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Revolutionizing Online Video for Over a Decade: Brightcove

thesiliconreview-andrew-w-feinberg-ceo-brightcove-2017We are a pioneering force in the world of online video and have been since our founding in 2004. We continue to push the limits because we believe in video’s unmatched power to educate, inspire, entertain, and communicate.

Brightcove is passionate about the online video! Day in and day out, Brightcove helps its customers focus on using video to move their business in meaningful ways, whether that’s in broadcasting or publishing, marketing, or enterprise communications. The company does this through continuous technical innovation, nurturing a broad video-centric ecosystem, and by being a true partner to its customers. “Video moves us and it moves our customers, thousands of them in 70 countries.”

Why Brightcove

Always on the Cutting Edge: We know you need to keep pace with the ever-changing video space. That's why we continue to drive technology innovation — so that you're always a step ahead. With us, you'll know you have the fastest, most advanced, and easiest-to-use technology. Period.

A Powerful Partner Ecosystem: When you need an innovative solution delivered faster, more simply, and with lower risk, we've got you covered. Brightcove delivers a complete ecosystem of best-of-breed technology and service partners so you can get up and running with successful solutions faster than you ever thought possible.

Dedicated to Your Success: We measure our success by yours. So, whether you're just getting started with video or you're at the top of your game, you'll have a decade of insights from the world's most innovative companies and a dedicated team of experts at your fingertips.

Product Portfolio

Video Cloud: The complete video hosting & publishing platform; a video platform that reaches every screen with ease. Stop worrying about the complexity of delivering across dozens of combinations of devices, formats, and platforms. With Video Cloud you’re covered. You’ll reach every screen and you’ll do it with fastest HTML5 video player available.

SSAI: Ad insertion & stream stitching; Smart ad insertion expands your audience. Boost reach and engagement with a monetized, TV-like experience across every screen. Whether VOD or Live, you’ll reach the desktop, mobile, game consoles, and connected TVs with a single URL.

Live: Scalable & cost effective live streaming; Deliver and monetize broadcast-like experiences for live events and 24/7 channels with our innovative, API-based solution. Reduce the Cost & Complexity of Live Streaming:

  • The easy-to-use API-based solution enables seamless integration into existing workflows.
  • Flexible pricing means you pay only for what you use.
  • Originate your live streams using a standard RTMP feed.

OTT Flow: Rapidly deploy live & on-demand video services; Launch OTT video services faster. Speed time to market with an out-of-the-box OTT Service that offers a single point of contact for the entire solution, rapid prototyping, and real-time revisions that integrate with all industry-leading platforms.

Player: Fast, customizable HTML5 video player; an HTML5 video player that reaches top speeds. The Brightcove Player is up to 70% faster than any other video player. That’s fast. Each player is optimized by pre-compiling and compressing plugins, skin assets, and thumbnails to minimize download size. And, you’ll completely eliminate the need for Flash with the media source extensions (MSE) API.

Zencoder: The leader in live & file cloud transcoding. With Zencoder's video encoding API, you’ll seamlessly integrate your application with our extremely fast and scalable encoding platform in hours not weeks. Our well-documented API, easy-to-use API request builder, integration libraries, and dedicated support streamline the process for a solution that is beautifully simple.

Clientele Reviews

“You can have as many video views as you want, but unless you can quantify that into hard sales dollars, you have no idea...whether the video you're producing actually converts to bottom line revenue.” -Skyler Moss, Director of Digital Marketing, HCSS

“We’re looking to roll out our OTT channel to services like Apple TV and deliver to bigger screens and living room television sets” -Clinton Griffiths, Editorial Director, FJM’s Broadcast Division

“Brightcove Video Cloud is very clearly the best choice. It allows us to look at the video asset itself as an opportunity for engagement to happen.” -Jay Basnight, Head of Digital Strategy, PUMA

“What we’ve established with SSAI is a way to reach this segment that is often invisible to agencies and advertisers....we can reach them with an online video where other publishers can’t.” -Tom Cotter, Chief Information and Product Officer, MediaWorks

About the CEO:

Andrew W. Feinberg, CEO: Andy first joined Brightcove in 2005 as one of its founding executives, and for more than a decade, he’s held numerous leadership positions throughout the company. Acting as both General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer, Andy guided the company through multiple rounds of fundraising, which helped secure Brightcove’s IPO in 2012. In 2008, Andy led the establishment of Brightcove KK in Tokyo, managing the development and performance of our business and organization in Japan. Soon thereafter, Andy took on the executive role of Brightcove’s APAC region, stepping in as Executive Vice President, Japan, and Asia Pacific. In 2015, Andy assumed responsibility for all the company's international business, adding the title President, International to his impressive resume. In his current role as CEO, Andy is responsible for executing Brightcove’s corporate strategy to ensure we deliver the best services to our customers and boost long-term retention and growth rates.

Prior to joining Brightcove, Andy served as Vice President and General Counsel for Lycos, Inc. Before that, he worked in both New York and Boston at the law offices of Shearman & Sterling, and Choate, Hall & Stewart, respectively. Andy also served as law clerk for the former Chief Judge of the United States District Court for Connecticut. Andy received his BA from Tufts University and his JD from Cornell Law School, where he was editor of the Cornell Law Review.

“Harness the power of video with the best technology, the premiere partner ecosystem, and an unmatched team of experts dedicated to your success.”