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Resecurity: Navigating the Modern Threat Landscape


Modern enterprises are faced with enormous pressure to safeguard consumer data, but finding the right solutions and defending personally identifiable information (PII) is challenging. Advanced persistent threats and state-sponsored cyber-crime are on the rise, and even the most experienced cybersecurity professional needs help with mitigation and remediation.

Resecurity offers enterprise businesses with effective solutions to find vulnerabilities, measure risk, monitor critical corporate assets, and set up end-to-end data protection across their environment.

In an interview with Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity, he helps corporations understand the importance of data security and how Resecurity can help navigate rough cybersecurity waters.

Q. To whom do you give credit for your business success, and why?

Our customers!

Resecurity’s customers include the leading high-profile businesses including the number one technology company in the US, the number one bank in the US, one of the largest oil and gas companies worldwide, and also international law enforcement agencies. Our customers typically have extremely mature teams who work with cyber-threat intelligence and risk management. They work with the most complex strategies required to eliminate and mitigate risks from state-sponsored threat actors, cyber-espionage, industrial espionage, and insider threats.

Working closely with industry-recognized professionals and practitioners helps Resecurity enhance its products to follow the vision and requirements of our customers and provide effective data protection in a constantly changing cyber-threat landscape. We are extremely thankful for the opportunity to work with all of our customers and provide them with services and solutions.

Q. Briefly explain your services.

Resecurity’s services and solutions include the following:

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)
  • Digital Risk Monitoring (DRM)
  • Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR)
  • Risk Management & Investigations

Q. What motivated you to reinvent enterprise security?

Resecurity is a data-driven company. It is impossible to manage cybersecurity in modern enterprises without having meaningful and actionable threat intelligence data, which is also an important part of our business. We help enterprises close the gap between what is happening on their network and the external threats targeting them. We also help corporations find where they lack visibility and provide a better view of the overall risks across their environment.

Using a proprietary risk analysis mechanism developed by the Resecurity’s HUNTER team, we evaluate identified threats and analyze risks that these threats potentially pose to help CISOs and CSOs prioritize cybersecurity issues that are important and may affect the business negatively – from brand, compliance, reputational, technological or financial perspective.

Q. Where do you think the modern enterprise security system is lacking, and how does Resecurity fill the void?

First and foremost, security is a process, and the human element is an important piece of this process often forgotten and overlooked. The platform must be mission-ready vs. learning how to useto get the benefit out of it. Second, too many point solutions that solve one problem or vector versus looking at how to simplify and integrate with business objectives.

Q. Modern cyber-attacks are equally automated. How do you help organizations fight fire with fire?

Modern cyber-attacks are sophisticated and typically executed by more and more advanced perpetrators by several global nation-states, cyber-espionage groups, or professional cybercriminals. We help businesses build proper controls and mechanisms minimizing the risk of a successful attack and the risk of a possible data breach.

Q. Perception and reality must coincide in the field of cybersecurity. How do you know if a data breach is probable?

Resecurity analyzes a broad number of indicators and performs verification checks of the targeted enterprise’s digital footprint in various sources including the Dark Web to provide our customers with a comprehensive risk posture. This analysis helps companies identify the probability of a data breach incident so that they can be proactive in mitigation. Moving away from “are we secure” to “are we being targeted”.

Q. Internal inefficiencies in an organization undermine security analytics and operations. Do you help your clients patch their internal operations?

We help our clients increase the security awareness of their employees as well as help them support CSOs and CISOs with additional resources and expertise. With a global dynamically changing threat landscape, it is crucial to have a trusted cybersecurity vendor who will have the right expertise to monitor both common and advanced threats and identify those that need immediate action and mitigation.

Q. The bigger the network, the bigger the issue. Do you think your services are ready to cater to the needs of never-ending digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a continuous process as enterprises continue to invest in business solutions that reduce time, resources, and money with changing customer behaviors. As enterprises must adopt modern capabilities and cloud-enabled services, the control of what used to be a data center changes in seconds versus hours. This also means that beyond shadow IT, the environment is organically growing, and oftentimes, this becomes a blind spot to CISOs. Our platforms are purpose-built, meaning for any size, any team - small or large - to have complete visibility of your digital footprint and mapping them back to actual threats. Simply, we can scale to your growth.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Resecurity is currently building a unified ecosystem of products and services intended to reimage and revolutionize enterprise cybersecurity. We have made great progress in 2019 on the research and development side of the business, and we have won recognition from all major players in critical areas of the US economy and internationally. Many of these major players have become our clients.

Gene Yoo: A Trusted Leader

Gene Yoo serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Resecurity. He has over 25 years of experience in cybersecurity and has worked for some of the world’s largest brand names such as Warner Bros., Sony, Computer Science Corporation, Coca-Cola Enterprise, Capgemini, and Symantec.

Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President and Head of Information Security for City National Bank.

He also served in an advisory role to Phantom (acquired by Splunk), Protectwise (acquired by Verizon), Elastica (acquired by Blue Coat), and Vorstack (acquired by ServiceNow).

“We help businesses build proper controls and mechanisms minimizing the risk of a successful attack and the risk of a possible data breach.”