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January Special Edition 2022

Revieve – Leading the Personalized Health, Beauty, and Wellness Commerce by Creating Consumer-Powered Experiences across All Device Touchpoints


Beauty is one of the most personal verticals of all of retail. In physical stores, the personal nature of beauty is evident in the important role the in-store beauty consultant plays in helping consumers discover, evaluate, try-on and ultimately purchase beauty products. This extremely personalization of the in-store beauty customer-experience can seem difficult to replicate across digital channels, where consumers are increasingly looking to be serviced to the same, if not better, degree as they currently are in stores. However with the advancements of modern technologies like computer-vision, AI and AR, providing an experience that's even more personalized than that of the in-store experience consumers receive through the in-store beauty consultant, is more than possible. In fact this level of personalization should be the driving force of a digital strategy for any beauty brand or retailer.

Revieve is one such market-leading beauty customer-experience personalization solution for beauty brands and retailers. It is the preferred provider to brands and retailers across five continents for delivering a digitally-driven, personalized brand-experience leveraging state-of-the-art AI/AR technology. Working with its partners, Revieve has transformed the customer-experience for skin care and color cosmetics through its proprietary technology, the Revieve Health-Beauty-Wellness Platform. With easy-to-use self-diagnostic modules that personalize search, product discovery and shopping experiences, the company’s digital beauty platform delivers consumers targeted products, services and treatments.

Encompassing all facets of the health, beauty and wellness industry, Revieve’s trusted powered-by modules include the AI Skincare Advisor, AI Makeup Advisor, AI Suncare Advisor and AI Nutrition Advisor. The company is built upon a culture of ambition, ownership, trust, and support; the team members adapt well to change and are eager to grow professionally, and proactively. They are building a strong, proactive, and diverse team of curious, professional, and creative minds who want to find purpose in their work and support one another in the process.

Revieve’s Platform: Helping brands and retailers accelerate business value

Revieve’s sophisticated enterprise platform helps brands and retailers accelerate business value by creating personalized interactive consumer experiences. Its proven, scalable, and secure technology enables you to do commerce across modules for all beauty verticals and across all brand touchpoints. Revieve’s platform is easy to use, so you can focus on what you do the best, not the back-end. Your customers won’t stand still. You can’t either. Leverage Revieve’s modules to build an ecosystem around skin, beauty, health, and wellness that fulfills your needs. The company works closely with world-class industry leaders to enable different physical and digital technologies to expand Revieve’s platform capabilities and flexibility. Its powerful integrations enable unique customer experiences to satisfy the most complex business needs. Provide consumers with highly personalized and superior customer experiences in an in-store environment and on online channels. The platform is compatible with all di Empower your beauty consultants by recommending unbiased and justified products and treatments. Guide your customers through the AI-powered experience to offer more in-depth assistance and high-level expertise.

Delivering Personalized Digital Brand Experiences Powered By State-of-the-Art AI/AR Platform

Skincare Advisor: Revieve's global leading AI Skincare Advisor helps you educate and support your customers in discovering skincare products, routines, and treatments tailored to their concerns and needs. Revieve’s market-leading skin diagnostics based on the consumer’s selfie are combined with user data and external factors to enable you to advice, educate, and guide your customers on their skincare journey. Boost conversion, retention, and average order value with automated and personalized skincare products, routines, and treatments. Revieve uses a unique approach that combines computer vision algorithms with statistical methods. The analysis measures more than 200+ sub-metrics and around 20 main metrics with evaluated accuracy and scientific backing that deliver powerful personalization. Revieve’s product recommendations are based on a highly advanced and automated algorithm that matches the selfie skin diagnostics and user data results to its partner’s product inventory. Revieve’s AI algorithms replace any manual pre-defined rules, delivering best-in-class product recommendations for your customers. Revieve’s AI Skincare Advisor enables retailers and brands to personalize consumer search, evaluation, and purchasing experiences – both in-store and online. The Skincare Advisor is accessible via desktop, tablets, mobile and additional in-store hardware in any browser or operating system - also easily deployed across e-commerce, mobile apps, voice shopping, Facebook Messenger, or WeChat.

AI-powered Product Recommendations: It is the most flexible and configurable recommendation solution for beauty in the market. Revieve’s product recommendations are based on a highly advanced and automated algorithm that matches the results of the selfie skin diagnostics and user data to its partner’s product inventory. Revieve’s AI-algorithms replace pre-defined rules, delivering world-class product recommendations for your customers. Easy-to-follow, fully optimized skincare routines consisting of only the best matching products increases conversion rates and basket sizes. Enable further personalization with additional filters, such as price group or ingredients. Show campaigns and promotions related to recommended products to boost your sales.

AI Makeup Advisor: The market-leading digital makeup experience for brands and retailers. Provide an experience so personal and meaningful that it makes your customers feel exclusive for every product they purchase, with a sense that the product is just made for them. Interaction with your customers should be effortless and deliver two-way value. Revieve’s AI Makeup Advisor enables you to boost your brand affinity by learning who your customers are and connecting with them on a much more personal level. Today’s savvy consumers demand immersive experiences to stay loyal to your brand. AI Makeup Advisor allows you to engage more authentically by providing value beyond your products with personalized and dynamic makeup education and guidance. Unlock unparalleled first-party consumer data to gain intelligence on how your customers interact with your brand across all touchpoints. Prevent journey abandonment by tracking, optimizing, and anticipating your customers’ next steps.

Skin Coach: It is your customers’ personal guide on their journey to having better skin. Create more meaningful customer engagement, personalize your brand experience and accelerate post-purchase retention. It helps to collect powerful data and insights from your customers, including their concerns, goals, and demographic information. Stay up-to-date with ever-changing consumer expectations and beauty trends in the market; and creates new beauty initiatives that match your consumers’ desires while providing a one-of-a-kind tailored service. Your customers can seamlessly access Skin Coach after they have interacted with your brand, products, or services. Recommend additional products in their routines and enable purchasing directly from the solution. Build stronger, long-lasting, and higher-value customer relationships in the most personalized way possible.

The Visionary Leader at the Helm of Revieve

Sampo Parkkinen is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Revieve. He and his company are partnering with world-leading beauty brands and retailers to transform the brand-experience for skin, health, beauty and wellness.

“We are helping brands and retailers transform the customer-experience for skin, beauty, health and wellness with Revieve using AI, AR, and Computer-Vision.”