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In today’s rapidly growing digital market, it is essential for companies to seek the help and support of an IT consulting company for expertise in software solutions. By outsourcing their software development services to third-party companies, companies are able to accelerate their projects in an efficient manner. With the latest advancement in technology, hiring software consultants has become a necessary requirement for the businesses. Evident to its name, software development consulting services is the way businesses get help from software developers and experts to find the answers to their IT-related queries. A company that requires an unbiased opinion on a technology-centric business decision hires a software development company or software developers or software consultants. Software consulting company plays a pivotal role in turning a good idea into software, which meets the market demand and market standard. One of the best parts of having a software consulting company is that it helps you fine-tune your project from scratch to finish. From primary consulting to in-depth opinion, software consultants can handle everything specifically so that you can focus on what’s important. The software consultants will consult you at every stage of your project and help you achieve your goal.

Stride Consulting is a boutique software consultancy that has been building custom software since 2014. The company delivers quality software projects on time, improving technical proficiencies, and aligning leaders and teams. Operator of agile software development consultancy based in New York. The company offers product design and development, staff augmentation, web performance optimization, product assessment and digital strategy with the help of its team comprised of developers, product managers, coaches and designers, enabling clients to get quality assistance in minimum viable product designing and launch. They build custom software for growth companies in energy, ed tech, media, and consumer applications. Stride values multi-disciplinary teams that deliver meaningful outcomes through collaboration, discipline, and autonomy. Their team of software developers analyzes the existing business approaches and accordingly guides with an insightful approach with respect to automation, technology to be used, and updates & upgrades of the current system.

Offering Promising and Result-Driven Solutions for Businesses

Custom Software Development: Stride specializes in delivering custom web applications that solve business problems. This involves understanding the domain, ruthlessly scoping and prioritizing only the most important features, releasing working software, and getting regular feedback from real users and stakeholders. Once a business leader has identified their company’s issues with web performance, their experts can work with your existing tech org to make a huge impact on your site's performance, and, in turn, boost your revenue: At a globally recognized eyewear e-commerce company, they identified a script—inserted by a well-intentioned marketer—that was delaying render of the page by more than a full second. Stride worked with the marketer to accomplish their goal via different means and deleted the script. This simple change resulted in the reduction of initial render by a full second. At another e-commerce client, they identified a runtime queries causing > 0.5s of Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) and moved the queries to build time so that the entire page rendered in one smooth go.

Product Discovery: Have a new product idea that you want to validate? Stride can help you do that with experts, fast. Determine whether or not a product idea is worth building. Partner with collaborative digital Product experts who help you determine how your product ideas can drive the most value for your users and your business. Stride facilitates a lightweight, value driven discovery. Their seasoned, Agile, cross-functional team leads a series of workshops and activities within a 4-6 week period. You walk away with a true MVP scope, tied to defined user and business value. Their roots in custom software delivery mean that they have the chops to not only guide your product discovery, but to help you build out your products too.

Team Assessment: Identify product and engineering team inefficiencies and the obstacles they face to delivering software. They provide both the causes and consequences and propose investments of time and money to address them. They'll work with you to identify team inefficiencies and opportunities to evolve. Together, they'll uncover insights and recommendations for impactful areas of improvement, to remove obstacles to delivering software and ensure your team is operating at peak efficiency. They are experienced in helping executives better understand the value that their products are delivering and recommending the best path forward.  will work with you to deliver an assessment that will allow you to invest time, and money, in the products that users want the most.

About | Ken Judy

Ken Judy is the Chief Executive Officer of Stride Consulting. He is an Executive Manager, Coach, Product Owner and Developer with eighteen years' experience building and leading iterative and collaborative (Agile) teams that deliver meaningful return on investment.

"We defined our values as simple rules that drive how Striders behave in small and large ways, in all different job functions, with each other and with clients."