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December Special Edition 2021

Revolutionizing Field Management with Digitization & Construction AI: Novade


The construction industry is an important part of the country's economy. Construction is an important sector that contributes greatly to the economic growth of a nation. The construction industry has laid down the physical and technological foundations upon which modern civilization has developed. Construction is the most pervasive factor in our Life. It envelops a very large canvas of human activities, from huts to skyscrapers, from cart routes to super-express highways, from culverts to multi-span multilane flyovers, from village shops to supermarkets and large industrial complexes, refineries and fertilizer's plants, from observation posts in the high Himalayas to off-shore drilling platforms in deep seas. Novade had humble beginnings. A small team of pioneers started operations on the ninth floor of an industrial building in the suburbs of Singapore in 2014. Quality plays a pivotal role in the construction industry. Poor project quality, in particular, is behind everything from safety problems to project budget blowouts. While putting a price on quality can be difficult, estimates suggest it falls between 5% and 20% of project construction costs. Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to help us better understand the cost of quality; give us more control over the quality management process, and lower costs.

Smart and easy-to-use features

 Quality issues in construction projects are typically broken down into failures detected before handover and those identified after handover. Failures found before handover are within the builder’s control. However, these rework costs are often underestimated and rarely reflect total labor costs or costs of subsequent project delays. On the other hand, those identified after handover have the potential to harm a contractor’s reputation as well as their ongoing client relationships. Both failures represent missed opportunities for all organizations involved. Take an example of a 500-unit residential complex. It is not uncommon for projects of this scale to have 20 issues logged per unit. This adds up to 10,000 issues on the punch list to be identified, monitored, remedied, and closed out by various rounds of people. The compounding effects of less-than-quality work can be eye-watering. AI and advanced analytics yield more sophisticated information to drive continuous improvement. For instance, using clustering techniques, AI might group issues in novel categories and provide several completely new perspectives, each requiring an action plan. The advanced warning can then be used to take preventative measures, fine-tune or reset equipment, change the material used, adjust procedures and work packages, or retrain or replace labor. Once an issue has taken place, a trained AI algorithm can forecast the remedial time and cost. Combined with the scheduling AI, it can measure the impact on the overall schedule and decide on the resources required to fix the issue.

  • Standardize quality controls across your projects
  • Easily enforce your QA/QC plans for construction projects
  • Include suppliers and subcontractors and drive conformance regardless of who is doing the inspection
  • Benchmark performances across multiple projects with standardized site inspections checklist and inputs
  • Predict quality issues and build effective control plans with the help of AI algorithms
  • Capture structured data to carry forward best practices and expertise from project to project OR share lessons learned and corrective actions across projects​
  • Leverage Novade’s construction quality management system to comply with ISO 9001

Dashboards are a fantastic way for you to use your project data to visualize specific metrics, compare data, and track key performance indicators. With Novade’s do-it-yourself Dashboard Designer, Novade Admins will be able to easily build a custom dashboard template in just a few clicks – no coding skills necessary. Based on the projects, Admins will be able to add and combine elements such as forms, filters, tables, indicators, and charts, to create the dashboards on the web. The dashboards can then be viewed on web and mobile devices.

Construction companies manage technology stacks including a dizzying array of construction software, hardware, on the cloud, on premises, and proprietary systems. How do construction companies remain lean and agile and bring order to avoid software entropy with so many software solutions and disparate applications? Novade’s integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud seamlessly connects your office and field teams anytime, anywhere. Novade Connect provides plug and play connectors with some of the world’s most trusted names in the industry. Unlock the power of your existing data today by tapping into the growing digital ecosystem of construction software and hardware providers.

Denis Branthonne, Founder & CEO

“Bringing together the power of man and machine. Translating construction site data using analytics and AI so decisions can be made in real time, on or off the field.”