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Rigado’s Edge Device Networks combine wireless sensors, devices and gateways to enable data collection and automation for smart commercial spaces


Today’s market of IoT solutions is rather fragmented in a sense. Being a launchpad for standalone business-driven innovations, it still struggles towards interoperability and unification. Bluetooth Low Energy is one of such unifying standards that have already settled down in the IoT world. As opposed to the classic Bluetooth, it offers considerably reduced power consumption with a similar communication range, with an approximate theoretical maximum of 100 m (330 ft.). BLE technology offers a variety of possible application: from wearables and smart homes to healthcare, from connected cars to large-scale enterprise sensor networks and industrial IoT. Rigado was founded in 2010 with a focus on low-power wireless design and engineering. The team was one of the first to develop large-scale solutions with the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol, and established a reputation for outstanding wireless performance. In 2014, Rigado began applying that BLE expertise to create their own pre-certified BLE modules for IoT designs – helping companies reduce the time, cost and risk of IoT product development.

Seeing an opportunity to provide full stack IoT services and solutions, in 2016 Rigado merged with Rivetry, a Portland software company specializing in IoT applications. Keeping the name Rigado, the company continued to manufacture high-quality BLE modules while providing enterprise IoT design services – and began focusing more on the emerging ‘Commercial IoT’ market for large-scale Bluetooth and wireless solutions. In 2017, Rigado launched their line of flexible IoT gateways and moved firmly into the fast-growing commercial IoT segment. Today, Rigado sits at the forefront of wireless connectivity and edge computing – powering key applications such as asset tracking, sensing and monitoring, and smart building solutions. Rigado Cascade Edge-as-a-Service provides companies with flexible and secure device-to-cloud edge data networks, offered as a cost-effective annual subscription. With global customers and a best-in-class partner ecosystem, Rigado is poised to lead the market in enabling commercial-scale wireless edge connectivity.

Safe Workplace Monitoring

Rigado collects processes and delivers real-time data for key Safe Workplace use-cases such as space occupancy, cleaning and employee safety management. As employees return to work, companies and facilities management teams are faced with an enormous workplace cleaning challenge – with COVID-19 regulations and guidelines to follow for every conference room, kitchen restroom and common area. What’s more, employees expect clear communication about the space they’re re-entering. Rigado’s plug-and-play sensor networks make it easy to collect and deliver and display real-time data such as:

  • Know when a space is in need of cleaning based on real-time occupancy & utilization data
  • Know when a space was last cleaned based on cleaning staff activity tracking gathered from phones, badges & tags
  • Update Safety Signage with cleaning status using low-cost Bluetooth displays to indicate availability and instil employee confidence

Integrated Sensors & Devices

Rigado’s Cascade gateway with Edge Connect connects easily and securely to a wide range of sensors and devices. Understanding room occupancy and space utilization is proving key to many Smart Workplace and Smart Building applications. The ability to measure and monitor temperature, humidity, air quality and other environmental conditions is a requirement of many Commercial IoT initiatives. Rigado has partnered and integrated with a wide range of sensor options in this category – from relatively basic and inexpensive options, to CDC-compliant solutions for detailed logging of vaccine conditions.

Rigado solutions that leverage temperature & monitoring sensors include:

  • Cold-chain monitoring & food safety
  • Comfort & air quality for Smart Buildings
  • CDC-compliant vaccine monitoring
  • Supply-chain condition monitoring

Rigado gateways have been specifically designed for Bluetooth-based asset tracking solutions, and work with a variety of BLE assets and tags. The types of Rigado solutions that often include beacons and tags for asset tracking include:

  • Asset Tracking in Warehouses & Hospitals
  • Employee & Key Asset Location in Smart Buildings
  • Tracking people & equipment in construction zones and worksites

These devices enable commercial space managers to interact with customers real-time. From push-button alerts to color digital displays, Rigado can help solution providers create innovative ways to engage with building tenants, office employees, and retail customers. Using the Rigado Edge Connect platform these devices can be combined to work together creating an even more powerful experience. For example, an e-ink display can trigger off a button press or presence of a beacon tag nearby. For projects that require a variety of measurements and a quick integration to Azure or AWS, these sensors is an easy way to get started.

Meet the leader behind the success of Rigado

Sean Riley is the CEO of Rigado. He brings 25+ years of experience as an executive in large public companies such as Qorvo, Lattice Semiconductor, Data I/O and Intel. Sean holds an M.S. and B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University.

“With global customers and a best-in-class partner ecosystem, Rigado is poised to lead the market in enabling commercial-scale wireless edge connectivity.”