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Revolutionizing Education through Artificial Intelligence: Find Solution AI Limited

thesiliconreview-ms-viola-lam-ceo-find-solution-ai-limited-18Quality education is one of the most important assets that a country can have. By investing in the education sector, a nation not only invests in better institutions but also in its own future. It goes without saying that a sound education system churns out the next generation of leaders and business stalwarts, all of whom can usher in the future. While most experts advocate quality education in colleges, one company is trying to revolutionize education by targeting the institutions at the grassroots.

Find Solution AI Limited is a company based in Hong Kong that specializes in education using artificial intelligence and big data analysis. By gathering data on students’ performance over a period of time and applying analysis techniques, teachers are able to better understand the needs of each student based on their performance over a given period.

The Inspiration to Improve Education

The company was founded by the Viola Lam, who has extensive experience in education. She started an education center in 2011 and after experiencing rapid growth, she realized that there was a need to find a better way to keep the teachers and students aligned and maintain the quality of education at the same time. Additionally, Ms. Lam has a son who was diagnosed with a moderate form of autism and it was not easy to communicate with him. It was these reasons that prompted her to embark on a quest to find a better means of imparting quality education.

Ms. Lam went on to develop software called 4 Little Trees (4LT) that analyses people’s facial expressions and reactions using AI and big data. Such an approach facilitates a faster learning process and has already proven to be beneficial to teachers as well as students with special need.

The app called 4LT was launched in 2017 and contains nearly 100,000 preloaded mathematical questions and materials for students to learn math during or after a class. A hidden advantage of this method of pedagogy was that the teachers and learners could assess their own understanding, learning curve, and requirements to gradually improve their learning capacity and develop self-confidence. It instills a feeling of confidence in the parents of students. Interestingly, 4 Little Trees is not only useful for students and teachers but also incorporate firms and institutes of higher education.

At a time when technology is changing the way we live, work and socialize, education is one of the sectors that has seen little to no adoption of modern methods. With the growing population and increasing prices, technology has stepped up to meet the challenges and help us to come up with a solution. It is agreed by most education experts that one of the major things missing in today’s schools is feedback and assessment of teachers. Firms like Find Solutions AI Limited have set an example for others to follow by showing that advanced technology can indeed be useful in the education industry at all levels.

The team at Find Solutions understands the demand of AI market and strives to solve many real-world challenges by providing adaptive and highly personalized learning experiences. Four unique algorithms go into 4LT which motivate users, figure out their needs in response to the dynamics of their emotions and performance on any topic or subject, provide prediction and increase learning efficiency from 3% to 12% with customized learning.

The Road from Conception to Establishment

The company faced many challenges that are typical of any start-up in its early stages. Just like every other firm, it struggled with resources and financial support. Additionally, it also suffered a shortage of talent and technology in AI. It eventually managed to overcome all the hurdles with enormous support from clients and investors who believed in their vision. The company managed to raise over $3 million in the first 6 months.

The company today consists of 30 employees with a wide range of skills. In addition to a dedicated UI team, the firm has a top class programming team that has made great strides in improving the AI engine and enhancing the user experience. A typical day in the office is very casual and meetings are kept short and to the point to make sure that everyone has a voice. The company credits its passionate employees, open-minded atmosphere, decentralized company structure and innovative culture to its meteoric rise. These traits have allowed the organization to leverage the growing popularity of AI to personalize education to the needs of students.

Furthermore, Find Solution AI Limited has received lots of positive feedback from schools in which teachers constantly struggled to maintain a class of more than 30 students. The new app has allowed teachers to understand each student’s needs and act accordingly. The company’s app, 4LT has already entered into corporate training and is entering the CRM market. Find Solution is planning an IPO in Hong Kong in the next 5 years.

Meet the Enterprising Founder of Find Solution AI Limited

Ms. Viola Lam, Founder & CEO: Ms. Lam founded the company in Hong Kong in 2016 and was awarded the Entrepreneur of The Year 2015/16 award by the Youth Business International. This is one of the world’s most prestigious awards for young and successful entrepreneurs who make positive contributions to both society and people. Ms. Lam was selected by the judges over 1,000 top-notch competitors from 68 countries with her far-sighted vision in education, clear, and sustainable business model and her ambitious plans for growth.

“We are driven by the mission to change the aim of learning from exam-oriented to knowledge-oriented in long-term and to help instructors understanding the learners’ abilities to adjust their teaching method in short-term.”