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Revolutionizing the way that Financial Institutions create, manage and interact with customer data: Trunomi

“Founded in 2013, Trunomi delivers solutions that create, share and monetize customer data.”

Trunomi is a company headquartered in San Jose, CA, USA, that offers an award-winning and innovative technology platform that gives companies unprecedented ways to interact with customer personal data; using a revolutionary consent-based data sharing platform; backed by multiple patent filings. Trunomi solves major pain-points for Financial Institutions (FI’s) and Regulated Entities and their customers; unlocking new revenues and efficiencies with technologies specifically developed to manage the rights to use and share customer Personally Identifiable Information “Pii.”

“We have done so using a proprietary data sharing platform which is decentralised and distributed – reducing systemic risk, minimizing costs and providing auditable certifications compliant with the comping 2016 European Data Privacy regulations,” says Stuart Lacey, Founder and CEO.

Trunomi helps FI’s and their clients to simply create, easily manage, and securely share customer documentation and Pii datasets at a fraction of the time, cost, and risk, eliminating industry duplication and bringing unprecedented operational efficiencies. Its powerful solutions cut costs, remove friction and achieve amazing user experiences. The company’s customer-driven approach connects customers to their financial institutions via a data sharing platform and digital rights management technology, solving data privacy issues.

What Makes Trunomi Different

  • It offers a customer-driven solution with digital rights management for personal data. Financial institutions’ customers are at the heart of an end-to-end digital experience.
  • It captures customer consent with auditable proof, in line with Data Privacy Laws – including landmark General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Integrate just once to meet customer data management needs. Trunomi manages relationships with a range of third party identity and verification technology partners.
  • Decentralized and distributed data solution – The company never keep copies of customer data, eliminating counterparty risk and mitigating data breach risk.

Content-Based Data Sharing Platform
Financial institutions must rethink how they manage, store and share customer data. Trunomi’s consent-based data sharing platform connects financial institutions and their customers. It enables secure messaging and document sharing for the financial institution and digital rights management over personal data for the customer. The open API architecture connects with third party identity and verification partners, managing the entire on-boarding and ongoing customer data workflow for financial institutions. The API approach gives financial institutions a single point of integration to manage their customer data needs. It protects institutions against future change because it will always integrate with industry leading third party solutions.

Meeting Business Goals with Trunomi
Trunomi delivers end-to-end solutions that integrate with financial institutions’ existing technology, from digital customer interfaces through to its powerful API platform. The company’s technology enables institutions to offer fully digital customer on-boarding and customer data management. It streamlines business processes and delivers amazing and seamless customer experiences.

Trunomi Testimonials
“Personal data is like a sleepy, hungry bear. It’s hugely powerful but needs to be handled gently with great care. Trunomi has grasped that not only should personal data be kept private and secure but also that the owner should by rights be able to benefit from what is essentially theirs. With the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming into force in December – their solution is especially timely.” – Howard Elsy, Visa Europe Collab

“Trunomi’s ability to connect, engage with and securely enable customers to easily share their KYC document sets is a game changer for our industry.” – Tim Calvely, Deputy CEO, Mitsubishi UFJ Fund Services

Global Footprint
Trunomi is a global technology company with offices in London, Silicon Valley and Bermuda.

Meet the Leadership Team

Stuart Lacey, Founder and CEO
Stuart is an investor and entrepreneur with a successful history of founding innovative companies and building remarkable shareholder value. He has over 20 years of leadership experience in the C-Suite of global financial and technology markets, with a keen eye for growing successful teams and developing highly innovative solutions and technology platforms. Stuart is as a multiple award-winning Member of the Young Presidents Organization; the Young Entrepreneur’s Council and The Institute of Directors; as well as a graduate of McGill University and the inventor of a number of industry defining patents. He was named by Bank Innovation as a 2015 Innovator to Watch – one of 44 Executives ‘Shaping the Future of Banking’.

Sally-Anne Baron, CFO
Sally-Anne has extensive experience in the financial sector. She started her career at Morgan Stanley. In 2004, she went to work for a hedge fund group client opening a Bermuda office with responsibility for the finance group and managing the opening of new funds. She later became a founding director, and then CFO, of an investment manager specializing in real asset investments, helping to grow the investment from seed to $400m in the post financial crisis environment. In all of her prior roles Sally-Anne encountered many of the issues Trunomi is solving. She is a graduate (Hons) of Business from Manchester Metropolitan University and a Maitrise in Commerce Exterieur from L’IUP Clermont-Ferrand, France and a Chartered Management Accountant.

Naresh Singhal, CTO
Naresh is an engineering and product management leader with experience in delivering to international standards in multi-culture, multi-vendor, and multi-centre operations environments, from concept to delivery and customer experience management. He is an expert in building enterprise/mobile applications and web scale systems. Naresh has a deep interest in user experience and usability. He is responsible for Trunomi’s product portfolio, defining feature roadmap and managing implementation, enabling end-users to easily manage their privacy and Pii footprint with their mobile devices.

“We empower customers to manage and safely share their identification and personal data.”

“We cut costs, remove friction and deliver amazing customer experiences.”