. RightsLedger was set up to provide a solution to various problems in the entertainment and digital media industry. In the content industry, the platforms tend to make huge amount of revenue from content whereas the creator will be left clueless. Piracy is inevitable and it takes away the value from the original creators. RightsLedger works tirelessly to create value for their consumers. Their existing solutions continuously evolve to create new value or address/adapt to a shifting market. They also look for new opportunities to improve their offerings because they feel that evolution is necessary in this fast-paced and ever changing entertainment landscape. Major OTT platforms usually take ownership of other people’s content and lack proper transparency. This has become a major problem for independent creators. RightsLedger’s Milio is the new source of income for content creators. This social media platform wants to give full credits to the creator where it is due and also wants to give the creators a chance to earn money from their intellectual property (IP). Simultaneously they also want to protect the users from online piracy. RightsLedger’s Founder and CEO Ray Young believes that due to online piracy, content creators are losing billions in revenue over the content they worked hard to produce. In Malaysia copyright protection has received substantial beating in recent years and their position was also hurt in global ranking. The score significantly dropped due to lack of protection for IP, patent protection, and copyright piracy. Mr. Young stated that online piracy and social media makes it easier for illegal sharing of other people’s work and this significantly devalues the original content because the creator handover their convenience rights to the OTT platforms for exposure.

Control and monetize content. Not the platforms.

The strategy used by RightsLedger is simple. They flipped the traditional rights management strategy used by their counterparts. They will house the content to make it easier for people to know who owns the content. The company is working to solve a morbid problem where the companies take advantage of the creators without paying for the production costs. “Fair pay for fair play” is the principle of RightsLedger. The company owns three subsidiaries that focus on different functions which are Milio Social, Milio Live, and Milio On-Demand. Milio Social is a social media platform that allows the users to promote their content. Milio Live is an OTT and Live Streaming platform. Finally Milio On-Demand is an online distribution where content owners can distribute their content to Milio users around the world for advertising revenue. Media can be uploaded in various forms on Milio and when users upload their content, it will automatically be posted in their two other sister platform to drive traffic. When the content is uploaded it will be automatically registered to their blockchain, which in turn authenticates ownership. The platform also makes use of smart contract to ensure quick delivery and payment. RightsLedger believes that when the creators are given a fairer income for their content, it will encourage people to respect other people’s content more.

Meet the man behind the success of RightsLedger

Ray Young, Founder & CEO of RightsLedger, is a serial entrepreneur who revolutionized physical video distribution around the world with WebConcepts in 1998. He is now leading the revolution of content registration and monetization by building a digital content share economy with RightsLedger

“Whether amateur or professional, our automated content registration and monetization tools will give you everything it takes to achieve success. Milio’nize your potential”