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Bi-Monthly Special Edition 2021

Rezgo – Helping Tour and Activity Providers Thrive with its Subscription-Free Booking Software


Over the past 10 years, Tour Operator software has become a busy space. Supplier management, booking tools, itinerary creation, and back-office systems are all fundamental parts of what it means to be a tour operator, and technology companies are working hard to provide software that best fulfills those needs in your business. Naturally, as the market develops, so do the offerings provided by different tour operator software providers. A single software solution can often offer you most, if not all, of what you need in one package. You’ll be able to cut back costs as well as gain a single programme that automates all of your data nicely.

Rezgo is one such firm that predominantly leverages best subscription-free booking software for hospitality, tour, and activity operators. The company has flexible tools designed to help you manage your business efficiently, market more effectively, process payments faster and more securely, and make smart decisions informed by real-world data—no matter your scale or the volume of your business. Rezgo works with its clients to craft innovative features that meet their real-world needs and solve everyday problems.

Leveraging Best Subscription-Free Booking Services for Hospitality Sector

Business Intelligence Platform: Your success relies on your ability to make smart, informed decisions. With Rezgo, you can analyze every part of your business with detailed reporting, analytics and accounting tools. It knows numbers alone can’t give you all the information you need, so Rezgo also offers unparalleled convenience with automated, scheduled exports in formats ready for use with the best business intelligence products available. Rezgo’s accounting tools are crafted to the exacting specifications of Fortune 500 companies, but they’re only as complex as you need them to be. Whether you’re keeping the books on a DIY basis or employing an established accounting department, it scales with your business.

Inventory Management: You have enough to do from day to day—you don’t want to waste time micro-managing every part of your booking system, too. Rezgo is designed to stay out of your way as much as possible, automating the tedious parts of your job and keeping you informed of everything you need to know. With Rezgo, you can make advanced adjustments across as much of your inventory as you need with dynamic pricing, availability, and notification management. You can also easily manage your capacity and pricing across resellers and distribution partners.

Customer Care: Your booking software shouldn’t just make it easier for you to manage your operations. It should be a stepping stone to a superior customer experience. Rezgo makes the path to purchase smooth and simple while providing the tools to allow you to delight guests. Custom questions for a more personalized activity, quick and easy check-ins and convenient ticketing options are just some of the ways you can impress your guests every step of the way. With industry-leading security at every level, Rezgo helps you protect your most valuable assets: your customers.

The Ardent Visionary behind the Success of Rezgo

June Ohashi is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rezgo. Having developed a strong work ethic and zest for life during her early years in Tokyo, June travelled to the United States to study and attended college to pursue the career of Graphic design. After receiving her degree, June settled in Vancouver, Canada where she resides to this day. As someone who loves spending time with her family, June enjoys planning summer surfing vacations to Tofino, BC and winter vacations to Hawaii, Japan, or Mexico. As an avid outdoor enthusiast and yoga lover, she enjoys taking long walks with her dog, Pancho, and snowboarding on the local mountains with her family. June’s passion and skill in entrepreneurship has been instrumental in the founding and growth of Rezgo. June has built a diverse and highly qualified team, which she has managed since the start. June’s management approach focuses on team building and motivating team members for maximum productivity in a positive work environment.

“We’re here to help tour and activity providers thrive by giving them the tools and guidance they need to work efficiently and expand their business.”